Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys: A Complete Overview

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys is a combination of two powerful Microsoft CRM solutions: Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Insights. This fusion is capable of offering exceptional customer experiences leveraging the power of data insights.

Embedded with AI and natural languages, D365 Customer Insights offers modern tools and capabilities to build an insight-based customer experience in real-time. It will help you build a strong relationship while offering seamless support and services.

It will empower businesses to utilize customer data in real-time to find more actionable insights for business growth. Such data insights will help businesses cater personalized experience to all customers.

From September 1, 2023, Microsoft has made Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journey available for general audience. Now, people are free to purchase the licenses to access it for their commercial use. Before diving deep into the licensing and updated capabilities, let’s understand a simple question.

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journey?

D365 Customer Insights – Journey is a perfect blend of two popular CRM applications. It lets businesses drive an engaging customer experience in real-time while simplifying the customer journey.

With inbuilt next-generation AI and Microsoft Copilot, it eliminates the different manual ways of content creation with automated, personalised, and recommended content. Also, it enables users to centralise all customer insights, which include transactional, behavioural, and demographic data, with a 360-degree view of entire customer activity.

The combination of both applications enables businesses to collect customer data related to market trends, interests, purchase patterns, frequency, most-selling products, least-selling products, and more. Later, they access this data to pitch personalised offers for more customer conversion and retention.

The integration of Copilot empowers users to find new insights, analyse, and utilise data using natural language without depending on SQL queries. Based on data or customers, you can easily create different segments to pitch more personalised offers to a set of similar customers.

Based on different segments, Copilot will help you create personalised content using text and image recommendations. Also, it will help you prioritise important accounts, enhance customer interactions, and streamline customer journeys.

The Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journey will empower users to offer a truly personalised and connected customer journey across marketing, sales, and service departments.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journey: Modern Features for Modern Businesses

The combination of Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights offers combined features to build an engaging customer journey using real-time insights. Some of its important features are discussed next:

• Engage Customers with Continuous Interaction

Customer Insights enables users to engage with customers using different modes of communication, including email, text, and push notifications. This lets the businesses build a trigger-based customer interaction for each individual based on specific activity on the journey.

• Earn Customer Loyalty

The D365 Customer Insights – Journey offers an end-to-end experience to all customers, from becoming a lead to converting into a recurring client. With personalised customers’ experiences, businesses offer unique and relatable offers to make users stay loyal.

• Utilise AI for Better Customer Experiences

Microsoft CRM solutions come with embedded AI to turn insights into actionable decisions. Also, AI and Copilot will help businesses recommend the most relevant content to their users using data analytics. Customer Insights analyses the entire customer data to fetch useful insights for making relevant decisions.

• Centralised Platform

All solutions in the Dynamics 365 Ecosystem come with a unified database and a one-click integration methodology. This lets businesses easily customise the solution to align with unique business needs.

Core Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Insights – Journeys

With numerous capabilities, Dynamics 365 Insights Journeys enables you to avail yourself of some advanced features that most CRM solutions lack. Some of its major capabilities are:

• Focus on Real-time Marketing

Microsoft has updated the focus of this solution from outbound marketing to real-time marketing. From September 2023 on, new licences wouldn’t be able to receive outbound marketing modules as standard. However, existing customers can add this module using a self-serve interface from the Version Page available on the Settings page.

• Use Copilot to Create Engaging Content

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-based solution that helps users automate processes and find answers in natural language. You can utilise Copilot's capabilities to create engaging and personalised content with minimal effort. Also, it can help you generate content for emails and messages based on key points and the required voice tone.

• Sent SMS Directly using Azure Communication Services

With an Azure Communication Services SMS subscription, you can send SMS directly to customers, simplifying the entire process of establishing communication with them. Use all the features, tools, and capabilities of an SMS subscription to get real-time data insights and personalised templates.

• Set Up Quiet Times

Schedule all communication channels to ensure the delivery of messages at the right time. This will enhance customer engagement while meeting customer expectations. It lets you restrict the messages from being sent during the off-hours.

• Generate Customer Journey using Natural Languages

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journey enables you to create a customer journey in minutes using natural language. You can simply describe the checkpoints and generative A I will write the entire customer journey based on the inputs.

What is the need for Merging Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights?

The Dynamics 365 Insights – Journey is a value package for users that enables businesses to offer customised experiences to customers leveraging captured insights. It combines customer profiles and automates the entire customer journey with unified and accessible data in real-time.

It is a centralised and affordable solution for all businesses capable of catering to personalised interaction with users. Also, it eliminates the need to purchase two different licences, as you can do everything using a single licence.

Pricing and licensing

The D365 Customer Insights – Journey comes with a prepaid capacity model purchased on a per-tenant basis. It comes with two capacity units that are discussed next:

  • People Interacted – In Dynamics 365 Marketing, it used to be referred to as a marketable contact that users needed to pay for each interaction with the solution. A person’s interaction includes contact, lead, insights profile, or account. Whenever a business interacts with the customer using outbound marketing or inbound marketing interaction, it is considered marketing interaction or people interacted.
  • People Unified – In Dynamics 365 Insights, it was known as a profile. It represents an individual that is created using collected data from different sources.

The pricing is defined based on a base SKU that contains a minimum of 10,000 people interacted and 100,00 people unified.

The base SKU is priced at GBP 1346 per tenant per month for new Dynamics 365 customers and GBP 792 for existing customers.

Dynamis 365 Insights - Journey

Price (Per Tenant Per Month)


GBP 1346


GBP 792


How can Dynamics Square help you with Dynamics 365 Insights – Journey?

Dynamics Square has been implementing Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Insights for more than 12 years in all businesses, irrespective of size. With the years of experience and expertise we have gained with these implementations, Dynamics Square knows the secret to enhancing business growth. We know how to push a business and its team towards profitability and efficiency.

If you want to offer an exceptional customer experience utilising the data insights, go for Dynamics 365 Insights – Journeys implementation.

In case of need, feel free to write us a mail at info@dynamicssquare.co.uk or call us directly at +44 207 193 2502 for instant and effective support.

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