Dynamics 365 Business Central Advantages & Capabilities

Employ the advanced Business Central advantages and capabilities to transform your average-performing business into a notably profitable and simplistic one.


D365 Business Central Advantages: Accelerate your Business Growth with Ease

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based business solution especially built for SMBs. It offers the ideal tools and functionalities to build a sustainable business leveraging the Microsoft ecosystem.

Equipped with a centralised data platform, D365 Business Central comes with seamless capabilities to share, communicate, and collaborate with different departments of the business without any hassle.

Built on the platforms of AI, ML, and BI, it offers automation to streamline critical business functions, including finance, operations, sales, and customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a popular ERP solution with more than 2,00,000+ worldwide customers. It helps such customers to streamline their core business operations, enhance the customer experience, maximise profitability, and accelerate growth.

Stay Up to Date

One of the best things about Business Central implementation is that Microsoft automatically updates the system with the release of a new upgrade, patch, or any other change. This eliminates the cost of manual updates.

Lowered Cost of Ownership

Compared to conventional ERP solutions, Microsoft offers flexibility in terms of Business Central licensing, pricing, and usability. Businesses used to invest a lot of money in initial, maintenance, and running costs, but Business Central has reduced all such costs by up to 70%.

Customisation at its Best

You can customise D365 Business Central based on your specific business demands using different kinds of integrations, add-ons, and custom settings. You can even customise the user interface to meet the user's preferences using the drag-and-drop field.

Secured Data Servers

Microsoft ensures the protection of business data using secured and advanced data servers, i.e., Microsoft Azure. It empowers businesses to connect with the data centre from anywhere and anytime, without any device or location restriction.

Avail Actionable Insights

Ensures the smooth functioning of a business by employing real-time and accurate insights into all business processes and operations. It lets the decision makers take actionable decisions whenever there is a need for a maximised output.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Capabilities:
Drive Smarter Business Operations

Business Central lets you enhance the performance of an ERP system to meet the increasing requirements of a business.

It eliminates the silos with a unified solution to help businesses scale whenever there is a need using the latest technologies of IoT, machine learning, and AI.

BC comes equipped with AI and other latest technologies that let users access automation, eliminating the need to process manual and recurring tasks.

Also, it optimises performance using workflows, pre-made templates, and more.

It simplifies the entire financial activities of a business, which include cash flow management, bank reconciliations, project costing, general ledger management, and more.

You can even get built-in financial data after integrating Power BI to get cash flow visibility and financial patterns.

The sales department can keep track of each sales opportunity while tracking the status of each sales lead. You can track the status in real-time so that you can find upsell and cross-sell possibilities.

Also, you can create a customised pricing structure for customers or a group of customers.

Empowering the employees with real-time insights enables them to understand more about their customers, resulting in a great customer experience.

Also, it let the businesses gain more loyalty by offering simple repairs and maintenance on the go.

Dynamics 365 Business Central has an in-built feature for managing different projects while tracking the activity of each one of them.

These activities include budget, resources, costing, invoicing, project status, and profitability.

Managing and optimising the supply chain of a business is a complicated process. But Business Central allows users to manage, track, and optimise the supply chain regardless of its complexity.

It enhances the storage facility of a warehouse and sets up zones to show the real-time layout of the entire warehouse.

Also, it optimizes used as well as empty space and offers a speedy product picking process.

D365 Business Central for manufacturing keeps track of all resources needed for streamlined operations.

With centralised information, it implements the manufacturing process as per the plan along with collecting essential information that includes the bill of materials, sales order, raw materials, scrap data, material consumption, and finished product.

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