Shopify Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Digitalise your commerce business to serve global customers, earn maximised profits, and simplify your business operations with Shopify Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Uplift your E-commerce Business with the Collaboration of Shopify and Business Central

In a world of sheer market competition, the success of a business depends on the systematic approach of leveraging technologies to simplify business operations and make data-driven decisions for better output. The collaboration of Dynamics 365 Business Central and Shopify can empower you to maximise profits and achieve your goals on time.

You can leverage the capabilities of Shopify Connector to easily connect Shopify with Business Central, enabling you to streamline your business operations while supercharging your e-commerce game.

Business Central: Your all-in-one Business Management Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a powerful yet flexible solution with advanced tools and capabilities to manage a business from scratch. D365 BC is a cloud-based solution that can streamline different processes, centralise the entire database, offer collaboration opportunities, and empower you to make real-time decisions.

For e-commerce companies, the implementation of Business Central acts as a backend solution that manages all back-office functions with full accuracy. However, it can perform other functions as well, like:

Manage entire inventory to control the movement of stocks to eliminate any chances of out-of-stock or overstocking scenarios with real-time data insights.

Track and automate the process of order fulfilment to ensure fast and accurate delivery to the right customer on time.

Maintain your financial transactions to keep track of all your finances. Generate invoices, build reports, and accelerate financial performance.


Shopify: Your Interactive Shopfront for Global Customers

Shopify is an interactive and user-friendly platform that empowers businesses to build and deploy e-commerce stores within minutes. It enables you to list your products and sell them to global customers in no time.

With pre-built templates, you can leverage the drag-and-drop feature to build your store, even if you are a beginner Shopify user. Some of its core functions are:

Build an attractive and beautiful online store with drag-and-drop tools and endless design customisation features.

Manage your products along with their existing inventory for real-time product information. Also, you can edit and modify the product details with ease.

Accept global payments to run an international business with full data encryption and security to maximise revenue.

Automate Your E-Commerce with the Shopify Connector

The Shopify Connector is an application that can establish a connection between Business Central and Shopify with ease. It builds a reciprocating connection between solutions so that an update in one of the solutions will take place in both and in real-time.

With a full-user Business Central licence, a user can access Shopify Connector from Microsoft’s marketplace. After downloading, one can proceed to establish a connection by entering the necessary information, like APIs or access keys.

The integration of Shopify with Business Central will eliminate manual ways of entering data into the system while automating different core e-commerce processes. Some of the major features you will be getting after successful integration are:

Due to bi-directional connectivity, you can receive and process orders for on-time delivery from any solution. It will eliminate any error that can occur through manual order processing.

Get accurate inventory updates for both solutions, eliminating dependency on one solution or platform. It will ensure accurate inventory levels and proper visibility across stocks.

Capture the customer's insights to give them personalised offers and perform faster order processing. The data in Shopify will automatically be available in BC due to a two-way connection.


Streamline your e-commerce with Shopify Connector

Simplify business operations, get valuable insights, and achieve consistent growth in tough competition with expert guidance.

Successful Shopify Integration with Business Central

We have integrated Shopify Connector into different industries to resolve the complex challenges and push them towards growth. Some of the case studies are:

Case Study 1:

Challenge: A clothing store was unable to get inventory updates in real-time between their POS system and Shopify Store. This was leading them to a loss due to stock-outs and missed sales leads.

Solution:The integration of Shopify with Business Central synced inventory levels automatically across platforms. It provided them with real-time stock visibility and avoided any chances of overstocking or stocking out. This reduced the chances of stock-outs and provided them with enhanced sales opportunities.

Case Study 2:

Challenge:A personalised jewellery brand is unable to get clear visibility across the buying patterns of customers and their behaviour. It is becoming difficult for them to pitch customers with personalised offers through targeted marketing campaigns.

Solution:The integration of Shopify with Business Central enables businesses to collect customer data in real-time along with a complete customer profile in Business Central. It allows the business to analyse customer interactions and build personalised marketing campaigns, leading to enhanced sales, a better customer experience, and more revenue.

Case Study 3:

Challenge:An electronics business is facing delays in processing online orders due to manual data entry in their ERP system. This critical issue is leading the business towards low order fulfilment rates and unsatisfied customers.

Solution:The integration of Business Central with Shopify through Shopify Connector has solved the issue they were facing. Now, they can fulfil orders on time, eliminating the need to enter manual data. Also, the processing time has increased, and customers are happy with the service they are offering.

Benefits of Shopify Connector

The integration of Shopify with Business Central features numerous benefits for businesses. Some of the major benefits are:


Increased Sales

Automation and streamlined order processing lead businesses to generate more sales with their existing resources.


Lowered Overall Costs

Elimination of manual data entry and reduction of human errors count for saving time as well as money.


Enhanced Inventory Management

Get real-time visibility of the entire inventory and track the stock status to perform proper order fulfilment.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Captured customer profiles and data lead the business to contact the customer with a personalised approach, resulting in better customer satisfaction.


Centralises Data

Leverage the power of cloud data deployment to centralise the data available in Shopify and Business Central.


Improved Data Accuracy

Accurate data synchronisation drives the business to lower the rate of errors to achieve a lower complaint and return rate.

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