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What are Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps is a collection of powerful services, solutions, and data platforms to help you build customised apps for your changing business requirements. These customised apps allow users to turn most of the manual and recurring tasks into automated processes with the flexibility to operate on any device, whether web, mobile, or PC. Power Apps is capable of revolutionising the way of building customised apps rapidly without using code, resulting in low investment and high revenue.

Power Apps offers easy-to-use tools that allow your team in developing the best applications in a much faster way. There are several essential features and tools to use such as prebuilt templates that help in developing the right application in a much shorter time. The user just can develop the required application by customizing and offering some modifications to the already existing templates.

The platform also enables the users to incorporate new updates and improvements as and when they are needed in the application ahead.

Power Apps enable the employees to create applications that are well featured with advanced functionalities to offer a professional look to the applications.The platform includes AI (Artificial Intelligence) components that are pre-built-in order to offer features and specifications to the applications that are high-end so that they offer a professional look and experience.

Making use of the Power Apps Microsoft platform ensures that you allow your employees the freedom to develop the applications in the best possible way. There are several functions and tools to allow the users to integrate several features and specifications in the applications to make them super professional. Apart from this, the platform also enables the users to enhance the capabilities of the applications from time to time.

Power Apps ensure that the applications that are getting developed are perfect for several platforms and devices. It is due to the responsive design of the applications attained that the applications designed on this platform run well on any of the browsers and on devices such as smartphones as well as tablets.

The platforms enable the customized applications to make use of the data already available on the platform for analysis purposes. The applications can collect such data from the platform and can use them for the results. Apart from the data already existing on the platform, the applications also are offered the capabilities to extract data from external sources and use them to get the desired result.

What are Power Apps Features

Enable everyone
to build apps

Everyone can build apps - from data analysts to professional software developers. Bring more efficiency and accuracy to solve business problems with PowerApps pre-built templates, AI components that require low code or minimal code.

Develop smart

Leverage Power Apps canvas to begin your designing journey from scratch to professional. Customize every aspect of your app to optimize for specific tasks and functions.

Create modern apps
from your data

Automatically generate interactive, immersive, and responsive business applications from your data model that can run on any device. The drag-and-drop designer enables your team to customize business entities and tailor the user experience to specific roles.

Integrate and
extend your apps

Take advantage of more than 200+ connectors to integrate data and systems you already use. Extend Power Apps further as a professional developer with custom connectors and logic.

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Microsoft Power Apps Pricing

Explore Power Apps Plans, Costs, And Availability To Start Running Your Business Apps.

Subscription plans

Best for businesses that want predictable user-based licensing with the flexibility to licence users to run one app at a time or run unlimited apps.

£4.10Per-User/App/Per Month
  • Run one app or portal per user, stacking licences for access to each additional as their needs change.

Subscription plans

Best for businesses that want predictable user-based licensing with the flexibility to licence users to run one app at a time or run unlimited apps.

£16.40Per-User/Per Month
  • Run unlimited apps and portals per user for one flat monthly rate.

Pay-as-you-go plan

Best for businesses that want the agility to pay only when a user runs an app during a monthly period.

£8.20Per Active User/App/Month2
  • Azure subscription to pay per user, Based on the number of unique apps a user runs each month.

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Power Apps consists of six solutions, which are: AI Builder, Automate Processes, Azure + Power Apps, Build Apps, Connect Data, and Pages. All these solutions have separate motives and can be used for different purposes.

You can rapidly build custom apps to connect your data sources to different Microsoft platforms. These customised apps are based on your business needs and complexity. It allows you to build various kinds of responsive applications that can be operated using the web and mobile.

No, there is no need to learn any kind of code language to build a customised app using Power Apps. It comes with built-in templates and a simple user interface to help you understand the exact requirements and build the app accordingly. It is a kind of drag-and-drop platform where you only need to align the desired functions to get the desired result.

There can be no accurate answer to this question. It totally depends on the complexity of the app and the functions you want in an app. Users can build the required app whenever it is needed and modify it later to meet their changing needs.

You can connect an unlimited number of data sources, apps, and services with Power Apps to make the whole system work together and enhance the growth of the organsation. You can avail yourself of a library of Microsoft Dataverse and connectors to connect various data sources together. Not only data sources, but you can also integrate some other applications too, including Azure, Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more native apps.

Power Apps offers numerous features and capabilities to help users efficiently build customised apps using low code. Some of the powerful features are pre-built templates, a drag-and-drop builder, a role based personalised user experience, a built-in website development tool, private submission of information, and much more.

The Power Apps pricing and licencing is based on two basic plans: subscription or pay-as-you-go. The Subscription Plan is more flexible for businesses, allowing them to offer licences to users based on app usage. The pay-as-you-go Plan is designed for businesses that want to be charged monthly, per user, for the apps they use.

There are two per-app plan options available under the subscription plan:

  • £4.10 per user/app/month
  • £16.40 per user/month

The pay-as-you-go plan is £8.20 per active user/app/month.

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