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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is a stand-alone business management solution capable of streamlining and optimising all processes while generating opportunities for sustainable growth. Being one of the top Microsoft ERP solutions, it offers powerful features to manage and control all business processes. Built specifically for SMBs, it is capable of connecting all departments, including finance, sales, warehousing, operations, customers, supply chain, accounting, and inventory.

Dynamics NAV is so powerful that it can automate most of the recurring and manual processes using the capabilities of AI (artificial intelligence) and BI (business intelligence) while enhancing the overall efficiency of the business.


Microsoft Navision ERP provides a centralised platform to connect, collaborate, and share data using a single dashboard for ease of use and accessibility. This enables the users to take intelligent, smart, and fast decisions to succeed on the right path of growth. The NAV system offers rich functionality to help you unlock the full potential of your business, resulting in maximised efficiency while improving relations with customers for a greater experience.

Businesses are unique, and so are their processes. This Microsoft ERP is so flexible that it fits in all industries, irrespective of the size and business requirements. You can make this ERP solution personalised using your Microsoft Gold Partner, resulting in enhanced productivity and efficiency. One of the best parts of using the Microsoft NAV software is its support for multi-language and multi-currency to improve global operations. It makes the business financially stable throughout tough business situations.

Benefits Of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a top-tier ERP solution that connects people with processes for more efficient data flow and continuous growth. It possesses various capabilities and features catering to all industries in order to smooth the entire business management process. With over 550K+ customers, it has some functions that no other ERP solution can deliver. Some of the top benefits of Dynamics NAV are:

Maximizing your ROI (return on investment) is the key to success in any business venture. Dynamics NAV helps businesses optimise the current processes, resulting in reduced costs and maximised profitability.

Businesses have the choice to opt for the desired deployment option. Navision generally comes with an on-premises deployment option, but you can avail yourself of the cloud deployment option by upgrading your current NAV version to Business Central. You can also use the hybrid deployment option to access the combined capability of on-premises and cloud.

An effective user interface is essential for any system that is intended for use by a large number of people, as it will make the system more user-friendly and therefore more likely to be used. With a simple to understand user interface, it offers seamless features and functions to all users that aid them in navigating easily.

Dynamics NAV allows users to get accurate insights and reports to make informed decisions in real-time. It provides the visibility to track almost all performances with the help of Microsoft integrations like Excel and Office.

The basic requirement of Dynamics NAV is having an internal Dynamics NAV support team to keep the system working 24x7, even in tough times. It eliminates the dependency on third-party NAV support partners, resulting in a focus on business growth.

Dynamics NAV is flexible enough to adapt itself as per the unique requirements of the business. It is totally customizable and can be tailored to offer a personalised user experience with increased productivity.

Using Micrsoft Navision, businesses can make a big difference to the level of customer service they provide. Eventually, it will be more likely to win over new customers and keep their existing ones coming back for more.

Integrations are a crucial part of any software system. They allow different components of the system to communicate with each other and exchange data. You can add the desired integrations with the system to enhance the performance for more business growth.

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Is your Dynamics NAV inefficient?

With your current NAV version, you may be experiencing a number of issues, such as performance issues, lags during processing, costly maintenance, a complex user interface, and ineffective features. It might be possible that your current Navision version is inefficient for tackling your current business requirements. If so, your current system needs an urgent upgrade.

You have two options: upgrade your NAV version to the latest available version or upgrade the whole ERP system to Business Central. Both of these options would cost the same, but upgrading to Business Central is the long-term solution on which you can rely in the future.

If you've been using NAV for a while and want to keep the same user interface and accessibility for a few more years, you can upgrade to the latest version. In both cases, Dynamics Square is available to understand your business and suggest the best possible solution.

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Dynamics NAV vs Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the evolved and modern version of NAV software, specially built to aid SMBs with their core business management processes. The major differences between these two applications are listed below:

  • Deployment Option: NAV works with on-premises deployment only, whereas Business Central is flexible enough to deploy data servers using on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment.
  • Upfront Investment Cost: Dynamics NAV implementation needs a huge investment to set up for a business, whereas Business Central implementation works on a monthly subscription basis due to cloud deployment.
  • Maintenance Cost: You will need an internal IT team to support all kinds of maintenance and hardware upgrades, resulting in a lot of investment, whereas Business Central will be maintained by Microsoft at no extra cost and without hampering the current processes.
  • Simple User Interface: The user interface of NAV software is a bit complex, and new users find it difficult to understand. On the other hand, MS Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a simple yet powerful user interface where all the functions and tools are easily accessible.
  • Personalization: NAV provides limited personalization for all industries and requires significant resources to implement. Furthermore, when it comes to Business Central, extensions, add-ons, and other simple-to-implement apps are available to make the Microsoft ERP work for you.

Dynamics NAV Pricing & Licensing

According to our data, businesses specified a better ROI and more profits after implementing NAV as their business management solution. It might look costly, but it's worth investing in it. With over 550K+ customers around the world, it is helping businesses grow and scale fast.

Starter Pack


Starter packs allow only three users in the organisation to access the solution and deal with finance and trade functionality. Users can access the basic financial features, supply chain management, sales management, and project management without any restrictions. It also allows users to gain insights and create reports on all processes and operations, which they can share with the team with a single click.

Extended Pack


If you are a growing organisation with complex and advanced business operations, the Extended Pack is for you. Apart from the functions of the starter pack, it offers you a few more modules to manage, including manufacturing and warehousing as an add-on. Users can add more customizations and integrations as their business needs change.

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Yes, Microsoft Dynamics is the same as Navision. In 2018, Microsoft Dynamics Navision was renamed as Dynamics 365 Business Central, a cloud-based ERP solution for overall business management. With the limited capabilities of Dynamics NAV, D365 Business Central came up with a lot of benefits and features for users to make smarter business decisions.

No Dynamics NAV support partner can give you a fixed price before analysing the business processes and requirements. The cost depends on several factors, including company size, industry type, number of users, and storage requirements. The selection of your pack (Starter or Extended) along with the integrations and complexity of customizations decides the final price.

The Dynamics NAV system is highly customizable and can be modified to perfectly fit your business requirements. You'll get a business management solution that perfectly reflects the scope of your business—nothing more and nothing less. With its own development environment and rules governing how modifications should be made, Dynamics NAV allows for customizations that are easily supported and upgraded.

The latest version was Dynamics NAV 2018 before evolving into Business Central. After the 2018 update, the features and capabilities of this version were revolutionised to deal with modern business challenges.

Yes, Dynamics NAV used to work using on-premises servers and consists of fewer capabilities compared with modern ways of business. But Business Central is a cloud-based ERP with advanced capabilities and features to deal with modern ways of business management. In short, Dynamics Business Central is an evolved version of Dynamics NAV.

It totally depends on your requirements. If you want to move to a solution to deal with current and predictive processes, you should move to BC. With a simple user interface and high performance, Business Central aids businesses in rapid growth and easy scalability.

If you move to BC, it isn't necessary to move your servers to the clouds. It totally depends on you to choose the type of deployment, whether cloud, on-premises, or hybrid. Once you contact your certified support partner, they will help you understand the business requirements and get you a better choice for your business.

Yes, you have to upgrade to the latest version of NAV, or you have to move to Business Central because the support provided by Microsoft has been stopped for most of the versions. To enjoy smooth business flow and constant support from Microsoft to get your business running, you have to upgrade your system or opt for a successful NAV migration process.

Dynamics Square is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has been providing Microsoft Dynamics NAV support since 2013. With a team of over 130+ highly skilled and certified consultants, we are one of the leading providers of Microsoft Dynamics NAV support in the UK.

We support SMBs in planning, controlling, executing, and optimizing business processes with the help of efficient, transparent, automated, and reliable ERP software.

We offer a comprehensive support package that includes 24/7 support, software and hardware support, and training. We believe that our experience and dedication to customer service make us the perfect partner for your Dynamics NAV needs. Contact us today to know how we can help you get the most out of your Dynamics NAV investment.

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