Dynamics 365 Business Central VS NetSuite

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central vs NetSuite: compare the usability, functionality, and capability to choose the most suitable solution for your growing business.

bc vs netsuite


Undoubtedly, Business Central and NetSuite are the two popular ERP solutions available on the market that most SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) are using. If you are planning to opt for one, you must be in a dilemma about choosing the one that suits your business needs.

Both of these solutions offer similar technicalities, but one must have a superior application over the other. When we compare these two ERP solutions side-by-side, we will have the right solution.

But the NetSuite vs Business Central comparison works on a core factor; your actual business requirements. Once you understand your business and its actual requirements for seamless operations, you will have the best ERP system without any doubt.

Understanding Business Requirements to Implement an ERP Solution?

It is one of the important aspects that comes before implementing an ERP solution (most business owners or decision makers skip it). This process consists of 7 core aspects.

Functional Requirements

You must understand the required functionality in a business. Also, you need to consider current as well as expected requirements and challenges so that you can understand the right tools, functions, and process upgrades before choosing an ERP.

Interface Requirements

In this, you need to clarify your system interface requirements and how your ERP will interact with other systems. In most cases, businesses run on more than one business solution. So, you need to find out whether your ERP is flexible enough to integrate with other systems or not.

Reporting Requirements

Reporting keeps the business owner and decision makers informed about what's running in the business or not. So, you need to find out your specific reporting requirements, the way you are going to understand them, and the kind of visualisation you prefer.

Data Migration Requirements

Currently, you must be using a legacy ERP to manage your day-to-day business operations. So, be specific with the amount of data you want to migrate to the new system. Because data reflects the amount of servers you are going to consume, more data equals a high server cost.

Performance Requirements

You need to calculate and understand the intensity of the operations you are going to run in your business. Once you understand, you will be able to calculate the estimated amount of performance requirements with an ERP solution.

Security Requirements

In the era of frequent cyberattacks, you must be concerned about your precious data. The ERP system is the one that will process and store all your data. So, understand your security requirements properly and choose the server provider more precisely.

Regulatory Requirements

Your chosen ERP system must align with government compliance to eliminate the chances of any policy violation.


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NetSuite vs Business Central:
Neck-to-Neck Comparison Table

ParameterBusiness Central NetSuite
Deployment Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid Cloud
UpdatesAuto with Cloud Manual
PricingStarts from £57.50 /user/month Custom pricing model
ReportingAdvanced with Power BI Average
Warehouse Module Yes, in-built Available at extra cost
Manufacturing Module Yes, in-built Available at extra cost
Supply Chain Module Yes, in-built Available at extra cost
IntegrationsSeamless with Dynamics 365 Ecosystem Complicated
Quality of Support GoodAverage
Cash Management GoodAverage
Automation AdvancedAverage
Inventory Tracking AdvancedAverage
Multi-Currency Support AdvancedAverage
HR capabilities AdvancedAverage
Logistics Management AdvancedAverage

Dynamics 365 Business Central vs NetSuite: Which Suits you Better?

First, you need to understand your business and its requirements. Once you have the right data, you will have the visibility to choose the right solution for your business.

It might be possible that you are struggling to meet your business requirements precisely. In such a case, you can contact a certified technical consultant, and they will show you the right path. Dynamics Square has 150+ technical consultants that can help you choose the perfect solution for your business.

To summarise, Business Central is a cloud-based application with a cost-effective pricing and licencing structure when compared to NetSuite. Also, it is more user-friendly, interactive, and comes with specific modules to deal with specific business operations.

Irrespective of your industry type, it can work like a perfect piece of puzzle.

The best part about Microsoft is that we have been working with a number of Microsoft applications, making us familiar with the user interface and usability. When you access Business Central, it will feel like you have been using it and can explore more about it by yourself. That’s how Microsoft builds its products.

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