Dynamics NAV Upgrade To Business Central

Experts at Dynamics Square can help whether to improve your current system or can perform Upgrade NAV To Business Central.


Upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Deciding for Upgrade NAV To Business Central requires so much early preparation behind. Also, this decision cannot be made in a hurry. Enterprises are required to plan adequately by considering several inevitable facts before going ahead with any sort of system upgrade.

Since you could have a large or vital database involving your concurrent processes, thereby, making a decision requires proper analysis, planning, and final implementation.

Moreover, choosing the right partner for upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central can help to ensure a seamless, secure, and scalable solution for your business.

The expert team at Dynamics Square can help to upgrade your system capabilities considering your growing business needs and supporting your future business flow. Our team can analyze your system requirement and suggest the best potential solution at highly competitive pricing.


Why Businesses Need to upgrade?

Since every business comprises a distinct set of practices, expansion strategies, and future overview to strategically work on. Considering your ongoing processes and growing business flow, our experts can help to improve or upgrade your system with the required needs.

There could be several reasons for switching from Dynamics NAV to Business Central Upgrade. Before going ahead with upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central, you need to understand your current business flow and how upgrading can help to improve the same. Our team can help to understand your system requirement and can suggest to you the best possible solution.

When is the right time to Upgrade Dynamics NAV to Business Central?

  • When your system starts abandoning your growing processes.
  • Your system is overloaded with useless functionality or lacking with required functionality.
  • If your team is not capable enough to drive integrated or collaborated experience.
  • When you are concerned about centralizing your sensitive data or lacking to keep data on the hybrid model.
  • Your users are facing difficulty or lacking smoother navigation due to improper support.
Dynamics NAV to Business Central

Connect to Our Experts

Seeking to improve or upgrade your system, get expert advice today at Dynamics Square.

Get Free System Health Check

Performing System Health Check can help to diagnose your system requirement, compatibility with your current processes, and any sort of upgrading needs that are required.

Since there could be a possibility that you have to face difficulty in terms of system failure or incompatibility even after getting a successful implementation. Sometimes your implemented system doesn’t work properly due to choosing the wrong support provider.

At Dynamics Square, we provide a free system health check to identify your current system lacks and reveal your system’s futuristic needs whether in terms of providing support services, integration needs, customized configuration, or upgrading needs. Through our free system health check, we help enterprises to ensure a smoother process flow.

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Reserve Your Spot for Free System Health Check

When you connect to avail our dynamics 365 system health check consultation, we review your system to come up with all the required functionality that your system needs and reveal functional navigation that are irrelevant to your business. To figure out so, we map your current processes with your defined business areas.

Considering all your departments, we come up with your pain areas and suggest the best possible solution matching your ongoing process flow and supporting your continuously growing business needs. Being a NAV user, if your system requires an upgrade, we can help upgrade to Business Central.

If your support services are not helpful to improve your business flow or business continuity, we are here to provide dedicated support services for your NAV account, Business Central, or for applicable Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM solution, etc.

Benefits of Upgrade NAV To Business Central

To support your dynamically changing processes, enterprises are required to take care of their continuously growing system needs. Ignoring this part could be a result of getting downgraded system performance gradually.

To drive efficient and smoother flow, enterprises are required to update their system in a regular flow. Since Business Central can be implemented either cloud-based or on-premises. When it comes to upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central (cloud-facilitated), your future upgrades are directly handled or managed by Microsoft.

If you avail of on-premises facilitated Business Central upgrade, all your future upgrades are managed by the experts of Dynamics Square. Thereby, you are not required to be worried about your timely upgrades. We enable our clients to focus on their core job rather than being concerned about system compatibility, upgrading needs, etc.

Since cloud-facilitated Business Central upgrade works on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model that saves your initial cost. It allows managing everything via a subscription-based model. NAV users planning to manage their number of users can leverage upgrade to Business Central as a cost-effective solution.

Whether you are a well-established firm or just a startup, you are not required to be concerned about the company’s growth and scalability. For instance, investing hours to strategize growth, increase capacity, achieve or sustain zero downtime, and scale according to demand.

Dynamics NAV to Business Central upgrade frees enterprises from such concerns as everything can be managed by Microsoft and this enables enterprises to navigate their focus on core mission, innovations, and productivity.

Since you may require utilizing the integrated system, upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central can open the opportunity of integrating with all Microsoft’s products which were not possible through its on-premises versions. Business Central allows app integration using APIs and can access them from leveraging app sources.

Dynamics Business Central is fully equipped to integrate seamlessly with all Microsoft’s products as well as others. With Business Central it becomes easy to integrate applications using APIs and access them from app sources. You can also integrate your Business Central with any third-party apps including Salesforce, Google Analytics, etc., without interrupting your current process flow.

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Strategic Ways of Dynamics NAV to Business Central Upgrade

There could be two possible ways of upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central depending on your specific business circumstances or data-driven needs.

One is where you need to carry your data or customizations and get your Business Central implemented while taking care of. Another is a fresh start wherein you allow to carry forward only that data that is essential for you.

You need to come up with any of the above-given options depending on your specific business flow, strategies you have planned, and futuristic requirements. You can also leave your decision to your dynamics 365 implementation partner.

Experts at Dynamics Square have years of experience and industry exposure to analyze and suggest the best-in-class advice suited to the specific business model.

Seeking Expert Advice, Connect with Industry Experts

If you are not sure whether you want to get your system upgraded with Business Central or not, connect with our experts, we can help.

Available Ways to Choose for Upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Addressing your specific business needs, upgrading can be done leveraging 2 common ways:

Start from Standard

If you are not comprising any lengthy or complex data and are willing to forward the data that is required to carry out your regular or current work, you can anytime start with the standard approach.

If your system is holding unused data or customized functionality, going with a standard plan could be a quite productive decision for your business.

Enterprises willing to review processes and ready to adopt challenging opportunities, choosing a standard upgrade can help them to start working towards.

Start from Customized

If your requirement goes to migrate not just data, but even your customization or modifications from your existing system, you can start from customized.

Deciding for customized Business Central Upgrade could be a fruitful deal for the businesses that want to carry out their existing customizations as well as are seeking to update their system with new business capabilities.

If you want to leave this decision on your Business Central Upgrade Partner, we can help. The expert team at Dynamics Square can help to deploy a solution if your upgrading needs arise for a specific department or business area, for instance, if you are seeking Dynamics NAV to Business Central Upgrade to improve your finance part only, or just seeking to leverage cloud efficiency. Our expert can help to upgrade your system the way you want.

Seeking to Bridge the Gap

Do you think you don’t need a full upgrade, it’s better to consider a partial or chunk of an upgrade just to bridge the gap? For example, your organization needs to improve its financial capabilities merely by upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Here, you can ask your Business Central Implementation Partner to upgrade your NAV account with all the required financial capabilities of Business Central to bring smoother flow in your finance operations while continuing with the rest of the functionality as normal.

You can also opt for a step-by-step upgrade, meanwhile, you can review whether the chunk of upgrade is working fine for your business or not. You can also ask to migrate your data by following a gradual flow so that your current operation should not compromise due to the new system upgrade and your users can ensure a seamless adaption.

Upgrading Experts at Dynamics Square

Dynamics Square comprises a team of certified industry experts that are ready to serve dedication to your project. After countless delivery of upgrading projects, our experts are quite familiar with every level of project complexity and hence, you can ensure that your upgrading project would be in the right hands.

We understand every enterprise could have a different set of requirements, our dedicated team has the proficiency to perceive and consider your requirement to ensure anticipated Dynamics NAV to Business Central Upgrade. We are well-versed with years of experience in handling every type of project complexity since our upgrading team has been supported by other team members too to ensure quality assurance and superiority.

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Pricing Model

Dynamics Square is committed to providing quality-assured delivery at cost-effective rates. Yes, we offer highly competitive pricing to our clients suited to their budget. Talk to our experts to get your quote ready and avail of up to 40% competitive pricing for upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Tools, Methodologies, and Support at Dynamics Square

Leveraging high-end tools and agile upgrading methodology, we ensure our client-specific delivery wrapped with customized functionality and quality assurance from our end. Once your project is ready to deploy, you can bring smoother workflow across your organization from the very first day through our highly equipped and seamless end-user training.

Post-Go live, we provide end-to-end support to ensure that your system will be working fine, and you are able to leverage all the required functionality or navigation you availed of in your upgraded Business Central.

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Whether you come up with your own decision of upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central or are willing to get our expert advice, we are ready to support you in both cases. By evaluating your current business movements and initial futuristic requirements, our experts can ensure the best advice. Considering your different complexities and concerns behind upgrading needs, we can provide you with expert advice. To ensure so, just connect and talk to our upgrading experts. We are here to serve you the best in your comfortable space and in your suitable time zone.

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