Dynamics NAV To Business Central Upgrade

Switch to an advanced Microsoft ERP solution for efficient business management and competitive advantage. Upgrade NAV to Business Central and choose growth over system complexities.


Is Dynamics NAV to Business Central Upgrade Really Necessary?

Upgrading to Business Central depends on certain situations. If your Dynamics NAV is working fine and you don't think there is a need to upgrade, you can continue using it. But are you sure there is no need to upgrade? Go for a free system check from an authorised Microsoft Solutions Partner to know what your system and business are craving.

Also, you can go with these quick questions to get answers about whether you should go for an upgrade or not.

  • Are you sure that your current NAV version will be able to sustain changing market and customer demand in the coming future?
  • You don't want to simplify your existing business operations for enhanced overall efficiency?
  • Are you sure that you don't want to adapt to modern technologies that offer automation and other powerful features?
  • You don't want a solution that is easy to scale and offers a competitive advantage.
  • Are you sure that you don't want to centralise your entire data for enhanced collaboration and data flow?
  • You don't want to spread your business to different geolocations while managing it all from anywhere.

These are some of the major questions you should consider before making a decision. If you are lagging with growth, scalability, innovation, and technology, utilising the limited capabilities of your existing solution, you should consider a NAV upgrade. Along with these points, even Microsoft is ending Dynamics NAV support, which is also a matter of concern for you.

Is Microsoft ending Dynamics NAV Support?

Yes, Microsoft has ended the mainstream support of all Dynamics NAV versions. Businesses are now relying on extended support so that they can process smooth system operations.

For those business owners who are new to the Microsoft ERP industry, let me help you understand and classify the support offered by Microsoft. It will help you get a clearer view of why businesses are upgrading to Business Central.

Mainstream is a kind of support that Microsoft has offered for up to 5 years since the release of a business application version. During this tenure, the product or business solution will get continuous updates and upgrades to help you cope with changing business requirements.

After the end of NAV Mainstream support, the period of extended support will start, which you can avail of for 5 years down the line. During this tenure, Dynamics NAV will receive security updates only to help a business secure its data from any cyber threat.

The mainstream support of Dynamics NAV 2018 (the last version) and the extended support of Dynamics NAV 2009 and 2013 ended on January 10, 2023. Now, businesses running on the NAV 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 versions will only get security updates as per the timeline. Check out the image for more details.


If you want to continue using Dynamics NAV, you must have an on-board support service from any Microsoft Gold Partner. Because no one knows when you are going to encounter any unexpected issue or if there is a need to customise the system. This will be a paid support service, and you have to pay until you upgrade to Business Central or any other ERP solution. Now, understand this point.

If you have to upgrade later, why pay for any support services to maintain existing business operations? Why not upgrade today? It will save a lot of money, resources, and business assets that can be utilised for direct business growth. Isn't this a win-win situation?

Leading Advantages of Implementing Business Central

Push your business towards sheer productivity, efficiency, and data security by implementing Business Central Cloud, an all-in-one Microsoft ERP solution specifically built for SMBs. With an improved user interface than Dynamic NAV, avail advanced automation features and greater flexibility with Business Central to skyrocket business performance. With its implementation, businesses are availing of various benefits of growth and scalability, among which some are discussed next.

Business Central is a cloud-based solution that lets users access data anytime and anywhere using an internet connection. With the centralised data servers, you can get the data in real-time using any device - desktop, mobile, or a tablet.

Businesses are evolving as per customer demands, making operations unique as per standard criteria. To deal with such unique business demands, you can easily customise the solution to make it a perfect fit for your business. You can even modify the user interface, features, and tools to create a solution meant to supercharge your business growth.

Modern business is subject to change based on the market and customer requirements. Microsoft understood this factor and offered scheduled releases of updates and upgrades twice a year. The part with the Microsoft ERP solution is that you don't need to invest anything, as Microsoft will install all the changes automatically without hampering your business operations.

Business Central is a SaaS-based solution, which means you can avail of it on a monthly subscription and at a very low initial cost. Even the system maintenance cost is almost zero as the data hosting provider takes care of servers and data security. In total, cloud deployment costs 20 - 30% of the cost of on-premises system including implementation and maintenance costs. Check out Business Central pricing for more data.

Being a cloud-based solution, you can increase the Business Central capabilities whenever there is a need. And you don't need to invest hefty amounts to scale the system. Just contact your Business Central consultant and enhance the system's performance in minutes.

Business Central is a flexible ERP solution that allows native as well as third-party integrations. You can seamlessly connect the applications from the Dynamics 365 ecosystem and other add-ons that include Continia, Tasklet, and more. Get rid of complex coding to integrate a solution; choose Business Central; choose simplicity.

When is the right time to Upgrade Dynamics NAV to Business Central?

Technology is changing daily. Businesses need advanced business management solutions to match the pace of customer demands and those of other businesses. Your existing NAV might be working fine but it might not be able to support you for longer due to the advancement of technologies. Sooner or later, Microsoft will end the support, leaving your business open to various consequences. You can go with getting NAV (Navision) support from Microsoft partners, but it's a costly option.

You will need a better ERP solution perfectly tailored for your business with a refreshed user interface, powerful tools, and a greater level of automation. This will enable your business to accept growth while opening doors of opportunity.

When it comes to deciding the right time to go for an upgrade to Business Central, there is no such thing. Whenever your NAV system starts to lag and is unable to deal with your growing business demands, it's time to upgrade.

If you are going through any of the below situations, you should consider migrating to Business Central.

  • You are using an older version of Dynamics NAV whose customization and updates have been stopped by Microsoft.
  • Your system starts lagging while performing simple tasks.
  • Your Dynamics NAV version is overloaded with useless functions and obsolete features.
  • The employees of your organisation are unable to collaborate and get data on time for overall growth.
  • You are having issues getting the proper support to run your version of Dynamics NAV.

What to do for Dynamics NAV to Business Central Upgrade?

If you are reading this, it means you have decided to go for an NAV upgrade. The next step you need to take is to find a trusted and reliable Microsoft Solutions partner. The vendor must be capable of understanding your business needs, your system requirements, and forecasting future demands. Thereafter, your ERP partner will be able to offer a customised solution that can support business growth in all directions.

You can also schedule a call with the team at Dynamics Square to get a reliable and cost-effective service. We have been in this industry for more than 12 years and are pretty experienced in offering Dynamics 365 support. Once you contact us, our team will analyse your existing system and offer you a solution based on a thorough assessment of your business operations.

Our team will analyse your business using different parameters that include business requirements, industry standards, and operation needs. After this, we will offer you a sales quote along with the total time taken by our team for a successful Business Central implementation.

Our team knows how to follow the entire upgrade process or Business Central implementation effortlessly. The Dynamics Square team has been doing this for a long time and has gained a lot of industry exposure.

Why move to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

We accept that NAV is a good ERP solution, and it can continue working to infinity with the help of a Microsoft support partner. But implementing Business Central can enable you to embrace automation, push your team for collaboration, centralise your entire data, eliminate the need for manual updates, eliminate the need to worry about maintaining the system, and the list goes on and on. After the NAV upgrade to Business Central, you will avail of the following benefits:

  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • Simplified Deployment
  • No Need of Server Maintenance
  • Never need to upgrade again; Microsoft will do it
  • Integrate Microsoft Business apps via extensions
  • Eliminate technology gaps
  • Mobile responsive interface
  • Seamless User Experience

Upgrade NAV 2013 to 2018

Running on older NAV version? Upgrade your existing NAV 2013 to 2018 or Business Central to embarace the high-tech cloud technlogies and suprecharge your business with enhanced ROI.

Why Choose Dynamics Square as your Upgrade Partner?

Dynamics Square can be your best choice when it comes to choosing a NAV to Business Central upgrade partner. With 150+ technical consultants, 350+ successful projects, and 24*7 support uptime, we are available to accelerate your business growth regardless of your industry.

We do offer Business Central support and upgrade services as well to enable you to focus on business growth rather than resolving day-to-day business issues. Being in the market for a long time, we know the nerves of modern businesses and what they require to grow and scale. With our innovative and smart solutions, we are ready to help you achieve exponential growth while simplifying your business operations.

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Trustworthy Partner

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Trustworthy Partner

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