Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

Understand all functionalities, boost productivity, and utilize Microsoft Solutions at its best by leveraging simplified Dynamics 365 training.


Empower your Team with Tailored Dynamics 365 Training

Get proper Dynamics 365 training in the UK from an authorised Microsoft Solutions Partner to utilise your Microsoft ERP or CRM solution at its best. By investing in tailored training, you can empower your team to harness the power of the Microsoft ERP solution, utilising its tools, capabilities, and functionalities. With the precise knowledge of a solution, you can drive your team towards enhanced productivity with maximised output.

Dynamics 365 Training Types

Once we close an implementation deal, the training of a specific solution comes as a complement to our proposal. This lets us help you save a lot of resources by not investing in highly priced training sessions.

However, some businesses require training at different milestones of growth, like with new integrations, customizations, and newly added add-ons. The types of training they can opt for are:

Basic User Training: Choose this training to understand the basic functionality of a system so that you can operate it and process simple operations.

Advanced User Training: Choose this training to deep dive into the advanced capabilities of a solution to properly utilise the solution.

Technical Training: Avail this training to understand and modify the technicalities of a Dynamics 365 CRM or ERP solution.

Instructor Training: Empower your instructor with the required knowledge so that your team can get the training from an in-house member.


Get Seamless and Cost-effective Training

Choose the training based on your implemented solution and tailor it as per your needs. Get onboard by our training specialists to ensure the right working of your Dynamics solution.

Our Core Purpose of Training

Based on our expertise, we have built user-adoption criteria that build a strong, transparent bridge between the trainee and the trainer to ensure the right training. These training standards empower us to


Educate You

We will educate your team to understand the sole purpose of the implemented Microsoft solution.

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Empower You

We will empower you to properly utilise the solution to streamline business operations and enhance team efficiency.


Simplify Operations

We will help you understand all the tools and functionality of Microsoft Solutions to simplify your business with cutting-edge technology.


Transform Business

We will help you transform your business by leveraging modern AI technology to automate processes and unlock the full potential of your business solution.

Trainings for all Business Requirement – Remote, On-site, and Hybrid

Based on the complexity of business solutions, we offer training in all forms, including remote, on-site, and hybrid training solutions. As per the training requirements, you can choose the most reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 training.

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Why trust Dynamics Square to Understand a Microsoft Solution?

With 12+ years of experience in the industry, we can ensure you that we have all the essential resources that can help you get started with your Microsoft 365 solution. We have a proven track record of success in helping organisaitons with understanding and implementing Dynamics 365 solutions. With the deep expertise with the solutions of Microsoft 365 ecosystem, we can tailor the training program to suit your specific needs.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Dynamics Square for any training:

Expertise: With a team of highly skilled and experienced Dynamics 365 consultants, we are available to help you understand Dynamics 365 solution with the best possible support and training.

Experience: While working with 350+ global clients of all sizes, we have gained extensive experience of dealing with various business challenges and opportunities. This experience will let us develop unique training programs to address your unique business needs.

Business-Centric Approach: We follow a business centric approach to understand your business needs, goals, and complexity of solution. Once we have the data, we prepare the training programs that are aligned with the specific business needs resulting in getting the most out of your investment in Microsoft solutions.

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