Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation Guide

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation isn’t a simple process until some qualitative measures are engaged between the organisation and the implementation partner. For your concern, Microsoft doesn’t provide direct services to end users for any kind of implementation or upgrade. You will need a Microsoft Dynamics 365 certified partner, like Dynamics Square, to make the required changes to your existing Microsoft application. Before moving on to the exact measures of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales implementation, let’s know about Dynamics 365 Sales and its features.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is specifically built for the salespeople of the organisation to make strong and stable connections with the customer. It helps the sales department enhance customer service by leveraging data insights and selling the product or service better.

With the power of cloud services offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, salespeople offer engaging customer experiences, resulting in more leads and brand credibility. The true insights make the data accessible in a simple-to-understand manner so that the concerned people can process them easily and take actionable steps wherever required.

Dynamics 365 Sales can track data of all customers as well as accounts and allows the salespeople to convert the leads into recurring customers. Also, this application allows users to create sales collateral for customers to make the transaction legitimate.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a robust application that allows users to create and track general as well as personalised marketing campaigns for different customers and opportunities.

 Dynamics 365 for sales is a flexible selling solution that allows salespeople to use advanced ways of selling and building great customer relationships. Adaptive intelligence helps in creating an actionable workflow for the organisation or sales team to be more customer-centric using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

 Dynamics 365 for Sales supports the organisation to strengthen the customer experience with the product or service, making the customer relationship strong.

Major Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is adaptable to any business or industry type. It can be customised as per the requirements of the business. Also, if there is a need, it is flexible with any native or third-party integration. It possesses various features and capabilities to aid businesses with their sales workflow, like:

1. Increased Customer Engagement

With the power of digital intelligence and an automated sales process, Dynamics 365 for Sales enables the sales team to follow the automated sales cycle to serve customers better.

It makes sure to provide the exact data in real time to approach the lead at the right moment, increasing the possibility of converting them into a successful client. This amazing application not only helps the sales team to acquire new customers but also helps to retain existing customers with regular engagement and offers.

2. Boost in Productivity

Automation of business processes and real-time data insights make the salespeople not depend on anyone for any manual process or rely on anyone to collect data to process it. Now, Dynamics 365 for Sales allows users to be efficient and productive to keep customers engaged with the business.

Due to cloud services, a user can operate the system or observe the data from anywhere and anytime, irrespective of the time and location boundaries.

3. True Insights and Analytics

The data must be simple and presentable, or else it will become difficult to understand. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales provides the data using charts, slides, graphs, and more to make it easy to access for users. It comes with powerful dashboards, Power BI (Business Intelligence), team stats, and other important indicators to analyse the customer and the team in various parameters. If there is a flaw in the performance of the team, admins can rectify it and keep the performance on the track.

4.  A Stable Revenue Stream

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM provides a unique feature as Sales Accelerator that helps the sales team in reducing the time to find a new perfect customer and approach them with the right amount of data.

This makes the team spend less time finding clients and put more effort into converting them. Sales Accelerator collects the required data using multiple resources, making the sales team approach appropriately with full chances of making business.

How Dynamics 365 for Sales Implementation Works?

The implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales in an organisation can speed up the process of acquiring a customer and provide them with the best support and service. With the power of the cloud, the team can access the data anytime, making the team available to sell and plan for the end customer 24/7.

It not only provides a single dashboard to tackle all sales activities, but also provides methods to optimise and automate the current processes. The process of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation works while taking the required measures, planning the entire system, and analysing the data. Below, the implementation process is given for a sound knowledge of the whole process.

  • Diagnosis and Planning

Firstly, the Microsoft partner would diagnose the current processes and business practices. This process will help them understand the business and its operations and check whether there is a need for any kind of integration or customisation to support efficient sales.

Also, the partner analyses the current manual processes for the possibility of automation to reduce the workload for the team members.

After evaluating all processes, Dynamics 365 Sales partners can prioritise the planning of the process, create strategies, define the goal, allocate time, manage resources, and more.

  • Current System Analysis

Before implementing a new business solution, the Microsoft gold partner will analyse the performance of the current system, specifications, efficiency, and performance. It creates a single data set for the existing system and points out the areas where there is a need for change or integrates anything new.

 Also, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner checks the features and functionalities of the current system to check whether there is a need to update only a process or a particular operation.

  • Data Preparation

We all know that not every piece of data is useful. After analysis of the current system, the vendor has to categories the data based on the useful and outdated ones. Also, the D365 vendor partner classifies the data that must be carried on new servers and the data that must be removed from the system to reduce unnecessary storage consumption.

 The accuracy and completeness of the data are also crucial factors for the organisation and the D365 certified partner before transferring it to the new system. Shortlisting quality data takes a lot of effort, but it is worth it for both parties; the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation Partner and the organisation. 

  • Testing of the New System

Once everything is set up, like data and strategies, the certified Dynamics 356 gold partner will deploy the test system to check its functionality, features, capabilities, functions, data accuracy, performance, integrations, user interface, and more.

Testing of the new system makes the vendor and users informed about the working of all processes and operations with a hands-on experience of Microsoft 365 for Sales with full working capabilities.

  • Deployment

After transferring the necessary data, implementing Microsoft 365 for Sales for testing purposes, and training employees to use this application, it is time to finally deploy Microsoft 365 for Sales to use it for the organisation's growth.

It might be possible that the vendor or the organisation may encounter errors during the final deployment, but with an experienced certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, like Dynamics Square, there would not be any issue because the experienced partner can tackle any unexpected problem without any issue.

  • Training

In this phase, it is the duty of the Microsoft 365 for Sales implementation partner to teach and train the employees or end users to operate and understand Microsoft 365 for Sales for productive and efficient use.

The vendor must train all users of Microsoft 365 for Sales to perform the work they are allotted by the organisation. 

The training of the employees totally depends on the methods, like in-person training, e-learning, recorded content, remote training, and a combination of such training.

How can Dynamics Square make the implementation seamless?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales implementation takes a lot of resources and effort to process successfully. Once successfully implemented as per the organisation's requirement, Dynamics 365 for Sales will start working towards growth and scalability by streamlining the process of acquiring customers and providing flawless support.

Dynamics Square is one of the leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution providers in the UK and has been successfully providing services for the last couple of years. Being a Microsoft Gold partner, we would be delighted to assist you in any issue you face while working with D365 Sales.

Dynamics Square is known for the highly customised digital business solutions for businesses to help them grow and scale. With a team of 150+ Microsoft Certified Professionals, we are serving 300+ clients across the globe to offer innovative and business-driven solutions. We have been working for the last 12+ years 24X7 for the upliftment of small and mid-sized organisations with 99.9% customer experience. With us, you will get the best in the class implementation process and post-installation support without extra cost. 

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