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Eliminate data silos, automate core nonprofit processes, and get powerful insights in real-time to supercharge growth with Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator.


What Is Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator?

Dynamics 365 for Nonprofit Accelerator empowers charities to leverage the power of the latest AI-enabled technologies to make a strong impact on society.

It is a suite of sample applications that lets you build specific applications to deal with fundraising activity, programme delivery, and award management campaigns. Built using CDL (common data model), Microsoft Dataverse, and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem, D365 Nonprofit Accelerator offers powerful capabilities that include programme delivery, case management, volunteer management, global donations, TAX management, and more.

The Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator empowers the organisation with global charity activities while meeting international standards, like IATI (International Aid Transparency Initiative), SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). It is a unified platform for charities that can integrate the native Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Platform to enhance the overall efficiency, productivity, and growth of the organisation.

Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator Features: Empower Charities for Efficiency and Impact

Collect, monitor, and manage the data of donors, volunteers, the public, and stakeholders in one place. Also, you can get the data on all donations, expenses, available resources, and restricted funds on a single screen.

You can monitor and track different donations using a single, unified platform with real-time insights. Manage available resources and fund allocation to ensure equal distribution across different projects.

Integrate the Power Platform and build specific applications to deal with complex charity operations using a low-code interface. This will simplify and optimise the existing processes.

Track the status of all fundraising activities to make sure the funds are received at the right time. Set up reminders to get funds for recurring donations.

Simplify volunteer management while establishing a connection with the administrator of the organisation. Distribute resources, allocate funds, and track expenses for all volunteers with ease.

Collect donations globally and distribute them for the right cause while tracking each penny. Monitor the amount of restricted funds while offering real-time insights to the donor.

Track each project along with monitoring resources. Track the outcome of each project to efficiently deliver the donation to the right cause. Also, you can optimise the resources and funds to align with the beneficiaries.

Manage donations, gift acknowledgements, organisational pledges, recurring funds, and grant disbursements. Track donation history and donor information in real-time.

Simplify Funds and Track Expenses with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator

Track all your donations and expenditure while focusing on collecting more grants. Want to know how?

Why Should you implement the Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator?

It will simplify and modernise the way you collect donations, distribute them, and track expenses, leveraging the power of AI, BI, and other latest technologies.

The CDM will enable you to manage constituents, fundraising activities, award management, and efficient programme delivery.

It comes with a standard programme design template that empowers nonprofits to build effective programmes and solve organisational issues.

Integrate Power Apps to build and customise applications, eliminating the complexity of the system.

Get the fundraising, expenses, and programme delivery data in real time to make data-driven decisions whenever required.

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Leverage Modern Technology to Make a Remarkable Impact on society.

Implement Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator to monitor charity impact, do extra for society, and connect charities with the public to make a difference.

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Microsoft offers a variety of business management solutions, among which Dynamics 365 CRM is the most popular and effective. It can aid nonprofit organisations in managing their donors, stakeholders, and board members while offering a superior experience of charity interaction.

Yes, irrespective of the size and complexity of your charitable organisation, you are eligible to implement Dynamics 365 for nonprofits. It will supercharge your core operations while accelerating your ability to make a greater impact on society for an important cause.

Dynamics 365 nonprofit accelerator can help you manage funds, streamline expenses, monitor resources, and control frontline humanitarian logistics. Not only this, but Dynamics 365 empowers you to automate processes, manage project delivery, and offer donation data in real time.

Charities or nonprofit organisations work with different methodologies and different causes. This leads to their specific needs and demands. To deal with such processes, you can customise your Dynamics 365 CRM to align with your nonprofit's needs. Your Dynamics 365 CRM implementation partner will understand your requirements and offer you the perfect solution.

Dynamics 365 nonprofit comes with exceptional features, tools, and capabilities to deal with the changing demands of modern nonprofit organisations. It comes with award management, project tracking, fundraising management, volunteer management, tax management, and tracking project goals. and much more capability.

When you buy Dynamics 365 Nonprofit from a Microsoft-certified solutions partner, like Dynamics Square UK, you will get cost effectiveness, reliability, trustworthiness, and value for money services.

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