Dynamics 365
For Education

Effectively manage your students, staff, and stakeholders for the overall growth of the institution by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Education.

Dynamics 365 For education

Why you Should Implement Dynamics 365 Education
in Your Institution?

Dynamics 365 for Education is a ERP + CRM solution that centralises the data of all students and streamlines communication while providing real-time insights. You can not only manage students' data but also the data related to programme curriculum and stakeholders. Based on AI and ML technologies, it is capable to maintaining relationships with students, simplifying most of the existing processes, optimising the use of resources, and much more.

How Dynamics 365 for Education is the Best
CRM for Education Industry?

Microsoft Dynamics for Education offers powerful capabilities with a simplified user interface to enable all levels of users to properly utilise it. With Dynamics 365 for higher education, you can optimise the student journey, enhance staff engagement, maximise institution efficiency, provide data insights in real-time, forecast future possibilities, and predict results.

Dynamics 365 for Education is a CRM for higher education that provides dashboard access to stakeholders, student data and insights, an admin dashboard, and much more.

Dynamics 365 Education is also available for K-12 education to offer a parent-student portal, a student management form, and more. In short, it offers various other capabilities that make it a suitable ERP for the education sector.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Education offers a uniform platform that can streamline the management of all stakeholders and their data from a single screen. Later, users can integrate other native Microsoft applications, like D365 for Sales , Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, to collect and share data in real-time.


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Top Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Education

Being a CRM and ERP software for educational institutes, D365 for Education offers real-time transparency to all operations while enhancing the overall ROI.


All-Around View of Institution

With the centralised data platform, you can easily create, collect, and share data across the entire platform. Such information includes student data, staff details, fee information, curriculum information, and much more.


Enhanced Student Retention

The captured data will let you track the interactions of students while simplifying and automating the processes related to them.


Reduce Complexities from Processes

As a cutting-edge AI and ML application, it eliminates redundancies in the system, making it more efficient and effective.


Unifies Data and Promotes Teamwork

Dynamics 365 for Education is a cloud-based application capable of connecting entire data sources and promoting collaboration for sustainable growth.


Fully Secured Data

Microsoft Azure is a cloud service provider that ensures data security while remaining accessible to users 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Centralizes all Departments

There is no need to manually share the data with other departments, as D365 for Education unifies all departments and connects their processes with one another.


Empower Productivity with Integrations

Microsoft has made this software adaptable in terms of connecting native and third-party integration in order to maximise productivity and efficiency.


Offers Seamless Reporting

Being a cloud-based CRM and ERP for the education sector, it offers a seamless reporting feature to share the relevant information and reports with other fellow users.

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