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Microsoft Dynamics GP

What Is Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a standalone ERP solution specifically built for mid-market companies. Some businesses also consider Great Plains as accounting software, but it can streamline all core business operations. You can deploy the servers in the cloud or on-premises based on business requirements. It offers robust features to manage different departments of the business, including finance, inventory, supply chain, manufacturing, operations, and human resources. Due to its flexible customization and integration options, you can implement GP in any business or industry. Such industries include hospitality, retail, automotive, oil & Gas, non-profit, and more. Whether you are an existing brand or a growing organisation, Microsoft GP is perfect for you.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Features

Dynamics GP is loaded with some exclusive features that make it absolutely perfect for your enterprise.

Financial Management

With analytics and security, Dynamics GP offers to be a great financial accounting solution as it aids in banking and managing your budgets, assets, and cash flow. This tool allows you in tracking your financial records and data without investing any extra effort or extra time on it.

Business Intelligence

The BI system of the tool allows you to check out the reports of data that are pre-built on your dashboard so that you are able to make instant decisions that are intelligent as well as much efficient for your organization.

Inventory Management

Being an accounting and ERP solution, Dynamics GP aids you in inventory management, where you can keep records of your returns, orders, and others. With the proper inventory management, you can meet the customer's requirements on time and maintain the profit and reputation of your company.

Sales and Service

Dynamics GP Implementation in your business operations ensures that you carry on your sales and service in an even better way. The tool offers functions and features such as automating your sales process so that you can provide an enhanced service to your customers. Also, this will help you control your invoicing well and minimize the costs for shipping and labor for the entire process.

Project Management

Dynamics GP offers a tracking solution for the project that helps track all the financial transactions because of a particular project. It allows you to seamlessly integrate all financial elements such as accounts receivables, inventory, and other financials to ensure that all the accounting and billing are done accurately.

HR/Payroll Management

With Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains HR/Payroll Management Solution, you can optimize your employees' management and improve service to employees via accurate reporting and user query tools and customized lists that support better intelligence into different levels of employee data

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Try Dynamics GP for Free!

No doubt, Dynamics GP is a powerful solution, but is it perfect as per your business needs? It is always a great idea to try a system before investing in it. This will help you understand whether you are investing in the right resource for the business or not. Similarly, you can avail of a Dynamics GP demo from Dynamics Square (one of the UK’s leading Dynamics GP support partners) to understand its functionality, features, and tools.

The demo of Dynamics GP is absolutely free, regardless of your industry. This demo will give you insights into the sheer capabilities of Microsoft GP and how it aligns with all businesses. Once you find the Great Plains software good for your business, you can go ahead and make the right decision for your business - implementing Dynamics GP.

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Check out the tools, features, and efficiency of Dynamics GP with a free demo from Microsoft-certified Dynamics GP experts.

Has Microsoft ended Dynamics GP Support for all Versions?

Yes, Microsoft has ended the mainstream support of Dynamics GP 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2018 running on a fixed lifecycle policy, or you can also consider it the end of the life of Dynamics GP. It means these versions will not get any kind of updates, upgrades, bug fixes, or patches from Microsoft. However, you can still avail of extended support for Dynamics GP 2015, 2016, and 2018, and Microsoft will continue to release security updates on time until the end of extended support.

The latest version (Dynamics GP 18.) is available under modern lifecycle policy, which means Microsoft will continue to release GP updates, upgrades, patches, and more automatically until Microsoft rolls out new information.


My Dynamics GP Support has ended - What Should I Do?

If so, it's high time you need to make a smart decision for your business. Because you must provide all necessary resources to empower your business to grow, irrespective of its complexity. Based on your GP version, you have two choices. Either you upgrade your system to the latest Dynamics GP version or you upgrade to Business Central.

Based on our analysis and market research, we have found that upgrading Dynamics GP to Business Central is a better and more cost-effective decision. Because, sooner or later, the support of all Dynamics GP versions will end, and you need to eventually upgrade to a modern ERP solution. If you have to upgrade tomorrow, why not consider upgrading today? It will save a lot of essential resources for your business that can be utilised for business growth rather than investing in upgrading to the latest version of GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade

Dynamics Square is a Microsoft Dynamics GP 2023 Expert.

There are a number of organisations that have been using Dynamics GP for a long time now with different versions, like 2013, 2015, 2016, or 2018. The latest update of Dynamics GP version 18.6 (Dynamics GP 2024) offers exceptional features and functions. These features include more fields in the payable transaction workflow, new workflows for different processes, and more. These added functionalities will help your organisation run smoothly.

Getting the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.6 will offer you new features over your existing package that will make your operations even more powerful than before. These features will streamline complex operations in different areas such as finances, human resources, inventory management, and many others.

You can get a hands-on Dynamics GP trial to understand the latest features and tools and identify whether this is a perfect ERP solution or not based on your business needs. As per Microsoft Dynamics policy, you can avail yourself of a trial of any Dynamics solution for a month to test the solution's reliability.

After you have checked out the functioning of the tool for a month, you can proceed further to find the Microsoft Dynamics GP cost and the prices of different licences.


Get Dynamics GP Support - Cost Effective and Productive

Get Dynamics GP support from our dedicated team of Microsoft-certified Great Plains software experts.

Microsoft is known for its brand name and its reliability. Hence, when you are investing your hard-earned money in Dynamics GP, you can surely expect some excellent results according to your requirements. But a technical glitch can happen even with the best options available. But you do not have to worry much, as we offer you the best, most reliable, and most trustworthy Dynamics GP support for all versions.

Our support team ensures to offer a huge list of services such as consulting, licencing, upgrading your older version, implementation, integration, customization, and others.

Regardless of your query, our expert Dynamics consultants will resolve it in no time so that your business can continue to grow. Also, if you are having issues, you can get Microsoft Dynamics GP training to get a deep understanding of this powerful Microsoft ERP solution.

Have you got
questions about Microsoft Dynamics GP

Click through to our FAQ for the best answers!

Microsoft Dynamics GP or Great Plains is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution capable of managing most of the core business processes, including finance, operations, accounting, warehouse management, and distribution. However, it is an ERP solution with some features of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), like sales, service, and customer support.

No, there is no need to purchase a new licence if you are planning to update the existing version to a new version of Dynamics GP. Even so, you can apply more integrations and customisations without updating or purchasing the new licence key. Your licence will remain the same in any circumstance.

When GP was introduced, it was specifically made for the US market without any multi-language or multi-currency support. With the 1993 update, it became the first multi-user accounting solution in the US. At that time, it was generally known as Great Plains as it was the original founding software organisation of this amazing solution.

In 2001, Great Plains was purchased by Microsoft and released Dynamics 8.0, and later released a totally updated version of Dynamics GP.

For any kind of update, upgrade, or implementation, you need to contact your trusted Dynamics 365 support partner, and they will guide you with a better approach. Even so, you can contact Dynamics Square for a rapid and error-free process with support service beyond the implementation process.

It offers various features to manage the entire business process, including finance management, procurement, inventory management, accurate reporting, field service management, project management, and supply chain management. With the updates from Microsoft, it now offers multi-currency functions to make global business possible.

It offers advanced financial management features, and the typical user of this application is a large organisation with more than 3 million dollars in revenue per annum. And, if an organisation belongs to SMB, you can use ,Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to manage basic financial and accounting needs.

Dynamics GP offers various benefits to organisations, enabling them to supervise the financial and accounting operations seamlessly with easy growth and scalability.

Microsoft offers a strong network of vendor partners to offer smooth support services to all users, irrespective of the different boundaries.

The powerful system offers integrations and customizations to help businesses deal with unique business operations and different requirements.

Users can also avail add-ons to meet the current and predictive requirements.

Microsoft GP is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed using any platform, whether mobile, web, or PC, from anywhere and anytime.

Yes, it offers integration options with native as well as third-party integrations. Microsoft offers native integrations, including Power Applications, Office apps, and Outlook. One of the best Power Applications offered by Microsoft for Dynamics GP users is Power BI, which helps users to visualise the huge chunks of data with ease for proper utilization.

The latest version was released in 2017 with the name Dynamics GP 2018. Still, businesses are using older versions, like 2013, 2015, and 2016. Microsoft is providing support for these versions only, and there are no updates or support available for other versions by Microsoft.

Does Dynamics GP is going to expire from the market?

In October 2019, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of Dynamics GP from the market. But the current users of the following versions will keep getting support.

VersionMainstream SupportExtended Support
Dynamics GP 2013 and R2Ended on April 4, 2018Ends on April 11 2023
Dynamics GP 2015 and R2Ended on April 14, 2020Ends on April 8, 20025
Dynamics GP 2016 and R2Ended on July 13, 2021Ends on July 14, 2026
Dynamics GP 2018 and R2Ends on January 10, 2023Ends on January 11, 2028

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