Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

(Formerly Dynamics 365 Retail)

Unify Your Back-Office, In-Store, And Digital Experience By Empowering Your System With Dynamics 365 Commerce

Dynamics 365 Commerce-Retail

What is Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Drive consistent engagement across your online and offline channels, offer an omnichannel experience to your customers wherein they can make a purchase anytime, from anywhere using any device whether mobile phones, tablets, or personal systems. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce helps brands to develop customer loyalty and drive massive relationships for the long run.

Personalize your customer engagement, maximize revenues, boost your employee productivity, and optimize your operations, and drive improved supply chain practices while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Enrich your user experience with modern POS, E-commerce storefront, etc. to parallelly work with external applications to centralize your sales, inventory, order fulfillment, reporting, and more.

Stimulate your back-office processes including supply chain, finance, operations, and human resource all through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce- an integrated solution for across your commerce needs.

Easily manage your contents, digital assets, and web storefront with a fully enriched e-commerce platform designed as an integrated solution to drive uplifted results in the commerce domain.

Protect your data through Dynamics 365 fraud protection, leverage Dynamics 365 Customer insights to have a 360-degree view into customer data, and drive centralization with Microsoft Bing for Commerce.

Dynamics 365 Commerce Features

Elevate Your Commerce Practices and Drive Profitability with Dynamics 365 Commerce


Allow your customers to make purchases anytime using any device whether mobile, tablet, or desktop while concluding the modern payment methods, facilitating the delivery model, and more.


Connect people in your enterprise by automating your organizational data and streamlining your processes to manage and accelerate the entire operational flow while improving the productivity ratio.

Unified Data

Embedded with AI intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce enables to optimize your operations and enables everyone to make productive decisions in real-time.

Equipped With
AI & Analytics

AI-based reporting and key analytics help people in your organization to maintain the right process flow, optimize operations, and ensure a smoother distribution & satisfactory delivery model.

Ecommerce side

Dynamics 365 Commerce Services

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Turn your running commerce into a profit-making machine by optimising existing processes after implementing D365 Commerce.

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Boost your business operations for more profitability and easy scalability by eavailing seamless Dynamics 365 Commerce upgrade services.



Reduce the chances of errors and run processes without interruptions with our optimal Dynamics 365 upgrade services.

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Dynamics 365 Commerce pricing

Below, check out the most efficient D365 Commerce pricing for this powerful business application.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

£147.90Per-User/Per Month
  • Includes core capabilities to manage omnichannel retail operations.

E-Commerce Add-In for Dynamics 365 Commerce

£3,287.80Per-User/Per Month
  • Includes e-commerce management for Dynamics 365 Commerce.
  • Requires Dynamics 365 Commerce

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is a proven retail solution that integrates or unifies your back-office, in-store, and digital experiences. D365 Commerce enables you to optimize your operations, improve your employee productivity, boost customer engagement, and drive efficient results while reducing costs, time, and energy. With built-in AI capabilities, streamline your core operations from efficiently managing customers to resources to supply chain to marketing practices, and more.

The Commerce Scale Unit allows stores to sell products even if their internet connection is not consistent! It means that your store can still process credit card transactions, issue gift cards, and sync data with HQ despite poor internet service.

Dynamics 365 Retail is now Dynamics 365 Commerce. It has recently had an important upgrade. Because of the way it was named before, people had difficulty connecting the name to what this system is capable of doing. Dynamics 365 commerce contains features such as e-commerce and back office control, among others. See Also - Dynamics 365 Sales Professional |Dynamics 365 Project and Operations

The Dynamics 365 Commerce platform provides numerous benefits to users, including cloud-based features, simplified customer engagement, increased customer loyalty, business-specific flexibility, adaptability to modern business requirements, and an easy-to-use user interface.

It has numerous capabilities that can assist you in providing a more functional customer experience. It offers capabilities including centralised data, smart operations, good customer engagement, an adaptable platform, and much more.

Yes, you can integrate the desired apps, whether native or third-party, with Dynamics 365 Commerce. However, you will need to contact your support partner to build the required application that understands your requirements and works accordingly.

D365 Commerce implementation isn't fixed. It varies from business to business. One of the critical factors that determines the cost of implementation is the complexity of the solution and the business requirements. To get an accurate estimate, you need to contact a Microsoft-certified gold partner like Dynamics Square.

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