Power Virtual Agents

Enhance customer experience and boost sales using AI enabled chatbots built with Power Virtual Agents.


What is Power Virtual Agents?

Power Virtual Agents is a tool to build powerful chatbots without the need to write code, and that allows you to automate communication with potential clients or employees. The goal is to easily create and maintain virtual agents without programming, using a guided graphical interface without the need for data analysts or developers.

The very first feature of the platform is no doubt the easy-to-use graphical interface that helps in creating chatbots in a super comfortable and easy way. The creator does not have to be any developer, data scientist, or AI expert.

The platform offers a plethora of tools and functions that help the user in understanding how to do what in creating the chatbot that is required for the purposes that the organization has.

Not only creating the chatbots is easy, taking action with the chatbots is equally convenient. Once the chatbot is ready, you can instantly integrate it into the service or product that you have targeted earlier.

It also allows you to check records of conversations that have already taken place for taking references. Also, the tool allows you to integrate functions such as handing over the chat conversation to some live agents in case of extreme necessity or also to call up the APIs.

You can also integrate other tools along with Virtual Agents to get a better result such as integrating Power Automate to create automated workflows. Similarly, you can integrate Microsoft Bot Framework to handle complex situations.

The platform does not just help you in coming up with chatbots but also helps you in creating them in a much smarter way. Thus it offers you suggestions about the topics on which you can create chatbots. It helps you in creating rich chats that are not just customized but are available in natural language to convince the customers and clients much better.

The tool makes use of insights that are data-driven as well as are well-supported by AI technology. This enhances the performance of the chatbots that are being created with the use of the platform. Moreover, this tool from Microsoft has come up to be one of the best options to create chatbots that are not just helpful for the organizations in saving time but also are created in the most professional way to offer high-end results.

Once you are convinced with the features and working of the tool, you will surely wish to try out this wonder option to create chatbots for your organization too.

The best thing is that if you are already using Microsoft Office 365, you will already get this tool integrated into it. The existence of power virtual agents for office 365 is a great thing that will allow the users to make use of the tool without the requirement of downloading any extra tool on the systems.

All you need to do is to search for Power Virtual Agents in your Microsoft Office 365 applications and then you can get started with it instantly. Take a dive into a huge number of features and functions available and then start trying out the functions to create your own chatbots using the platform instantly.

Why choose Power Virtual Agents?

What are Power Virtual Agents Features


Easily register, create the bot and embed it on your website with just a few clicks. There is no infrastructure to maintain and no complex systems to implement.

No Coding

Train your teams by allowing them to easily build bots without the need for intermediaries, coding or artificial intelligence expertise.


Easily automate the most common common queries thanks to the Power Virtual Agent chatbot.


Improve customer satisfaction by enabling customers to quickly self-help and resolve issues 24/7 using personalized bot conversations.


Power Virtual Agents Services

We offer a full range of services to support you on your Dynamics journey including implementation, upgrade and support.



Successfully implement Power Virtual Agents solutions by our experts to ensure your needs are met on time and within budget.



Get constant and seamless support from Dynamics Square team to manage your Chat bot

Power Virtual Agents Pricing

Explore Power Apps Plans, Costs, And Availability To Start Running Your Business Apps.

Power Virtual Agents

Run intelligent chatbots across websites and other channels.

£164.40Per month for 2,000 sessions
  • Only pay for two-way engagement between users and your chatbots, with sessions serving each end-to-end interaction.

Sessions add-on

Add additional sessions to your Power Virtual Agents plan.

£82.20Per month for 1,000 sessions
  • Requires a Power Virtual Agents licence.

Have you got
questions about Microsoft Power Virtual Agents?

Click through to our FAQ for the best answers!

Built by Microsoft, Power Virtual Agents offer AI-enabled chatbots to enhance the customer experience while increasing the credibility of the business. Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is capable of empowering users or businesses to create a desired chatbot with desired features without learning to code.

No, it isn't free, but you can avail of a 60-day trial to know its capabilities and benefits as per your business. You can sign up for the trial on the Microsoft website.

Yes, it is one of the applications offered by Microsoft under the Power application. The Power Platform contains Power BI, Power Apps, Power Pages, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. These applications are also known as elements of the Power Platform. All of these applications are designed to boost the overall productivity and efficiency of the business while utilising existing resources.

It is based on a SaaS platform to help you build chatbots for different purposes. You can easily create the required bot and embed it on the website without any knowledge of programming. It offers a drag-and-drop feature to bots and deploys them in a matter of a few clicks. .

You can create any kind of bot using this application based on your needs. It may be a chatbot or a VA (virtual agent). Even so, you can integrate other native applications with Power Virtual Agents to fetch more customer data in real-time.

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