Continia for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Automate your manual tasks, optimise existing resources, and save a lot of money by integrating Continia with Business Central.

Continia for business central

Supercharge your Business Efficiency while Eliminating Extraneous Operations

Enhance your business operations while opening the door to growth opportunities with enhanced revenue. Being in the industry for 25+ years, Continia is an effective solution that aligns with Business Central to offer seamless automation skills and optimise business operations for enhanced efficiency. It can automate the management of daily invoicing, track all business expenses incurred by employees, automate accounts receivable and payable, manage vendor payments with ease, and automate the vendor payment and bank reconciliation.

To survive in the modern world and become successful, business owners must focus more on growing their businesses than on resolving general tasks. The integration of Continia with Business Central empowers the employees to find opportunities for growth while eliminating unnecessary and monotonous operations from the existing system. Also, it pushes the staff towards enhanced productivity through the automation of general administrative and financial tasks.

Automate recurring and manual tasks of the finance and administration departments through automation while optimising processes for a sustainable revenue stream.

Optimise Business Processes with Powerful Continia Solutions

Businesses with different needs require different solutions to deal with specific tasks, whether it is tracking all expenses caused by an employee or managing payments to various vendors. It is a powerful solution that offers way more features when compared to other applications. Some of the features are:

You would be well versed in the level of user interface that Business Central provides to its users. Similarly, Continia offers a similar kind of user experience after the integration. All Continia solutions have a simple yet interactive user interface that allows the user to easily understand how the system works.

Continia offers a mobile application to let you connect with the system, view reports, and access other relevant data whenever you want. It lets you receive and submit reports in real-time, making the entire process smooth and reliable. With real-time data reporting, the concerned authorities can instantly approve or deny requests.

With Continia, we can set up automated approvals of some tasks based on a few parameters. Once you justify the transaction, all the approvals and reports will be automated, considering the business flow according to the hierarchy of the system.

With the trust of Microsoft, all the data transactions processed will be safe and secure at both ends. The Azure servers are so secure that they offer high security against cyberattacks and data leaks. Nonetheless, it shares data with relevant employees based on admin approval, preventing data misuse.

Work faster, focus on business development, reduce errors, and maximise data security with Continia

Want to explore more possibilities with Continia?

Document Capture

The Document Capture addon is capable of automating the entire workflow of accounts payable and receivable. It minimises the number of manual tasks and registration errors in the system. We all know that manual tasks, whether it is data entry or data sharing, are prone to errors and mistakes. Automating such recurring and manual tasks eliminates the chances of errors, resulting in high business efficiency. It includes data capture, order matching, approval workflow, purchase contracts, digital archiving, and much more.

Expense Management

Expense management tracks, manages, and calculates the entire expense incurred by an employee. It eliminates the tracking and calculation of physical receipts with a totally automated Continia Expense Management solution that takes care of all spending in real-time. To make each transaction instant, users can use Continia Expense Management app or Continia Expense Portal for faster account resolution. It offers various features, including credit card transactions, vehicle mileage tracking, tracking daily allowances, SmartScan OCR, and approval workflow.

Document Output

The Document Output eliminates the manual distribution of documents (the most time-consuming process). To eliminate the chances of incorrect distribution, we can now securely distribute the essential documents containing sensitive data to an accurate user. It streamlines all data and tracks distribution activity. It offers different features, including the ability to batch print and send documents, handle XML formats, merge your pdfs, and protect your essential data.

Payment Management

Traditional businesses process all kinds of payment transactions manually, making it a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Even manual management of multiple transactions can lead to errors and financial loss. Continia provides an online payment management platform that connects businesses with vendors and customers to ensure a smooth payment flow. It offers various features, including establishing direct communication, IBAN lookup, approval workflow, automatic reconciliation, and summing up payments.

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