Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?


Let's Get Familiar with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Its Advantages

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based, unified business management solution that helps enterprises transform their entry-level accounting software or legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system into a comprehensive solution to manage critical business functions. It seamlessly streamlines and connect different departments of a business, including finance, operations, sales, supply chain, distribution, and customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables the businesses to leverage the power of cloud manage core business operations, improve customer service, maximise productivity, optimize resources, enhance overall efficiency, and boost ROI.

Business Central is a modern, advance, and AI-powered solution that has helped over 200,000 customers and 3 million global users to streamline their processes, improve customer relations, and enable growth.


23% reduction on operational costs; small business reported.

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64% of companies are planning to implement Cloud ERP, like Business Central within the next three years.

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88% of organisations reported that successful ERP implementation helped them grow.

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50% of businesses are planning to upgrade and acquire modern ERP systems to simplify their existing operations.


87% of organisations desired guidance in choosing the right ERP implementation partner.


95% of businesses have improved their business operations using the right ERP solutions, which lead to reduced processing time, enhanced collaboration, and a unified data platform.

Dynamics 365
Business Central Advantages

Modern enterprises are aggressively looking to improve their capabilities of making smarter decisions. Their existing business solutions are scattered across the departments, making it difficult to get real time business insights for right business decisions.

Moreover, Business Central leverages the intelligence of Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) to ensure in-depth organizational reporting, enabling businesses to:

  • Ensure smart forecasts for Sales, Cash Flows, and Budgets
  • Generate real time inventory levels
  • Facilitate payment recommendations and vendor discounts
  • Deliver payment due reminders to avoid overdue penalties

Automates workflows through a seamless integration with Microsoft Office tools, including Outlook, Word, and Excel thus, enabling enterprises to improve their business performances.

Improves productivity and unifies business functions through embedded smart platforms enabling enterprises to automatically track cash flows and audit trails.

Simplifies the complicated and painstaking tasks, such as data imports, through an embedded user friendly framework thus, empowering enterprises to save their efforts and focus on critical business tasks.

Facilitates easy look ups for relevant pages and reports through an integrated simplified wizard, assisting users to quickly and precisely find what they need.

Business Central is an advanced business solution, integrated with smart functionalities, delivering relevant business information that enterprises need to identify new trends, prevent recurring issues, and ensure great customer engagements.

Businesses with advanced accounting and reporting solutions typically face issues when unifying their business capabilities together.

Integrates business data and analytics through Microsoft's leading intelligent solutions empowering business to ensure greater outcomes and gain smart business views.

Organizations are looking for a simple to set up and easy to execute solutions. Typically, businesses do not want to spend time on - learning new software; importing data from existing scattered systems; or managing additional cost burdens of replacing hardware and software.

Customizes relevant applications to adapt to the unique business requirements enabling users to easily re-arrange fields, re-name groups, and re-locate elements. See Also - Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade | Business Central Support |

With time, businesses grow, as do their operations. Due to the flexible offering of server deployment, you can easily scale the business using the required hardware and software. In terms of scalability, the Business Central cloud offers stable ways to deal with growing processes.

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Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as your Right ERP Solution?


Reduce Costs

A perfect ERP solution is capable of reducing the annual IT cost. Also, with a flexible subscription-based pricing model, a business can save a lot of money with diverse licencing options.


Boosts Sales

With enhanced team collaboration using a centralised data platform, you can enhance the productivity and efficiency of the team, resulting in accelerated sales. Also, you can avail sales insights in real-time to make actionable decisions whenever needed.


Improves Customer Service

Real-time insights let the employees offer a better and more effective customer journey. Even so, you can personalise the sales cycle by using insights, like purchasing interest, demographic data, and other existing information.


Optimise Supply Chain

Efficient supply chain management is one of the vital tasks that has to be done accurately, irrespective of the conditions. With Business Central, you can easily optimise supply chain management while controlling the inventory and distribution cycle.


Global Connectivity

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud offers seamless and consistent connectivity to all users, enabling them to access the data anywhere and anytime. Even so, a user can access the data from any device, irrespective of location boundaries.


Full Data Security

With the trust of Microsoft, all your data is in safe hands, utilising the power of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft data servers are secured and can handle any amount of your precious data with full protection from any form of malware or cyberattack.


Seamless Update or Upgrade

With cloud server deployment, Microsoft will take care of all updates and upgrades it releases on a semi-annual basis. Microsoft solutions are so powerful that any change will be implemented without hampering the current processes or performances of existing operations.


Centralised Database

Microsoft Business Central offers a centralised database that opens up the opportunities of data collection, collaboration, and sharing in real-time whenever required. An edit or update made by any user of any department can be accessed by another user of another department with ease, but based on permissions.

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There are numerous business-centred benefits a business can avail, irrespective of the type and size of the business. The benefits include seamless integration, global connectivity, availability of diverse customizations, a lower cost of ownership, easy scale, a highly interactive user interface, flexible licencing options, and full data security using Microsoft Azure.

Business Central is an AI-powered business solution that helps users automate their core business operations, enhancing their overall efficiency and productivity. If you want to avail a modern solution that is capable of controlling and managing your entire business using a single platform, you should go for the NAV to Business Central upgrade.

It might be possible that your current solution is unable to furnish the desired solution for all your business issues. Or, perhaps, you are fed up with the quality of your current Microsoft support partner. In such scenarios, you should migrate to Business Central if you want to focus on business growth rather than getting stuck with resolving daily business activities.

The implementation cost of Business Central depends on various factors, which include the complexity of the business, unique business requirements, choice of server deployment, number of employees, type, and size of the business.

The time taken for BC implementation depends on the complexity of the entire implementation. If the implementation is standard, it can take 5 days to 45 days. And, if the implementation is personalised and has custom-built integrations, it can take up to 4 months.

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