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Bring Agility, Improve Transparency, and Streamline Your Projects with Dynamics 365 Project Operations

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What is dynamics 365 Project Operations?

Empower your team to drive visibility and agility for ensuring on-time project deliveries while optimizing budget for a maximum revenue with Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

Seamlessly manage all projects of your business, from sales to finance, by effectively leveraging Dynamics 365 Project Operations; a simple yet powerful solution built by Microsoft. Being a unified and reliable solution, it can help you bring your team together to drive collaboration, accelerate project delivery, and maximise growth potential.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations modules can offer real-time actionable insights to help you generate more leads, close deals faster, and accelerate project delivery with enhanced profitability. Such insights let the business match the right professional with the right project, resulting in better decisions regardless of any scenario.

Enable project automation to allow people involved from the top level to executive level to stay updated with the real-time status of the project to plan and execute the project accordingly.

Elevate your project delivery model by aligning the right talent to the right project impacting the overall project development cycle while ensuring the quality of the project and fulfilling deadlines.

Simplify your bid management strategies using automation, along with shortlisting deals for higher profit margins. Track contract status, deliver project quotes, forecast winning leads, and make an accurate estimation.

Simplify your finance from project costing, budgeting, invoicing & billing, revenue recognition, and compliance management while enabling visibility into every project status.

Streamline your data to be accessed and utilized by everyone involved in the project to accelerate project delivery, drive quality assurance, and attain project success.

Track time and expense on each point of a business transaction to evaluate the business and its ROI. You can easily submit, approve, and conform all transactions for faster and smoother settlement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations Benefits

Optimise existing resources and generate more revenue using D365 Project Operations Modules.

Project Financial Management

Access the financial data of projects in real-time to take instant actionable decisions that result in enhanced business performance and maximised efficiency.

Enhance Project Transparency

Bring visibility, eliminate data silos, and access business intelligence to track each project accurately and precisely.

Maximised Customer Satisfaction

Streamline project management, enhance the customer experience, and keep customers updated for each milestone of a project to offer optimum customer satisfaction.

Accelerate Team Collaboration

Access a unified platform, get a 360-degree holistic view, and connect all departments to accelerate team collaboration for maximised returns.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations Features

Streamline your Project Operations & Accelerate Delivery with D365 Project Operations

Resource Utilization

With Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, assign the right people to the right project leveraging skill-matching, scheduling, and resourcing insights.

Accelerate Project

Make effective use of inbuilt Microsoft Project Management capabilities such as Kanban boards, Gantt charts, etc. to faster the Project delivery.

Streamline Project

Streamline your project financials from project accounting, budgeting to ensuring global financial reporting standards compliance.

Time & Expense

Effortlessly submit time and expenses, automate the entire workflow, and improve your submissions, approvals, and reporting capabilities.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations

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Dynamics 365 Project Operations Pricing

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Dynamics 365 Project Operations

£98.60Per-User/Per Month
  • Get the visibility, collaboration, and agility needed to drive success across your project-centric business.

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Choosing the right partner is a critical choice for all business owners or decision-makers. A wrong choice can make you bear a huge investment loss, whereas a right choice can double or triple the revenue by simplifying the entire business operations.

This is where Dynamics Square comes in. With 11+ years of experience in the industry and a huge team of Microsoft certified consultants, we are the ideal partner for your Dynamics 365 Project Operations implementation needs.

At Dynamics Square, our motto is to offer best-in-class customer satisfaction and take a collaborative approach to ensure your project's success, irrespective of the complexity or the scenario.

We offer end-to-end services, including Dynamics 365 Project Operations consulting, solution customization, deployment, on-site training, and durable support. For all businesses, we offer Microsoft's proven methodology and our expertise to deliver a tailored solution for your unique business requirements.

Partnering with us means you can expect a smooth implementation process, increased productivity, and a measurable return on investment. Let's collaborate and take your business to the next level.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution capable of managing and streamlining projects effortlessly. It comes with many extensive capabilities, including team collaboration, opportunity management, project planning, resource management, customer billing, and expense management.

Microsoft Dynamics Project Operations is a powerful application to seamlessly manage operations with full productivity and efficiency. However, organisations can integrate it with Business Central or other native integrations to enhance the features for smooth operations. There are a few more modules that can be integrated without any restrictions, such as Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and more.

When installing project operations from microsoft dynamics 365, there are several installation options available. You have two options to start the installation:

  • Using the existing CDS environment
  • Using a new CDS environment

You must have access to Power Platform Administrator and a Project Operations to install project operations in a new environment.

In case, you have to create a new CDS environment using the Power Platform admin.

In the case of an existing CDS, you must have access to a Power Platform Administrator with a licence for Project Operations. Using Power BI, you have to locate the environment using the Power Platform admin center.

There are a few core modules which are: Contract Management, Sales, Project Management, Resource Management, Team Collaboration, Finance Management, and Time and Expense Management. These are the modules that let users seamlessly manage an entire project in an organisation for easy growth.

Microsoft doesn't sell its business management solutions directly to customers. You have to search for and collaborate with a reliable support partner like Dynamics Square for any kind of update, upgrade, or implementation service for your business. The pricing for D365 Project Operations is entirely dependent on your company's needs and the type of deployment. The standard cloud deployment pricing is £98.60 per user/month and is also available on Microsoft's website. On-premises deployment always comes with customised pricing, and it depends on business to business.

D365 Project Operations helps users to increase transparency across different processes and departments and to provide accurate data insights using advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence. This helps the users to take actionable decisions in real-time, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity to get more deals.

The first step you have to take is to search for the right support partner for proper implementation of your D365 Project Operations solution as per your business needs. Following that, you must be patient until the implementation is completed, at which point your partner will train you on the solution's functions and features. Once everything is set up, you or your team members can start using the solution at full pace.

Project Operations covers a lot of areas of a business, resulting in overall growth of almost all departments. Some of the areas are listed below:

  • Project Planning
  • Project Sales
  • Invoicing
  • Revenue management
  • Ledger management
  • Project allocation
  • Management of project finances

Project Operations works by offering the capabilities to manage and streamline various projects efficiently with minimal errors. It analyses the existing resources, optimises them for optimum productivity, and delivers results to gain maximised revenue using minimum resources.

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