Sana Commerce for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Sell to global customers with a superior customer experience using Sana Commerce, a powerful e-commerce solution for Business Central.

Sana Commerce for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Power Up your E-commerce Game while Empowering your Customers

Sana Commerce is a flexible and scalable e-commerce platform that integrates seamlessly with Business Central or NAV and provides a competitive advantage over others in the market. It allowed businesses to build an online store without compromising their current offline business flow. With its exceptional capability of centralising all business data, it eliminates unnecessary complexities from the system to achieve a better result.

Business Central is a renowned ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution available for SMBs. With modernization, it is a must for distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers to sell their product globally using an online store. Here, Sana Commerce integrates with Business Central to help sell online, centralise the ERP data, manage the entire process from providing a quote to delivering the order, and fortify the customer experience. Sana Commerce works on cloud servers to offer a uniform source of data using different channels while offering exact and real-time information whenever needed.

Streamline online sales, offer a superior customer experience, and implement a ready-to-go, scalable commerce solution.

Align with Customer and Market Demands with Sana Commerce

Customer and market demands change with time. Sana Commerce is a reliable and adaptable solution that matches changing needs and exceeds all expectations. Due to cloud computing, it expanded its capabilities based on a sudden change in industry to offer seamless services. It connects the ERP system with the online store to provide extremely fast performance in both B2B and B2C industries. Some of its features are:

Sana Commerce, as a high-speed single-page application, provides excellent features to all B2B industries. It offers reliable and interactive user experiences so that all users can understand the features and functions effectively, resulting in enhanced performance.

Once you integrate Sana Commerce with Business Central ERP, you can access any kind of data in real-time from anywhere and anytime using any device. It unifies all data sources and provides a centralised platform when it comes to accessing data. Even so, it updates the database in real-stime, enabling users to make informed decisions instantly.

Sana Commerce offers a simple user interface with an easy flow of business functions. Once it integrates with Business Central or NAV, you can instantly get product information, product categories, and other relevant data. The entire data set becomes available at the customer's fingertips, resulting in an enhanced customer experience and utmost satisfaction.

Sana Commerce tracks the journey of each product from the time it is placed using the online portal to the time it is delivered appropriately. Even so, it streamlines the process of return and refund efficiently, making the entire process smooth and simple.

Get a SaaS-based, scalable e-commerce solution with out-of-the-box features to tackle modern e-commerce issues.

Want to generate more ROI with a huge list of satisfied customers?

Simplified Shipping and Tax

When a customer purchases a product from your Sana Commerce-powered online store, all sales invoices and taxes are calculated precisely. Also, using the ERP data, it will calculate the upfront shipping fees so that a customer can get the exact information (cost and fees) before actually purchasing a product.

Secure Payment Gateway

Sana Commerce offers a fully secured payment gateway using PCI DSS certification with support for local currencies and different payment modes. Once a payment is completed, it securely deposits the payment to the primary account, offering instant credit visibility.

Secured Data Servers

The servers of Sana Commerce are deployed using Azure hosting, the most secure and reliable cloud data servers offered by Microsoft, hosted on SQL Azure servers. With 99.9% uptime, Azure offers optimal performance and the best architecture for all data transactions.


Whenever your business grows, you can scale the entire system with ease. It can easily adapt to high order volumes while optimising the existing processes to get more results out of the limited resources. All such changes can be done with the help of your Sana Commerce implementation partner.

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