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Automate your marketing activities, create engaging content leveraging AI, and increase your conversion rates with Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Note: From September 1, 2023, Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Insights have been merged into one unified solution: Dynamics 365 Insights - Journey. This combination will empower businesses to offer great customer experiences by utilising data insights.

What is dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a marketing automation application that allows you to transform leads into fruitful relationships in a more efficient and profitable way. With Dynamics 365 Marketing you will be able to tailor the customer journey to your needs and transform it into a unique experience until the sale is achieved, and even beyond.

The platform offers a centralized source for all types of marketing information. This way, the members do not have to stay dependent upon different individuals for getting any data. They can simply log into the platform and get the desired information. When everything is available at one place and employees do not have to spend time searching and collecting data from different team members, it definitely saves a lot of time. When time is saved and the information is available at one single place, the operations of the organization continues to happen much smoothly and efficiently.

The platform offers a customized form of communication for the employees. Different customers need different marketing strategies depending upon the requirements and the product or service that is being marketed. Dynamic 365 allows the users to customize such communication or marketing strategy well by carefully segmenting the customers in different segments according to diverse factors.

It is not always possible to track the activities that the customers are performing after a marketing campaign has been conducted. The platform offers the feature of noticing journey mapping of the customers through which they can know the journey of a customer after a marketing campaign has been conducted.

There are several templates available for emails that has to be sent to the customers and clients for the purpose of marketing. The platform also allows the users to customize these email templates so that they can be personalized as per the customer segmentation and according to the products and services for which the marketing campaign is being conducted.

As there are forms for surveys and marketing campaigns, there are also forms that can be used for the purpose of feedback from the customers. It is extremely essential to collect feedback from the customers in order to understand whether the product or service marketed is gaining likes from the customers or not. Based on this feedback survey, teh organizations can either continue with the product or may think of making any changes in it.

Lead scoring is an essential method as it is the basic way to converted leads into potential customers. Dynamics 365 ensures to automate the process of lead scoring through different marketing campaigns. Ultimately, it leads to a smooth and efficient mode of lead scoring that also leads to welcoming of more number of potential customers on board.

What Comes in
the Package?

Dynamics 365 for Marketing comes as an overall marketing package. Here are the elements that come included in the package.

This covers a wide number of elements to smoothen up your marketing campaign such as a record of the customer profiles, marketing forms, email management, lead management, segmentation and journey of customers, and marketing analytics.

This is a unique function available in this tool that helps the user in not just visualizing but also maintaining different activities that are in connection to some kind of events.

This particular function is something that allows the users to create online forms for the purpose of marketing. Users can make use of thisparticular function to create forms not just for direct marketing but also for other functions such as surveys, and others.

Apart from the above-mentioned functions or elements that come in package, Microsoft Dynamics also have some add-ons to offer. The first one is the option of Dynamic 365 portals. This is basically a platform that allows all the users such as customers, clients, or the team members to interact and communicate on the platform. Also, another tool is Dynamics 365 Connector that is mainly for LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms. Through this tool, users can import the leads that have been generated through the lead tools on LinkedIn.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Pricing

With the transformation of D365 Marketing into Dynamics 365 Insights – Journey, the pricing of this standalone application has been recently announced by Microsoft.

Dynamics 365 Marketing
(Dynamics 365 Insights – Journey)

New Customer

£1346Per-Tenant/Per Month
  • 10,000 People Interacted and 100,00 People Unified

Dynamics 365 Marketing Attach
(Dynamics 365 Insights – Journey)

Existing Customer

£792Per-Tenant/Per Month
  • 10,000 People Interacted and 100,00 People Unified

How does Marketing help to Elevate Your marketing Capabilities?

Personalised Customer

Guide the journey of your potential customers based on their past interactions to adapt the offer and increase the probability of purchase

360 Customer

Provides a new understanding of the customer for a complete view of the consumer throughout the entire marketing and sales cycle

Generate More

Design omnichannel campaigns through email, social media, landing pages, web, phone calls, personal events, etc. to get more leads

Improve the Profitability
of Your Investment

Reduces management expenses and optimizes the use of resources thanks to a scalable platform that adapts to the specific needs of the company and offers all the functionalities in a single space

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With more than 11 years of experience in the market, we develop and deploy industry solutions based on Microsoft technologies . Our experience, combined with our knowledge of innovation and disruptive technologies, allows us to offer services and solutions that respond to the demands of your market, guaranteeing a sustainable competitive advantage for your company. So, implement Dynamics 365 for Marketing .

Have you got
questions about D365 for Marketing?

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No, Microsoft has merged Marketing and Insights solutions to offer a single powerful solution capable of fulfilling the core demands of business that consists of marketing and data insights. From September 1, 2023, Dynamics 365 Marketing isn’t available for purchase, as you can go for D365 Insights – Journey.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a tool for automating entire marketing operations. It manages the journey of a customer from becoming a lead to a recurring client. Also, it seamlessly tracks all activities of the customer to offer them better products and services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing offers various features for all businesses, whether small or large. Some of the core features include a smooth customer journey, managing events, personalising marketing, understanding leads, and much more.

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a CRM (customer relationship management) application. However, it carries a few options for ERP (enterprise resource planning) as well as standard operations.

If you are considering ease of accessibility and want a simple user interface with a cost-effective pricing strategy irrespective of the type of business, you should go with D365 Marketing.

The cost of Dynamics 365 Marketing totally depends on the complexity of the business and its unique requirements. However, if you want to use it as a standalone application, you have to pay £1,232.90 per tenant/month, and if you are using one of the Dynamics 365 apps, you have to pay £616.50 per tenant/month as an additional amount.

You can deploy the servers on cloud servers as well as on-premises servers. If you want global connectivity, you can go with the cloud, as it works 24x7, and if you want to manage your data servers yourself, you can go with the on-premises deployment option.

Dynamics CRM is capable of managing the entire relationship with customers, whereas Dynamics 365 Marketing is responsible for managing the marketing section of an organisation. Dynamics CRM includes four applications: Dynamics 365 Field Service , D365 Customer Service , Dynamics 365 for Sales , and Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Yes, you can avail yourself of a demo or a free trial of this application by contacting Dynamics Square. Our team will help you understand your marketing needs and provide you with a sound overview of this application.

You can easily integrate with your existing system by contacting your Microsoft certified partner , or you can contact Dynamics Square to know more about this process and the cost required to do so.

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