Azure IoT Edge

Deploy cloud intelligence on IoT edge devices to monitor devices remotely at scale while reducing IoT solution costs and enabling offline operational efficiency to ensure seamless Cloud Intelligence.


What is Azure IoT Edge?

Azure IoT Edge is a cloud intelligent solution deployed on-premises that enables you to remotely deploy the cloud-based workloads on your IoT devices to optimize IoT connected environment, reduce system downtime, get performance data in real-time to prevent system failure, or track the devices or equipment performance.

Azure IoT Edge Benefits

Eliminate data silos and streamline operational data at scale using Azure cloud. Securely deploy and manage your cloud-equipped workloads with remote efficiency and run the execution directly on IoT devices. With Azure IoT Edge, optimize your device performance, measure your equipment to prevent downtime, enable your devices to respond promptly in case of local changes made, and enable them to be operated with extended capability.

Deploy AI models built securely on the cloud and run them on-premises to optimize data, device performance, and cloud spend to ensure a smoother data-intelligence experience.

Enable your devices to react or respond in real-time. With Azure IoT Edge, get notifications in real-time and process the data leveraging on-premises systems.

Remotely track and monitor your IoT Edge devices at scale by integrating with the 'Azure Monitor tool'. With the help of Built-in-metrics and powerful visualizations, monitor your device health and your IoT Edge applications' performance.

Securely operate and manage your Edge devices even when they are in offline mode. Azure IoT Edge facilitates your devices with automation wherein data gets synchronized in real-time that ensures seamless data operation.

Azure IoT Edge Features

How Deploying Azure IoT Edge Can Help Manage Your Cloud Workload?

Certified IoT
Edge Hardware

Azure IoT Edge comes with certified IoT Edge hardware that allows seamless compatibility with Linux and windows-based devices that ensures supporting container engines.


Designed with free and open-source code and comes under the MIT license that enables code flexibility and provides more control to customize your code according to a specific workflow.


Create and drive your business logic at scale with Docker-compatible containers provided by Azure services or authorized Microsoft partners.

Seamless Cloud

Azure IoT Edge provides a seamless cloud interface to remotely and securely manage your workloads from the cloud and deploy the same while eliminating the need of touching the devices physically.

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