Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator

Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator is an all-in-one business solution to maintain, manage, and streamline an automotive business while building all-around relationships with customers.


What is Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator?

As the name suggests, Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator accelerates the business to achieve exponential growth along with offering a 360-degree approach for the entire business.

Built on the CDM (common data model), Dynamics 365 for the automotive industry supports all business operations that include sales contracts, deals, warranties, service records, spare part inventory, inspection, test drives, customer-vehicle relationships, and after-sales management.

It streamlines the core operations of businesses, like OEMs and dealerships, by leveraging different integrations to simplify and power up the operations.

You can easily integrate different Microsoft native applications with it, which include Power BI, Power Apps, and the Dynamics 365 suite of applications. Also, you can integrate the B2C integrations to schedule test drives and service reminders that lead to an enhanced customer experience.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent applications that contain different CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions.

Embedded with the latest technologies, which include AI, BI, and ML, all solutions in Dynamics 365 offer automation and powerful functionalities to deal with all kinds of business operations.

Also, Dynamics 365 apps deliver enhanced productivity and operational efficiency to offer a superior customer experience using existing resources.

MS Dynamics 365 contains powerful solutions like D365 Business Central, D365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Finance, Customer Service, D365 Marketing, and more.


What is the Need for an Automotive Accelerator for Dynamics 365?

An automotive business consists of several complex processes, from managing different vendors to offering the best experience to customers. There are even different processes that need to be done on time using automation for smooth data flow.

Here comes the role of Dynamics 365 for the automotive industry: to streamline different processes while utilizing existing resources for a maximized output. Such a system connects the vendor with the business in real time while also catering the best services to customers.

Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator offers competitive advantages to deal with changing market conditions and fluctuating customer demands. Such an ERP system directly enhances the efficiency of the business and pushes it toward achieving sustainable success.

Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator

Switch your automotive business from the slow to the fast lane!

Core Advantages of Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator

Dynamics 365 for Automotive Accelerator empowers businesses to build bespoke solutions that cater to the demands of different business metrics. It offers different benefits to customers and vendor partners, which are:

  • Leveraging the CDN (common data model), the D365 Automotive Accelerator allows businesses to simplify specific operations while strengthening customer relationships.
  • Integrating Power Platform, like Power Apps, enables a business to build specific applications to deal with special customer demands.
  • To get more business insights, you can connect to other D365 solutions, like D365 Marketing and Connected Field Service, to increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities based on data.
  • Integration with Power BI enables a business to analyze and visualize the entire automotive and customer data that includes inventory, branding, services, and more.
  • You can connect the system with B2C apps to automate recurring and manual tasks that include scheduling test drives, data entry, and fetching documentation, to build intentional conversations with customers.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the automotive industry offers a holistic approach to the entire business with data-driven insights while increasing customer lifetime value.

Customer 360 - auto form

The Customer 360 - auto form contains all essential information about the customer and prospects while empowering the sales representative to build strong relationships with the customer. Also, this data helps the representative start intentional conversations with the customer based on stored data and preferences.


B2C portal

The B2C portal shows different parameters that lead to customer interactions. It includes car configuration, inventory browsing, forums, community data, and scheduling test drives.

Lead Disposition Form

When you connect the system with Dynamics 365 Marketing, it will start showcasing the inbound lead data. Check out the below image that fetches the data based on customer activity. Based on the numbers, it will show you the score of Predictive Lead Scoring and a log of customer activity.


Vehicle Inventory Dashboard

You can easily embed the Power BI dashboard in Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator to get real-time insights. This helps the representative get the data on the total remaining inventory, available stocks, list price by model, and further details.

Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator is a robust and effective solution when it comes to streamlining the automotive operations of the business. Capable of integrating with native as well as third-party solutions, it molds itself based on customer as well as business requirements.

Implementing Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator will supercharge business growth while also powering the business to achieve business goals and resolve complex challenges.

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