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Dynamics Square Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy belongs to the Terms of Service of Dynamics Square and should be followed as a part of it. Your Privacy is our priority and responsibility what we always remain committed to.

Our Privacy Policy comprises how we protect your data and what sort of measuring tools we adopt just to ensure confidentiality and integrity for all the personal or non-personal data that you entrust to us.

Dynamics Square Privacy Policy consists of how we collect, use, and distribute your data that imbibes your identity or personal information as well as how we manage the security and protection part of your confidential data.

As per GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that came into effect on 25th May 2018 in the UK, your data is highly protected and regulated by the UK government. This regulation refers to the individuals' confidentiality and protection for their personal information or pertained data.

GDPR in the UK is the law to manage control of individuals personal data rights and protection. Adhering to the UK's GDPR, we are highly committed to protecting your data privacy. Thereby, we remain careful and transparent about what certain data we collect, process, and distribute.

Information That We Collect & Process

The only purpose of collecting data from you is just to serve an improved experience to you every time when you visit our website.

Initially, we collect information including your name, email, contact number, and your postal address. All such information we receive from you when you create your employer account with us, when you register for any event/webinar we organize, you communicate through contact, query, feedback form, etc., or subscribe to our newsletters.

The information we receive from you is used to provide improved services to you. We leverage this data to ensure engagement and future communication with you. We may process your data just to address and resolve your query and concern.

We may use your personal details when there is a need arises to process any communication, correspondence, or to ensure adequate organizational administration.

Apart from this, we may receive the personally identifiable information that is mentioned in your social accounts owned by a third party and allowed by you to share and process.

Cookies That We Use

We use cookies that help us to identify your browsing data, clicks you ensure, and the time you spent while navigating our website. All such information helps us to improve your experience whenever you come back to our website. This helps us to understand your preferences and the last web activities that you ensured so that we can serve what is anticipated by you.

Data Disclosure

To improve our user experience, we may share our users' personal-identifiable information with certain third-party sources including our business partners, stakeholders, and vendors. We may also share your information with our search engine or digital providers.

When it comes to complying with any legal obligation, protect our rights, and ensuring the safety of our customers or any other terms, etc., we share our users' data.

Data Security

We use security measures to protect and prevent your data from being misused, lost, or accessed by unauthorized sources. We do not share your data with any sources that may use it as a business source. If there is a need to share your data in case of a suspected data breach, we will notify you in advance.

User Rights

Users can anytime unsubscribe from the notifications for newsletters, events/webinars, or from any of our incoming calls. You can either change your notification preference or can simply opt-out of any future notifications. You can also notify your concern or write to us at info@dynamicssquare.co.uk

Changes & Amendments

Dynamics Square has the right to make changes and amendments anytime whenever requires. We can modify or update the provisions made in our privacy policy. Hence, to remain updated with our latest privacy policy, you are required to visit our page at frequent intervals.

We always welcome you to connect with us in any term. If you have any queries, questions, or suggestions, please write us at info@dynamicssquare.co.uk

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