Dynamics 365
Human Resources

Connect your people, optimise HR policies, and drive enhanced profitability with Dynamics 365 Human Resource.


What is dynamics 365
Human Resources?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent) is designed to boost your resourcing capabilities and manage your entire workforce to produce better results. It builds a bridge between management and people, helps onboard the right talent, and shows ways to retain the dedicated resources of the organisation for easy growth and rapid scalability.

D365 Human Resources solution works towards reducing the overall recruiting cost and improving their performance through optimised policies. Employees can submit leave requests, improve their experience, adhere to a predetermined reporting hierarchy, and receive feedback on the same dashboard.

Explore your business capabilities with Dynamics 365 Human Resource solution. Extend your resource optimisation by connecting it with partner solutions or integrating with other Microsoft solutions.

Manage end-to-end tasks from onboarding, compensation & benefits management, leave, absence, & compliance management, payroll & performance management to training & certification.

With the cloud deployment, you can centralise the entire data while reducing the complexity of the system. You can visualise the data to empower planning and strategies using Power BI.

Attain built-in AI insights of your workforce, ensure regulatory compliance, and empower your HR people with depth insights to make timely decisions and drive smoother human resourcing practices.

Human Resources easily integrates with other native Microsoft solutions to offer a seamless and connected work experience. It provides a variety of self-service tools to help employees with their needs.

Based on staff insights, you can create customised policies that meet defined guidelines to maximise efficiency as well as productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources Benefits

Uplift your HR capabilities to add more opportunities for growth with Dynamics Square.


Seamless Recruiting

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources module will empower you to process the onboarding of new employees seamlessly. It manages the entire process, from choosing a suitable candidate to hiring and beyond.


Access Automation

If you are from the human resources department, you will understand that a number of recurring and manual tasks consume a lot of time and effort. With D365 HR, you can automate such cumbersome processes with automation and self-service portals.


Time and Attendance Management

It is one of the most complicated tasks for all HR professionals. But, with this solution, you can track, evaluate, and manage all such tasks without any hassle. Employees can also apply for leaves and receive feedback through the same portal by using self-help tools.


Effortless Reporting and Analytics

You can analyse the employee data to evaluate the performance of all areas. Also, you can view the data related to working hours, sick leaves, vacations, reimbursement, training, and much more using an expressive table and diagram.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources Features

Streamline your entire Human Resource operations with D365 Human Resources.

Boost Employee

Empower your HR managers with the right tools, centralise your employees’ data, enable your employees with self-service capability, drive improved employee engagement and development with HR solutions.

Optimise HR

Enterprises can optimise their human resource practices, improve employee engagement, and manage end-to-end HR tasks embedded with AI insights that drive growth and sustainability.


Automate HR administration, streamline HR process flow, and easily integrate with third-party HR solutions to improve your business performance while ensuring security, privacy, and compliance part.

Gain Workforce

Centralise your human resource data, stay updated with real-time employees’ insights, and make instant decisions leveraging embedded analytics with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource solution.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Service

Boost your human resource capabilities and enhance employee engagement while availing our top-notch services.



Drive smoother human resourcing practices by Dynamics 365 Human Resources implementation.

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Dynamics 365 Human Resources pricing

Check out the latest Human Resource pricing and choose the most suitable package as per your needs.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

£98.60Per-User/Per Month
  • Includes full application capabilities

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Self-Service

£3.30Per-User/Per Month
  • Employee and manager self-service capabilities

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D365 Human Resource is an employee management solution built to empower HR people and drive improved employee engagement practices. It is a powerful solution that improves organisational agility, provides actionable insights, and accelerates recruitment, among other benefits.

No, D365 Human Resources isn't free. You can, however, take advantage of a free 30-day trial period.You can get the trial by following the Microsoft Dynamics 365 page. And, when it comes to D365 Human Resource pricing and licensing, you can check out the pricing section available above.

This is a powerful application that offers immense features and capabilities to all users, including, empowering employees, optimising current processes, pushing employees for their personal development, and optimising HR policies for a more engaging employee experience.

The cost of implementation is not fixed because the cost of a business solution depends on the complexity of the business and its changing requirements. If you want to get an accurate quote for the cost of this application so that you can get started working with it, contact the certified D365 Human Resource Implementation Partner.

The implementation time varies from business to business. With the individualised demands and increased need for customisation, it would not be right to give you exact data. However, you can contact a certified gold support partner like Dynamics Square to discuss your needs. Once our expert consultants understand your needs, we will give you an estimate of the time and cost of the entire process.

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