Azure IoT
(Internet Of Things)

Extend Your Business Capabilities by Establishing Secure Connection Between Your Devices and Azure IoT Apps.


Deliver A Flexible, Scalable Solution
That Adapts To Your Needs & Processes.

Streamline your supply chain, avoid production delays and equipment downtime, ensure quality delivery, and remotely monitor your devices & service equipment all through by implementing Azure IoT intelligence in your business.

Connect and manage your IoT (Internet of Things) devices and drive highly secured data communications between your connected devices and IoT applications. With  Azure IoT hub solutions, connect your devices virtually in the backend and ensure a security-enabled communication channel to send and receive data leveraging IoT devices.

Drive highly integrated and connected experience with Azure IoT Central . Develop and deploy secure, scalable, and growth encouraging IoT solutions. Integrate your IoT solutions with your existing system or business app to drive anticipated results. Predict your investments in IoT solutions, ensure quick connectivity between your IoT devices and drive transparency between your applications and IoT data.

 Azure Sphere is designed to protect your data, devices, and overall involved infrastructure. It helps to enable multiple protection layers to secure your data and devices against any security threats or attempts and ensures a secure and trustworthy platform to drive new IoT experiences. Azure Sphere also helps to monitor potential threats and support ongoing servicing.

With Azure Digital Twins - an IoT platform, develop a digital demonstration of real-world things, data, people, or business processes to get valuable integrated insights helping your business to optimize operations & costs and drive better product strategy along with improved customer experience with continuity and reliability.

Implement Azure IoT Edge on-premises to centralize data and seamlessly drive operational data in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Ensure secure and remote deployment of cloud-native processes or workloads including AI, Azure services, etc. to directly connect and process on your IoT devices. Effectively drive IoT connected approach with cloud intelligence implemented locally on IoT devices.

Strengthen your development capability and equip your developers to develop, deploy, and manage high-end data models. With Azure Machine Learning , leverage integrated tools and ensure premium support to available open-source frameworks and libraries. Deploy data models with just a single click and manage efficiently all through Machine Learning Operations.

Azure IoT (Internet of things) Features

How IoT Implementation help to improve your operational flow?

Supply Chain

Optimize your supply chain by monitoring and regulating in real-time. Stay updated with inventory levels, warehousing flow, product delivery, and more to ensure continuity.

Production Flow

Get notified whenever there is a moisture or temperature imbalance, so that you can intervene in production to maintain product quality standards while minimizing waste.

Equipment Downtime

With Dynamics 365 and Azure IoT, get notified whenever outage threshold gets exceeded so that to drive production rescheduling or equipment can be sent for maintenance.

Production Delays

Compare actual production cycle time with the planned one. With Microsoft IoT Suite, get notified when your production is on schedule and when you need to interrupt production.


Microsoft Azure IoT Service

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