Microsoft Sustainability Manager

A powerful solution to help you sustain climate changes with centralized and comprehensive data by automating the manual processes to report, record, and reduce the environmental impacts.

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What is Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability?

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is the latest launched application to help organizations simplify their sustainability process by offering many data insights to accelerate the environment sustainability journey. Sustainability Manager is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application to share real-time data sources, boost reporting and integration, accurate carbon emission data, and measure progress to help decision-makers make efficient and robust decisions.

Microsoft Sustainability Manager Features

With Microsoft Sustainability Manager, organizations can track their sustainability performance, carbon footprints, emission activities, and more.

It accurately collects all emission footprints data of an organization's processes or operations using automation and direct data connections.

  • It disintegrates the data structures
  • Collect data using automation
  • Calculate emissions and footprint data precisely.

It helps the organizations take action to reduce emissions and set goals for it. Also, users can track the progress and updates in the sustainability data model.

  • It helps reduce emission targets
  • Set and track sustainability goals
  • Assimilate sustainability data insights

It manages, visualizes, analyzes, and reports the consumption of resources, their impact on the environment, and real-time sustainability progress.

  • Simplify the reporting
  • Analyze the impact of resources on the environment
  • Track sustainability progress in real-time

Implement Microsoft Sustainability Manager for your business

Are you looking to set up Microsoft Sustainability Manager to track and reduce carbon emissions?

Microsoft Sustainability Manager Capabilities

The journey to reduce emissions isn't easy, but Sustainability Manager can help you improve progress and take collective measures significantly.


Sustainable Infrastructure

It helps organizations find opportunities to replace the progress, system, activities, and operations with renewable solutions.


Centralize Data Insights

It centralizes entire emissions data and makes it available to the users for sustainable reporting, helping the business to transform in a better way.


Reducing Impacts

It tracks and reports the environmental impacts of the organizations and helps them reduce their emissions and footprints.

Microsoft Sustainability Manager Pricing

Explore the Microsoft Sustainability Manager pricing for business and organizations.

Sustainability Manager
Standard Pricing

£3300Per Tenant/Per Month
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Microsoft Sustainability Manager Solution
  • Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability Data Model

Helping Businesses to Implement Sustainability Manager for the People and Planet

Minimize the environmental impacts by reducing the carbon footprints from devices, apps, and the cloud by implementing Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

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