Azure IoT Central

With Azure IoT Central (SaaS-based), develop IoT applications using industry-specific standardized templates.


What is Azure IoT Central?

Microsoft Azure IoT Central is a SaaS-based IoT solution to register, connect, and securely manage your devices over the Azure cloud. This IoT app platform comes with predefined standard templates to build industry-specific IoT apps to connect devices to send and receive messages or notifications in real-time. It acts as an application delivery platform for IoT to centralize devices and manage them at scale.

Ensure quick and seamless connectivity between your IoT devices and custom-configured IoT app built using standardized easy-to-use templates.

Bridge gap between your IoT apps and business data to drive smoother data flow and get notified with any event, activity, or end-to-end device performance in real-time to ensure continuity and drive productivity.

Azure IoT Central allows building highly secure and scalable enterprise-grade IoT solutions to implement simplified device interactions while reducing development time, cost, and potential complexity.

Develop easy, fast, and powerful industry-specific apps to drive smarter and connected experience across your processes whether to ensure connected logistics, enable smarter in-store analytics, or experience smarter inventory management.

Azure IoT Central Features

Rapidly Deploy Highly Secure, Reliable, & Scalable Enterprise-Grade IoT Applications

Quick & Seamless

Azure IoT Central is designed to establish a quick and seamless connection between your IoT devices and Azure cloud to enable smarter flow of messages, notifications, and other data transmissions.

Centralized Device

This Azure IoT cloud solution is designed to centralize and manage your devices at scale. Centralize management helps to reconfigure and update the IoT devices with real-time efficiency.

Secure & Scalable
Device Interaction

Establish highly secure, reliable, and scalable device interaction to manage data flow, stay updated with a 360-degree view of your device performance, failure, or reconfiguration requirement.

Simplified IoT with
Plug & Play App

Implement scalable solutions quickly with reduced coding efforts leveraging Plug & Play app that allows simplified and seamless device-to-device cloud integration to launch cloud IoT solutions faster.

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Azure IoT Central is an IoT application development platform whereby enterprise-grade IoT applications can be built with reduced embedded coding, costing, and management efforts. With one of these IoT Enterprise solutions, enterprises can instantly establish device connections, register millions of devices simultaneously, and monitor device performance or real-time conditions along with data throughout their process flow.

The term SLA refers to Service Level Agreement for Microsoft online services defined as a part of Microsoft volume licensing agreement. SLA for Azure IoT Central was last updated on September 2018. Through this SLA, Microsoft commits that Azure IoT Central will be available at least 99 percent of the overall time.

SLA for Azure Central comprises a multitude of terms. To know more, experts at Dynamics are always available to help enterprises seeking to modernize their enterprise environment with IoT-connected experience.

Azure IoT Central is designed with cross-platform and cross-device compatibility with almost all desktops, tablets, mobile devices, or browsers. To know your system compatibility, connect with our experts, we will let you know your system compatibility for Azure IoT Central and how deploying IoT Central with it can help your enterprise to drive a smarter connected experience.

In Azure IoT Central, data can be retained for 30-days of period. Further, businesses can export their data at regular intervals by making effective use of the export feature. Leveraging 'Export Feature', you can export your IoT enriched or filtered data from your IoT Central application. Such exported data can help to support future rhythms in terms of insights, analytics, etc.

For new users, Azure IoT Central is available with 7-days of free trial embedded with a standard message size is 4KB. Once your trial period gets over, you can choose from the standard available plans depending on your specific requirement. There are three types of standard plans available for Azure IoT Central, you can choose out of them: Standard Tier 0, Standard Tier 1, and Standard Tier 2.

To know which one could be a fruitful deal for your business, talk to us, we will let you know by examining or evaluating your exact IoT business requirement.

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