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Power Up Business Central Capabilities with Tailored Approach

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a powerful and all-in-one ERP solution capable of managing different business operations, centralising data, and connecting various departments. To cope with evolving business needs, you can customise the standard capabilities of Business Central to make it a perfect solution, regardless of the business or complexity. Being a scalable, powerful, and flexible Microsoft ERP solution, D365 BC can supercharge businesses' productivity and efficiency without any hassle.

Why Do Businesses Need Customised Business Central Solutions?

As we know, one-size-doesn't-fit-all, businesses are built on different unique processes that empower them to stand out from the crowd. Business Central ERP, with standard functionality, might not be able to give what an organisation requires to grow and succeed in this fierce competition.

Customising Business Central enables a business to strengthen its tools and functionalities to simplify complex operations, eliminating the need to implement specific solutions for specific challenges.

You can easily add, remove, and modify any custom field in Business Central to collect specific data.

Personalise dashboards and user interfaces to make Microsoft Business Central more productive and efficient.

Eliminates major challenges for your business by integrating specific solutions with BC to deal with complex requirements.


Simplify your Workflow, Personalise Your Business Central

Don't adapt to software; let software adapt to your business's uniqueness. Contact our Certified Business Central Expert today for tailored requirements.

Possible Customisations with Business Central

In general, Business Central offers endless possibilities of customisation that enable you to tailor it to your business requirements. However, some of the major customisations that must be discussed are given below:


User Interface

Customise the user interface to suit your needs. You can modify or rearrange the layouts and themes of different elements to make the dashboard productive.



Enhance the system’s functionality by adding or integrating extensions without changing the code. You can access Microsoft’s Marketplace to get pre-built apps and extensions.


Data Model

Build custom tables to access specific, useful data that is appropriate for your business operations. It enables you to add, remove, or modify existing tables to capture essential data.

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards

Create custom reports based on required business data or information as per your system's needs. You can add the data, column, or table in the report that is useful and relevant as per operation.


Security Permissions

Control the access of data, tools, and capabilities based on roles and responsibilities. You can even customise data-level security policies, ensuring the safety of your confidential data.



Customise Business Central to align it with the needs of the international audience. You can adapt to the local language, manage compliances, and meet specific tax requirements.



Customise your system themes to align with the unique identity of the business within the organisation. You can modify fonts, text size, colour, and other visual elements.


Workflow Automation

Build the desired workflow between systems, applications, and people to ensure smooth data flow. Also, you can set up events to trigger notifications and push the start of a process.


Role-based Access

Set up the desired role to get relevant information. Configure the role centre to customise the data available on the dashboard. Choosing a role will eliminate unnecessary options from your screen.


Customise Design and Personalisation Modes

Modification of settings that only apply to your dashboard is personalisation, and when such settings take place for all roles, it is considered a change in design. So, you can customise the system based on requirements.

Get the Most of Your Business Central!

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Why Trust Dynamics Square for Business Central Customisation?

Dynamic Square has been in business for 12+ years, offering seamless and reliable services to global businesses. With years of experience and expertise, we understand how a business works and what it requires to grow, outshining all competition.

Customising Business Central is the key to achieving exponential growth and maximising results. It is so flexible that we can customise it from zero to one to make it a perfect Microsoft ERP solution.

We have done over 200 Business Central implementations around the globe, considering unique business requirements. These successful implementations are boosting business operations, eliminating redundancies from the system, and enhancing profitability.

If you want to make your business stand out from the crowd and enhance its overall performance, you are just a call away. What you need to do is write us an email at with all your requirements, and one of our experts will get back to you in no time. Also, you can call us directly at 0207 193 2502 for instant support.

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