Azure Digital Twins

Build extensive IoT solutions to model your overall environment with real-time efficiency. Develop and model digital demonstration, and leverage key insights to drive exceptional customer experience.


What is Azure Digital Twins?

Azure Digital Twins is an IoT platform that allows you to create a digital representation of IoT-connected infrastructure. Leveraging open modeling language, you can model real-world things, people, processes, places, etc. Now, you can transform these digital twins into real-life objects by applying dynamic business logic and data processing methods.

Azure Digital Twins Overview

Seamlessly model real-world things, processes, etc., and create world-class custom domain models by using Digital Twins definition language. Apply live execution environment to enable your digital twins for live graph demonstration. Extend IoT connected experience by acquiring insights by seamlessly integrating with Azure data, AI services, or other key analytics. These analytics can be leveraged to trace past activities as well as predict the future potentials for any of your IoT-connected environments.

Craft digital representation or digital twins of real-world objects, people, places, and more and bring life to these digital twins to drive better product strategy, optimize operations & costs to improve customer experience.

Enables to deep-dive into past experiences and helps to predict the future of your connected equipment, devices, or overall IoT connected environment.

Reduce downtime within the connected environment with the help of insights that enable to predict failure, downgraded performance of equipment, and entire IoT connected environment.

Allows you to create enterprise-grade IoT solutions wrapped with compliance, security, and privacy management benefits. Integrating with Azure IoT hub can embed with a high level of security and scalability with the capability of monitoring, managing, and updating the devices in timely accordance.

Azure Digital Twins Features

Model Your IoT Connected Environment Leveraging Azure Digital Twins

Create Custom

Develop custom domain models for any IoT-connected environment by simply making efficient use of Digital Twins Definition Language.

Live Execution

Bring digital twins to life via live graphical representation. The live representation can be leveraged to reveal business analytics, equipment performance, and more in real-time.


Get inputs from connected devices and systems to connect your IoT devices, Logic Apps, and REST APIs to make an efficient connected environment to optimize processes and predict device performance.


Implement scalable solutions quickly with reduced coding efforts leveraging Plug & Play app that allows simplified and seamless device-to-device cloud integration to launch cloud IoT solutions faster.

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