Continia Document Capture with Business Central

Scan, analyse, process, and store documents while saving a lot of time with Continia OCR

Continia Document Capture

Continia Document Capture for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Automate data entry, improve accuracy, eliminate errors, and scan documents with the utmost quality using Continia Document Capture with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Built on award-winning OCR technology, Document Capture can scan documents irrespective of their geolocation in more than 180 languages, sufficient for global business operations. It can easily capture documents, including personal data, invoices, payments, quotes, and much more.


Scan, Capture, and Analyse Document Efficiently

After integrating Continia OCR with Business Central, you have a reliable and strong solution to manage all documents. Being a powerful document capturing solution, it saves a lot of time and effort when it comes to fetching numbers and values from a document. Because a minor mistake can lead you into complex and critical situations that no one wants to face.

Like, it is so powerful that it can automate most of the accounting operations, including invoice processing, quote management, electronic invoicing, streamlining disrupted operations, and much more.

It accurately fetches the data from the scanned documents, analyzes the entire document, and places the values in the preferred fields of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Also, you can view the entire activity of previously scanned documents using digital archive storage and access the required data whenever needed. This makes the Continia OCR solution efficient, user-friendly, and business-oriented for all businesses, whether small or large.

Why You Should Choose Continia OCR?


Intelligent OCR

Being a smart solution, it captures the text written on the document and submits it on the digital sheet.


Automation Enabled

Automation lets you eliminate the data entry of manual and recurring documents, resulting in enhanced productivity.


Automatic Approval

With preset parameters, you can automate the approval of quotes, tasks, and processes.


Document History

With access to digital archive storage, you can access the desired document along with the history of data transactions.

Continia Document Capture

Key Features of Continia Document Capture

Digital Data Capture

It eliminates the tedious tasks of manual data entry, resulting in no manual errors while saving a lot of employee time.

Order Matching

Equipped with three-way matching, you can easily match the data and eliminate the source of errors automatically.

Purchase Contracts

With Continia, you can make sure to provide correct invoicing, manage all contracts, and save a lot of money.

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