Microsoft Azure Sphere

Develop & deploy highly secured IoT applications with Azure Sphere leveraging its set of components and ensure secure communication between your IoT devices and Azure Cloud.


What is Microsoft Azure Sphere?

Azure Sphere is an embedded security service for your IoT devices. When you connect millions of IoT devices to your cloud network, it becomes essential to protect or safeguard your devices in terms of data, privacy, physical safety, and overall IoT infrastructure. Azure Sphere allows device connectivity whether using Wireless network connectivity (Azure Sphere Chip), Ethernet connectivity, Bluetooth LE connectivity, or cellular connectivity.

Azure Sphere Benefits

Secure your millions of devices along with data, privacy, physical architecture, and the entire IoT infrastructure with Microsoft Azure Sphere. With Azure Sphere security services, enterprises can maximize their equipment value and performance by ensuring tracking and monitoring their devices in real-time. Since Azure IoT comes with its own Azure Sphere Operating System that adds extra protection layers and ensures additional security updates.

Introduces built-in Microsoft security that ensures high-end connectivity as it comes with Azure-Sphere-certified chips from hardware vendors.

As comprises its own operating system, thereby adds extra security layers that ensure a highly secured platform to seamlessly drive new IoT experience.

Azure Sphere security services are designed to establish device-to-cloud communication, help to detect threats, and maximize the connected IoT devices' security.

Enables both the developers and manufacturers to build highly secured connected IoT devices from the production stage to lifelong experience of the device.

Azure Sphere Features

Unwrap the IoT Potentials in Your Device Security with Azure Sphere


Embedded with multiple layers of protection that helps to safeguard all your registered IoT devices against any threats as well as respond the same.


Provide support and extra security layers to your devices that help enterprises to secure their existing equipment as well as ensure to build protection layers into new IoT investments.


With its Over-the-air (OTA) updates, Azure Sphere enables enterprises to quickly add newly updated features and improve the device performance across the device infrastructure.


With the help of error reporting and automated security updates, Azure Sphere security service enables you to stay updated with current as well as potential security threats.

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