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Centralises customer information, utilize marketing automation, and enhance overall marketing performance through implementing Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Learn how Dynamics 365 Marketing implementation can help you transform the potential prospects into more recurring customers while build strong relationship.


How can Dynamic 365 Marketing can help you accelerate your marketing performance while engaging customers in real-time?

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a powerful automation application that can help you streamline all your marketing campaigns in a more efficient and profitable manner. With the help of AI and BI, it designs, predicts, and delivers accurate marketing practises to the right audience for the sake of better ROI. Dynamics 365 Marketing implementation enables you to communicate with your audience using the right set of marketing channels, content, customer segments, and more, resulting in a seamless customer journey from the beginning.

Dynamics 365 Marketing allows the users to collaborate and share all kinds of marketing data in real-time, ensuring a smooth workflow. It makes all the users independent when it comes to collecting and utilising the right set of information, irrespective of the marketing campaign or the channel.

In a more practical sense, marketing is a hit-and-miss method. We don't know when a campaign becomes successful and when a campaign becomes a failure. It all depends on various fluctuating factors and conditions. However, Dynamics 365 allows the organisation or the user to make real-time, data driven decisions anytime and anywhere to reduce the chances of failed marketing campaigns and provides the flexibility of optimising a running campaign for more profitability.

D365 Marketing is a practical tool that allows you to consume the automated in-built tools, ensuring smooth flow of all marketing processes, including email, social media, and event management. These different automation tools can help you nurture your leads in a more efficient manner and build a personalised interaction with all customers.

Understanding the customer's needs is one of the most important tasks for an organisation that must be followed for sustainable growth. Dynamics 365 Marketing comes with inbuilt forms features that enable you to conduct surveys to determine exactly what your customers want from you. And, the best part about forms feedback is that they can be integrated with most of the functions, like emails, paid campaigns, and events.

From turning into a lead to becoming a recurring customer, the customer journey must be engaging so that customers stay hooked with the organization. There is no need for the team to directly interact with customers because Dynamics 365 Marketing implementation would make your system proficient enough to automate such manual and recurring tasks.

Personalization is the key to more revenue and organisational growth. When you start to give personalised offers, content, and engagement to the customers, you will gain credibility and authority, resulting in more customer engagement and an improved customer experience.

We are living in a digital world where customers are spread across different marketing channels as per their choice. It lets you run marketing campaigns based on targeted customers. Dynamics 365 Marketing accepts this change and allows you to communicate with your customers using various marketing channels and different marketing modes, including SMS integration, web landings, and landing pages.

D365 Marketing is a cloud-based solution that collects and records all customer data and shares it with the concerned user whenever there is a need. You can access this data from anywhere and anytime using any device.

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Our Simple yet Powerful D365 Marketing Implementation Methodology

We analyse your current legacy system using the Microsoft certified implementation approach to give you a successful, safe, and efficient solution.

Post Go-Live Support

The system is made live in the last phase so that your team may begin working on it effectively and productively.

Analysis Phase

In order to comprehend the organization's current operations and even forecast future requirements, our team will commence working to prepare the FRD (Functional Requirement Document).

Design Phase

In order to analyse the requirements, our team will develop a GAP-FIT handbook based on functional requirements we have discussed previously. Here, we outline the essential, typical add-on setups and integration requirements.

Development Phase

Our team will then start working on developing a tailored and suitable Dynamics 365 Marketing solution that comprehends your objectives and helps you achieve maximum growth with greater profitability.

Deployment Phase

In this, we set up the system on servers for people to test. Additionally, it enables us to check whether the system was built in accordance with GAP-FIT and FRD. If not, we will adjust further to offer the best possible option for the company.

Post Go-Live Support

The system is made live in the last phase so that your team may begin working on it effectively and productively.

Analysis Phase

In order to comprehend the organization's current operations and even forecast future requirements, our team will commence working to prepare the FRD (Functional Requirement Document).


Why Choose Dynamics Square as Your Trusted Dynamics 365 Marketing Implementation Partner?

Our only objective is to comprehend your business processes, investigate potential needs, and then present a customised business solution before the implementation process ever begins. We prioritise complete client satisfaction and fostering enduring relationships of trust with them (a major reason for being successful for the last 11 years).


We have a group of trained experts that have years of expertise helping companies just like yours deploy, upgrade, and support new technology.


For all of our services, we offer fair and affordable pricing so you may maximise your hard-earned money.


No matter the type or scale of the industry, we have people that have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various fields who serve it.

Seamless and Fast

Without relying on the complexity of the operations and processes, we follow a quick, distinct, and seamless Dynamics 365 Marketing setup method to keep your organisation operating effectively.

Customer Support

Without regard to time, place, or language constraints, our committed team is always there to support you when you need it so that you can surpass your limitations.

100% Customer

We will keep working until you express complete pleasure with the help and services we have given you. We won't lie: the entire process won't be simple.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Pricing

Dynamics 365 Marketing

For organisations without any other Dynamics 365 application

£1,131.20Per-User/Per Month
  • Includes 10,000 contacts, 100,000 interactions, 1,000 SMS Messages2

Dynamics 365 Marketing Attach

For organisations with a qualifying Dynamics 365 application3

£565.60Per-User/Per Month
  • Includes 10,000 contacts, 100,000 interactions, 1,000 SMS Messages

Looking for Customized Pricing as per your business requirements?

Start Today and Upgrade Later

Because it's a versatile CRM solution, you can quickly extend its capabilities in accordance with the expansion of your organisation and shifting consumer demands. Starting with the prerequisites as they are now, you can improve the system later.

Have you got questions
about Dynamics 365 Marketing Implementation?

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After you submit your information, one of our specialists will call you to learn more about your company, its current needs, and potential future needs. This process is known as the Phase 1 Discovery Call. Everything will be documented, a FRD will be created, a FIT-GAP analysis will be done, and then the implementation phase will begin. If necessary, we set up another Discovery Call with one of our highly qualified functional consultants to address the questions.

In order for us to develop a proper D365 Marketing implementation solution for you, your only responsibility will be to provide correct information to your Dynamics 365 installation partner regarding the present procedures and future demands. You must also cooperate throughout the process to ensure a flawless and easy deployment.

We offer free training sessions to help users become familiar with the system's features, capabilities, and functions in order to make the most of the recently installed solution. Additionally, we will assist you in comprehending the fundamental capabilities so that you may comprehend your present and upcoming needs for the Phase 2 implementation procedure (in case of need).

Without fully comprehending the business and its needs, neither we nor anyone else can provide you a precise timeline for implementing a solution. The time is determined by a number of elements, such as the quantity of processes, the complexity of operations, integrations, and customizations.

The exact cost of implementation is determined by a number of factors. To receive a precise price for the implementation process, you may just phone us or complete the Contact Form, and one of our executive will contact you soon.

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