Boost Sales and Customer Loyalty with Dynamics 365 for E-commerce Industry

Dynamics 365 for the e-commerce industry is the ultimate tool that can supercharge business operations while empowering you to offer a great customer experience. The solutions in Dynamics 365 help you optimise processes and give you a 360° view of the entire business. Before learning more about Dynamics 365, let’s understand the common challenges in the e-commerce industry and its needs in sheer competition.

Operating an e-commerce business is a complex process that requires advanced technology to streamline the entire scenario. A successful e-commerce business consists of different factors that include a great customer experience, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, understanding demands, tracking market trends, and a lot more.

If you want to win in this fierce competition, you need to understand the customer requirements and cater to what they are looking for. It can be product quality or fast delivery; you need to analyse all factors and implement a perfect business solution to make your business grow.

Here comes Dynamics 365, a set of different ERP and CRM solutions to streamline different operations of a business while pushing it towards consistent development.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite is a complete set of power solutions to support your e-commerce strategy, regardless of your business or its size. All solutions can be personalised to make your system a perfect fit for your business without burning a hole in your pocket.

Knowing your Customer: Leverage Precise Customer Insights

Understanding your customers has become a critical factor for a business to sustain itself in this highly competitive market. Understanding implies tracking the customer across different parameters that include shopping habits, trends, purchase history, and buying preferences.

Dynamics 365 empowers you to track a customer from becoming a lead to a quality customer. You can utilise the advanced Dynamics 365 CRM capabilities to make data-driven decisions for enhanced personalisation. Also, you can avail yourself of a 360° view of the entire business from the interactive centralised platform to utilise the data at its best. Accessing customer analytics offers different benefits to the business, like:

 Personalised Recommendation

You may have gone through this scenario: when you view or search for a product on the web, you will see ads for similar products on your social media accounts from different websites. Your search engine collects your data and sends it to publishers so that they can contact you through their ads. This is how personalised selling works. Dynamics 365 CRM works on the same principle. It collects customer data from different communication platforms and recommends the most relatable products to sales executives so that they can increase their sales. 

 Optimise Marketing Campaigns

Businesses have to run a number of marketing campaigns to generate more leads and retain customers in the long run. Dynamics 365 helps businesses classify customers based on different parameters so that they can run targeted campaigns for better ROI. For instance, you can send product recommendations to a group of customers rather than capturing diverse customers with the same product.

Offer Great Customer Service

Dynamics 365 records and tracks the entire purchase history of a customer. It lets you understand your customer better and offers a great customer experience using real-time customer data, personalised interactions, and stocks.

Bringing Customer Back: Utilise Customer Data Analytics

To convert a lead into a customer, you need to simplify the buying process. The efforts a customer makes to fill out the contact form or order a product are inversely proportional to the conversion rate. Less effort promotes faster customer conversion and also offers an optimum level of customer satisfaction. You can fetch the data analytics and use this information to simplify the buying experience. Dynamics 365 helps you resolve,

Complicated Checkout Process

Analyse the UI/UX design to track customer movement towards the checkout experience. Also, you can utilise the data to trace the complications during the checkout experience and resolve them as per user expectations.

Offer Transparent Operations

The Dynamics 365 application offers a transparent view of the entire business to let you understand the status of the process and find areas where there is a need for improvement. Based on the information, you can update the process and make changes in your favour.

Forecast Errors

No one is ready for unexpected errors or scenarios that can hamper a business. But with Dynamics 365, you can forecast errors in your system or Dynamics 365 integration by leveraging the power of AI, BI, and IoT technologies.

Different Solutions of Dynamics 365: The Gateway of Growth

As we know, Dynamics 365 is a set of ERP + CRM solutions that includes Dynamics 365 Commerce, D365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Business Central, D365 Sales, and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

These are the few solutions in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem, and the list of applications goes on and on. When it comes to managing an e-commerce business, regardless of its complexities, there are a few major solutions that you can consider implementing. These solutions are:

Dynamics 365 Commerce

D365 Commerce, formerly known as Dynamics 365 Retail, offers numerous features to commerce businesses, whether they are running on an online or offline model. It allows you to manage products, process orders, manage inventory, control stocks, and access other advanced marketing tools.

You can easily integrate it with other native as well as third-party solutions that include Shopify, Magneto, Tasklet, and more. Dynamics 365 Retail empowers you to access features like product catalogue management, real-time inventory visibility, and deliver a personalised experience.

 Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers a centralised platform to manage customer interactions across different communication channels, like mobile or email. It comes with case management, a self-service portal, and knowledge base creation.

With Dynamics 365 implementation, you would be able to enhance the overall customer service experience, achieve faster ticket resolution, lower operational costs, and build a list of loyal customers.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journey

D365 Customer Insights – Journey, formerly known as D365 Marketing, is a CRM solution that offers sufficient tools and capabilities to streamline marketing activities. Such activities include email marketing automation, lead scoring, lead management, deal management, and customer segmentation.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights allows you to track customer interaction and later use the information to create targeted marketing campaigns, personalised customer journeys, simplify the lead-to-customer cycle, and utilise essential customer insights.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales is a Microsoft CRM solution capable of streamlining all complex sales requirements of a commerce business with online and multiple physical locations. It can manage accounts, establish team communications, and gain valuable insights.

Generally, this is a B2B sales solution because of the complicated processes. However, a business working on a B2B model with an online store can go for Dynamics 365 Sales implementation. The major capabilities are quote management, opportunity management, and effective reporting. 

How can Dynamics Square help you with Dynamics 365 for the E-commerce Industry?

Dynamics Square has been in the business of implementing reliable and productive Dynamics 365 solutions in the e-commerce industry for a long time, and we have gained sound experience with this. With our knowledge and expertise, we are ready to simplify any complex e-commerce issue using our perfect infrastructure and Dynamics 365 consultants.

Our Microsoft consultants have a good understanding of the standard and complex issues that a commerce business deals with. Also, we have perfect solutions for such issues that you can rely on.

When it comes to aligning a business with special requirements, no one can compete with Microsoft. With sheer flexibility and a best-in-class user interface, we can customise Dynamics 365 for e-commerce to accelerate the speed of growth.

Darshan Mungekar

Darshan Mungekar, the Principal Solution Architect at Dynamics Square UK. Offering expertise of over 22 years with consistent track record of progression, repeatedly achieving goals and producing immediate improvements.


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