Dynamics 365 Pricing And Licensing: All You Need To Know

Microsoft has been offering its competitive Dynamics 365 pricing and licencing plans to all businesses, and they find such solutions to be powerful and effective.

Let me tell you that Microsoft Dynamics 365 isn’t a product but a suite of various applications capable of streamlining different departments and unifying the entire system.

Generally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers nine different applications consisting of ERP and CRM solutions for all businesses. And, to enhance the capabilities of such business applications, Microsoft Power Platforms offers five applications that enhance the existing functionalities of the D365 solution.

With so many different solutions, you will get different prices and licencing structures.

But here is the question you probably are looking for: “Do the prices are cost-effective?”.

To justify the price of a specific solution, you need to understand your business requirements, predict future demands, and check the availability of current resources.

Once you have all the data, you need to check whether a particular solution can resolve the exact problem you are dealing with or not.

If it resolves the issues and eliminates the pain points while offering great tools to manage a particular set of business operations, the Dynamics 365 solution is a value-for-money product. If not, you must consider another solution or customise it to align the core business processes.

Before moving to the Dynamics 365 pricing and licencing table, let’s understand the basic business applications that come in the Dynamics 365 suite of applications.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of smart and intelligent business applications that offer accelerated performance while creating an ecosystem of different powerful applications to manage a business.

Implementing any of the solutions makes a business more agile, productive, scalable, and impactful while reducing the complexities of the system.

Microsoft D365 is one of the perfect solutions to simplify the needs of ERP and CRM. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a solution used to manage processes and operations, whereas Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is used to manage customer relationships with the business.

It is a tool capable of withstanding the needs of CRM and ERM together on a single dashboard with a centralised platform.

The Core Applications of Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers various powerful business applications, among which some are discussed below. You can use the desired app separately or integrate it with other apps to align different business applications together towards achieving exponential growth for your business

Dynamics 365 ERP Applications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance makes it possible to manage all the finance and accounting activities and monitor them in real-time. This lets users make data-driven decisions instantly while offering true insights and predicting future outcomes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management aids in bridging the gap between manufactures, distributors, and retailers. Also, it manages the complete supply chain for the company while offering real-time visibility across all processes.

Designed with the most recent AI, ML, and BI technologies to simplify the management of inventory, fulfilment, production, warehousing, and transportation. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP especially built for small and medium-sized organisations to manage their entire business operations without any hassle. It manages the operations of sales, finance, accounting, manufacturing, warehousing and more such departments.

4. Dynamics 365 Commerce

Especially built for retail or commerce businesses to provide a better customer experience, instant support, and optimise daily operations. It can manage everything, from back-end processes to front-end operations, and offers a unified experience.

5. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources (Talent)

This segment of Dynamics 365 HR helps organisations manage and maintain employee records. It generally helps manage recruiting, leave, benefits, performance, hikes, training, and more. The best part is that it can be fully integrated with LinkedIn to help businesses streamline the recruiting process.

Dynamics 365 CRM Applications

Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales assists businesses in managing and tracking leads while improving customer satisfaction. To maintain positive relationships with vendors and customers and give them the best experience possible, it also offers a variety of CRM tools.

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Get true and accurate insights using Dynamics 365 Sales Insights. Also, it helps in generating reports, suggesting changes, and enhancing performance. This application acts like an add-on for Sales Enterprise, Microsoft Relationship Sales, and Customer Engagement Plan.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

It is the only specific marketing app in Dynamics 365 that helps the organisation perform marketing activities. It comes with many features required for successful marketing, like creating and executing the marketing strategy, making email campaigns, managing landing pages, campaign management, event management, and more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The management and retention of customers aid in accelerating the company’s growth. Additionally, it enables users to manage ticket status from the time it was opened until the time it was closed while providing customer support.

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights

This app is used to collect different types of customer data and make it available on a unified dashboard. The captured data helps the organisation identify the exact customer and offer them the perfect solution with a personalised offer.

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service Insights

This app helps businesses provide a better customer experience using machine learning. It measures the performance of the customers based on various parameters and marks the areas where there is a need for improvement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

This app plays an important role for organisations that deliver on-location services to their customers. It enables the organisation to remain connected with the field service agent in real-time, establishing an uninterrupted connection and organising customer issues.

Microsoft Dynamics Project Operations

Microsoft Dynamics Project Operations helps users manage ongoing projects and the required resources to accomplish a particular project. It simplifies communication, planning, and scheduling for the users.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing and Licensing

The licencing and pricing plans for Microsoft Dynamics 365 are flexible, impactful, and cost-effective. You can avail yourself of the desired application based on your requirements, whether it is per-app usage or the number of users.

Per-app Usage:

Among the different Dynamics 365 applications, you need to choose the required business solution based on your business requirements. You can choose any ERP solution based on the complexity of the business processes, along with D365 Sales to manage customers too.

Number of Users:

In this case, the pricing and licencing of Dynamics 365 applications depend on the access of users.

Types of Dynamics 365 Licences

Basically, Microsoft has distributed its licence types into two broad categories: assigned and unassigned licences.

Assigned Licence:

User Licence: This licence is based on per-user access without considering the logins on different devices. This licence is best for professional and enterprise users.

Device Licence: It is based on per-device access, and the access can be shared or assigned to others.

Unassigned Licenses:

It offers access to users on the basis of tenant level without considering device or user access.

Full Application Access: These are the primary licences distributed on a per-tenant basis. The access includes access to Dynamics 365 Marketing and D365 Customer Service.

Cross Application Access: This licence can be used based on certain situations or as an alternative to assigned per-access.

Capacity Licences: These are distributed annually based on the capacity used. You can assign the licences on the basis of data storage, transaction volume, customer profiles, routing requests, and more such parameters. It is best for organisations that have occasional or limited use of a product or service.

To get the most accurate information, check out the Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide.

Dynamics 365 Pricing

Check out the latest Dynamics 365 pricing (2024) and choose the application that suits your budget and requirements.

(Note – Prices are subject to change with time) Check the current Dynamics 365 UK pricing.

BUSINESS CENTRAL ESSENTIALSFrom £57.50per user/month
BUSINESS CENTRAL PREMIUMFrom £82.20per user/month
CUSTOMER SERVICE PROFESSIONAL£41.10per user/month£16.40per user/month
SALES PROFESSIONAL£53.40per user/month£16.40per user/month
Business Central Pricing
SALES PROFESSIONAL£53.40per user/month£16.40per user/month
SALES ENTERPRISE2£78.10per user/month£16.40per user/month
SALES PREMIUM2£111per user/month


Microsoft Sales Copilot

£32.90 per user/month

£32.90 per user/month

Dynamics 365 Sales Pricing
FINANCE£147.90per user/month£24.70per user/month
Dynamics 365 Finance Pricing
MARKETINGFrom £1,232.90per tenant/monthFrom £616.503per tenant/month
Dynamics 365 Marketing Pricing
SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT£147.90per user/month£24.70per user/month
GUIDES£53.40per user/month
INTELLIGENT ORDER MANAGEMENTFrom £246.60per 1,000 orders lines/month
Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Pricing
CUSTOMER SERVICE PROFESSIONAL£41.10per user/month£16.40per user/month
CUSTOMER SERVICE ENTERPRISE£78.10per user/month£16.40per user/month
FIELD SERVICE£78.10per user/month£16.40per user/month
REMOTE ASSIST£53.40per user/month£16.404per user/month
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Pricing
PROJECT OPERATIONS£98.60per user/month£24.70per user/month
Dynamics 365 Project Management Pricing
HUMAN RESOURCES£98.60per user/month£24.70per user/month
Dynamics 365 Human Resources Pricing
CUSTOMER INSIGHTS£1,232.90per tenant/monthFrom £821.90per tenant/month
CUSTOMER VOICEFrom £164.4052,000 survey responses per tenant/month*
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Voice Pricing
COMMERCE£147.90per user/month£24.70per user/month
FRAUD PROTECTION£754.10per tenant/month

Dynamics 365 Commerce Pricing

source – https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-gb/pricing/

Some business applications of D365 have the same licencing and pricing, whereas some apps come with different plans.

Like, Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service, the licences are available with different plans:

Professional: It only provides access to core features, making it accessible for professional use.

Enterprise: It provides all available features to users with full access.

Team Members: It offers access to executive users, who are allowed to perform a few tasks only. Such users can build reports, share data, get insights, and perform data entry.

Essential Users: It provides access to the basic features of D365 Business Central to manage the operations of a business. 

Professional Users: This licence provides access to all features and capabilities of Business Central to run and manage the business without restriction. 

See AlsoDynamics 365 Business Central Pricing & Licensing

You can get Dynamics 365 Marketing with a separate licence, but it comes with certain limitations:

You can also avail yourself of the Customer Engagement Plan with limited usage. With this licence, users can only add up to 2000 customers for marketing campaigns. The independent plan costs £603 per user/month. 

With a Customer Engagement app (Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Field Service, and Dynamics 365 Project Management) licence, a user can add up to 10,000 customers for marketing. The licence costs approximately £1200 per user/month.

Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality App Licensing

Microsoft is pushing its customers to learn and use artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology to make business management smoother. There are two apps for this segment, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Dynamics 365 Layout, and you can use them with Microsoft Hololens 2 headset. This will help the workers to visualize the virtual design in real space.

AppHoloLens 2 headsetApp-only
Dynamics 365 Remote AssistFrom £100 per user/month£52 Per user/month
Dynamics 365 LayoutN/A£76 Per user/month

Dynamics 365 AI Licensing

Microsoft does provide AI and machine learning for its users in the form of apps to make automation possible. There are 3 AI services in the Dynamics 365 suite, and three more are ready to launch soon.

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights£40 per user/month
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights£1200 per user/month
Dynamics 365 Customer Service InsightsWith Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Enterprise Non Dynamics Customers- £60 per user/month

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing and Licensing; Cost-effective and Impactful

Microsoft offers powerful features and capabilities with its dynamic business solutions to help you accelerate your business towards sustainable growth.

It not only simplifies the existing business operations but also eliminates redundancies from the system to help you grow and maximise revenue in this competitive market.

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