Microsoft Dynamics AX for Expense Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Expense Management: Organisations fret over managing Employee Expenses. When mismanaged, discrepancies arise.

Companies failing to take note of employee expenses are more often than not sued for either miscalculating employee compensation or failing to produce any solid evidence as to the amount of money spent by them on that particular employee because of which lesser compensation was paid.

These make it most important to have a solution into which data related to employee expenses can be fed and all aggregate expenses can be itemised. Hotel expenses, food expenses and other miscellaneous expenses ought to be kept a track of so that grieved employees can be handled well.

Microsoft Dynamics Axapta or MS Axapta (its shorter form) is one ERP which offers comprehensive expense management capabilities. When customised nicely by the nearest Microsoft Dynamics Partner, the ERP helps undertake the following tasks with ease as far as expense manage is concerned.

Expense Approval: Microsoft Dynamics AX gives to companies the ability to appoint one or more approvers to approve the expenses that have been entered. These appointed approvers may either approve, reject or delegate approval.

Workflow Management: MS Axapta empowers organisations through its visual configuration and drag and drop tool to create workflows that can be sent for approval. These workflows may be conditional, may require multiple approvers and may have automatic functions.

Documentation and Receipts: The ERP provides to companies the ability to attach receipts in order to support an expense entry.

Business Policies: After being customised by a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, organisations will be able to set business policies and rules and manage constraints without any kind of programming.

Per Diem and Gas Mileage: Businesses will be able to calculate per idem depending on the number of days and location and will get to automatically calculate mileage reimbursement based on the number of miles travelled by the employee to whom the job was assigned.

Postings to Financials: The ERP facilitates a complete integration with General Ledger as well as Accounts Payable. All employees can have expenses posted to General Ledger and Accounts Payable for payments, depending on the employee setup. As it happens, financial posting can be reviewed before posting through.

Mobile Capabilities: This is possibly the highlight among all these features and companies could not have asked for more. Through the Expense Management capabilities within the ERP, companies can enter expenses through mobile devices and attach receipt images captured through a mobile device camera.

The Expense Management module in AX helps accomplish all of these tasks mentioned above so that organisations never put a foot wrong as far as managing employee expenses are concerned and put in their best performance while handling grieved employees claiming to have not been compensated with earnestness.

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