Microsoft Dynamics AX For Distributors

It is a business full of unpredictability, complexities and demanding customers. Distributors have never had it this tough. Whether you are just a distributor or a wholesale distributor, the challenges seem insurmountable all the time. But then that, is part of day to day work and cannot be ignored at any cost.

There are so many things up a distributor’s sleeve that all of his time is consumed dealing with them. He needs to be agile. He needs to collaborate better. He needs to respond faster to ever changing conditions.

At the same time, the onus is on him to make sure that efficiencies across the supply chain are always on the rise.

How do distributors get all this done? What solution do they rely on? It is simple. They use Microsoft Dynamics AX. MS Dynamics AX helps:

  • Companies be more agile as far as customers are concerned
  • Respond faster to ever changing market conditions
  • Ensure greater operational efficiency within the business especially in inventory, order processing and warehousing

The introduction of new distribution channels has opened up the whole business of distribution and existing channels are always being expanded further through new approaches which include:

  • Global Sourcing
  • Cross-Sell Capabilities
  • Third-Party Logistics
  • Radio Frequency Identification

This is where Microsoft Dynamics AX shows how good it actually is, by helping address every aspect of the distribution business such as order entry, procurement, sophisticated inventory and shipment management. When customized by your nearest Microsoft Dynamics Partner, the ERP helps distributors identify the latest market trends in order to plan for demand.

MS Dynamics AX helps:

  • Automate critical business processes
  • Pass on real-time business intelligence and alerts to customers and managers alike
  • Enable customer and vendor self-service via Web Portals

The ERP also helps improve Supply Chain and Inventory by offering:

  • Numerous multi-site capabilities that empower the entire supply chain
  • Real-time visibility into various processes such as inventory, sales and purchase
  • Capabilities to create accurate demand forecasts

When customized by a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, it can also be used for:

  • On-time and Accurate Deliveries through Customer/Supplier Integration, Planning Tools and Company-Wide Inventory Visibility
  • Responding Fast to Unique Customer Demands like Packaging and Shipping
  • CRM Integration that helps do better while interacting with customers and bidding

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Vivek Gururani

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