Dynamics 365 Sales Insights an Overview

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is a prominent add-on in Microsoft Dynamics 365. It enables sales teams to build better relationships with customers, cut down on monotonous tasks and augment business processes leveraging in-built coaching tools and AI Insights.

It perfectly compliments Dynamics 365 for Sales and the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement plan to augment business productivity with key functionalities, including:

    • Analysis of customer conversations to understand the methods that are successful with different customers, enabling businesses to replicate and refine their strategies across sales teams
    • Gaining competitor insights to stay ahead in the market
    • Getting contextual, real-time alerts while inputting data
    • Monitoring and nurturing customer relationships with a relationship health score obtained by combining data from Dynamics 365, Office 365 and LinkedIn
    • Prioritising leads that are likely to convert and flag at-risk deals, leveraging Machine Learning (ML)
    • Using AI-powered next best actions and talking points


Dynamics 365 Sales Insights includes a suite of features that consistently help in analysing the huge collection of customer-interaction data stored in the Dynamics 365 Sales and Office 365 databases. This enables a better understanding of business relationships, evaluation of previously successful activities, and select the best path for the future. The features also enable businesses to build strong relationships with their customers, make informed decisions based on insights, and close opportunities faster.

Advanced Sales Insights features

    • Assistant with advanced features through Studio
    • Notes analysis
    • Relationship analytics
    • Who know whom
    • Predictive lead scoring
    • Premium opportunity scoring
    • Premium forecasting
    • Talking points
    • Sales accelerator
    • Assistant app for Teams

Free with Dynamics 365 Sales

    • Assistant
    • Auto capture
    • Email engagement
Free with Dynamics 365 Sales


By using the combination of analytics and data science on top of Dynamics 365 with Office data, Sales Insights helps leaders get answers to crucial business questions. It also empowers on-field team members, inside sales teams, and managers to minimise tedious tasks, build relationships with customers via personalized engagement, and proactively lead the sales teams.

Identify what is and isn’t working

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights automatically interprets and analyses customer emotion, sentiment, conversation content, and speech. This helps managers learn about the customers who are responding well to business strategies so that they can duplicate the successful strategies across their team.

Coach more effectively

It helps increase sales performance and ramp sellers faster on the bases of AI-driven seller engagement and productivity metrics. Sales leaders can also proactively flag at-risk deals, learn about customer conversations, and provide actionable feedback to the team members through built-in coaching tools.

Find the best opportunities

The in-built ML in Dynamics 365 Sales Insights enables sales leaders to prioritize leads and opportunities with the highest likelihood of conversion.

Make strategic decisions

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights provides an in-depth insight of the market derived from brand and competitor mentions that helps businesses predict the needs of their customers, quintessential to grow business.

Final Words

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is an extremely useful add-on that provides critical customer insights that can help you catapult your business to the next level. Dynamics Square is a reliable provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can help you configure and integrate the application with your business functions.

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