Business Benefits Of Microsoft Power Apps: You Shouldn’t Miss

Businesses choose a solution when it provides realistic and financial benefits that exceed their expectations. This is a kind of thumb rule that most business leaders and decision-makers follow. Most of the business owners have admitted that they checked the Microsoft Power Apps benefits before implementing this solution to simplify existing operations.

Though there can be different ways to simplify the existing processes and operations, building no-code apps using Microsoft PowerApps is the simplest one. Before we get into the reasons and benefits that business owners choose this application, let’s first understand it.

Microsoft PowerApps; Build Powerful Apps without Code

Being one of the top business solutions developed by Microsoft, PowerApps offers a platform to build simple as well as complex applications without any code. Isn’t it astonishing?

Earlier and today, we used to depend on a coder or an app developer to build even a simple application to process some information. But, with Microsoft Power Apps, we can build any kind of application without writing the code or hiring a coder.

Also, from a financial point of view, purchasing the PowerApps is far cheaper than hiring a coder.

You might still prefer a developer to build an app because you can customise it to meet changing business needs.

But, with Microsoft PowerApps, you can build a perfectly personalised application that justifies your business needs, solves the problem you are facing, and offers a smooth user interface on all devices.

PowerApps is a platform capable of minimising the cost of developing an app. Also, it builds the apps rapidly using a drag-and-drop feature to build the app you require.

The best part about building low-code applications using PowerApps is that a beginner can do it effortlessly using the pre-made templates.

However, a user can customise the app as desired and make the improvements later as needed.

Microsoft PowerApps Benefits for Businesses

It is a powerful application that offers numerous benefits to businesses. It works in the direction of simplifying existing processes using a custom-built application, resulting in enhanced overall efficiency and productivity. The benefits surrounding businesses are given next:

1. Cost-effective

It offers cost-effective prices for all businesses, irrespective of their usage. Microsoft PowerApps pricing starts at £3.80 per user/app/month and goes up to £15.10 per user/month with the Per App Plan. As per your business requirements, you can avail a plan and start using it.

2. Extensive Range of Data Connectors

Data connectors make the data accessible with ease. With over 230+ data connectors, you can connect your business applications to create an entire proactive data ecosystem.

The connectors, like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dropbox, SAP, Oracle, and much more, are available.

3. User-friendly and Responsive Interface

All the custom applications built using Microsoft Power Apps offer a simple user interface and are user-friendly. After just one use, a non-technical user can understand the applications and all of their functions.

And the responsive function makes the apps accessible on all devices, whether mobile, tablet, or PC.

4. Customisations at its Best

All businesses have different processes and, accordingly, different requirements that are subject to change with time and changing market trends.

In this changing business environment, Power Apps offers exceptional capabilities to personalise the app whenever required.

5. Integrations with Microsoft Products

Power Apps integrate easily with other Microsoft native applications. You can integrate Power Apps with MS Power BI for seamless data visualisation and analysis. Nonetheless, you can integrate SharePoint, Outlook, Excel, and other Power Platform apps.

6. Full Data Security

With the power of Microsoft Dataverse, all your data will be safe during data transactions. At the admin level, you can control the access permission for all employees based on their job roles to restrict important information.

Contact Dynamics Square to learn more about the benefits of Microsoft PowerApps for your specific business or to schedule a live demonstration. We have been helping businesses like yours save money and enhance their overall efficiency.

Our team of experts has gained a lot of experience and expertise in implementing Power Apps successfully so that you can focus more on business improvement and innovation. 

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