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Manual Methods to Business Central Upgrade

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The business is a UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of orthopedic implants and instruments. Established in 2006, they've built a reputation for delivering high-quality products and outstanding customer service. They offer a wide range of products for joint replacement, trauma surgery, spine surgery, and sports medicine. They are committed to sustainability and support charitable organizations that work to improve access to healthcare and education.

What are The
Business Challenges

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The business was relying on manual methods of managing business that made the entire system complex and complicated.

They were used to share the data using spreadsheets, leading to time-consuming, error-prone, and complex tasks.

The warehouse staff faced difficulty locating and checking stocks whenever required.

One of the major issues they were having was matching the company's cash balance with the amount on the bank statement (bank reconciliation).

They were not able to collect accurate inventory data digitally, in real-time, and at the right time.

Solution Delivered

Upgraded their ERP system to Business Central


Enhanced data synchronization capabilities, allowing effective warehouse operations and making data-driven decisions.


Increased the security and inventory accuracy in the warehouse management process, making it a hassle-free process for employees.


Comprehensible and better-structured processes, allowing accelerated business growth.


Spreadsheets were replaced with Business Central using automation and advanced tools.


Real-time bank reconciliation is now possible with Business Central's integration with


The traditional method of managing business operations via spreadsheets was superseded by a modern solution offering automation and progressive procedures.

WMS Mobile by Tasklet provided a secure automation tool for easier and faster ordering, selling, invoicing, and reporting.

Manual methods of managing the business were eliminated, reducing redundant errors. The bank reconciliation was simplified, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial records.

The implementation ensured compliance with regulatory requirements, such as those set by the MHRA in the UK. The inclusion of Offline technology accelerated invoicing, reporting, and selling.

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