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Enhanced their Existing NAV 2016 to Manage Auctions


The company was founded in 1991 and a largest and fastest-growing distributors of tea, coffee, and macadamia nuts. It offers its wide range of products to all stages of the supply chain. The company has crossed the sales of $220 million to date and processed more than 70 million kilos of tea each year. Being the most prominent independent tea and coffee company in the UK, it has employed over 4,000 people around the world. In Africa, they are the largest producer of macadamia nuts.

What are The
Business Challenges


The company has to purchase raw materials like tea and coffee from auctions in Kenya and face difficulty processing such auctions.

They wanted to track each step of such auctions on NAV.

They were facing difficulties managing the auctions either on paper or on spreadsheets.

They wanted to customize their NAV so that they could manage all the data of auctions and clients for sale and purchase perspective.

The client also wants to manage the sale and purchase of their products to their subsidiaries situated in other countries.

Solution Delivered

Dynamics NAV Support


Dynamics Square helped the client implement their auction management strategy and provided the appropriate design structure on NAV.


We helped them manage all the auctions on NAV without any hectic spreadsheet management.


Our team helped them track all the actions being taken place to buy material.


Dynamics Square helped them manage all the sales and purchase of materials and products.


The company can now manage all the running action on their NAV with hassling to manage everything on paper.

They can now maintain the history of purchased products from suppliers with the essential details like grade and quality. Also, they can manage such data till the inventory is sold to a particular client.

Their refreshed NAV system can now create automatic sales and purchase transitions for their subsidiary companies.

Using the customized NAV, the employees of the company can manage the production, supply chain, inventory, finance, and similar department from a single dashboard.

The management of trader transactions and inventory management has become an easy task.

They can now create the sales and purchase invoices digitally and send them to their respective trader via e-mail, making this process seamless.


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