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Microsoft Power BI Implementation

Simplified sales and stock analysis with real-time reporting.


Founded in 1897, the company is the leading business in the design and manufacturing of lifting and handling solutions. With a wide range of machines that include lifting equipment, load securing, hydraulic machines, height safety equipment, and machine maintenance and repair. These machines are generally used in various applications, like lifting, rigging, and handling material from one place to another. Other than offering their highly engineered machines, they also offer different services leveraging their experienced professionals, which include crane installation, maintenance, statutory maintenance, HAVS testing, design/fabrication, PAT testing, and consultancy services.

What are The
Business Challenges

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The business was lacking in getting real-time reports and performing data analysis to achieve sustainable growth.

They were looking for an additional solution that could help them build sales and stock analysis reports.

The business wants to utilise the data to make actionable and data-driven decisions for stocks and sales processes.

Solution Delivered

Integrated Microsoft Power BI with Business Central.


The business is now able to access real-time reports of sales, stocks, and business insights.


With the standard implementation of Power BI, we have developed two additional reports: the Sales Analysis Report and the Stock Analysis Report.


The business is now able to analyse entire stocks and sales data from single dashboards.


Such sales reports would empower the client to focus on enhancing the customer experience and offering them the right product at the right time.


The business is now able to analyse sales reports using different parameters, which include total sales by product, customer, region, and time period.

The team can now find the most popular and least popular products while getting profitable product categories.

They can now analyse stocks using different parameters, like total inventory levels by product, location, and time period.

Also, the business can now find products with low stock levels and high stock levels.

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