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Access Dimension ERP to Business Central Upgrade

Simplified the processes of calculating cost and predicting profit margins.


The business is a leading car restoration and customization company in the UK, specializes in classic Lancia vehicles. They also offer spare parts for classic and antique cars, with a vast inventory of over 11,000 parts available for global delivery. With their exceptional services, they have built a client base spanning over 70 countries. Their fully equipped workshop provides partial and full restorations, along with modifications such as trim, bodywork, engine enhancements, gearbox rebuilds, performance upgrades, and servicing.

What are The
Business Challenges

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The business was using a conventional on-premises ERP solution called Access Dimension that offers limited functionality for financial management.

It was unable to align with the purpose of managing the growing operations of the business.

The business was not able to manage different projects, track inventory, predict profit margins on each project, and calculate costs.

The business was facing continuous errors and glitches while relying on manual data entry using Excel sheets.

Solution Delivered

Upgraded their system from Access Dimension ERP to Dynamics 365 Business Central


Our team has facilitated the global connectivity for the business, leading to a 2X increase in team collaboration.


We added a project management module to track all projects, providing a 100% transparent view of costs, time, parts, and profits.


The inventory management module allowed the business to manage even the minutest details of their spare parts inventory, resulting in 100% resource utilization.


The optimization of their operations and support of their growth objectives through modern solutions.


With Business Central, the business can now track, feed, and share inventory data in real-time, ensuring better control over stock levels.

By creating and sharing invoices directly with customers while tracking all costs, the company has streamlined the invoicing process and improved transparency and reliability.

The company can now effectively monitor their finances, including assets, liabilities, liquidity, budget, and cash flow.

Based on their evolving requirements, the business can now manage customer communication and enhance the overall customer experience.

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