11 Things to know about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations manages different projects in real-time while driving projects towards great profitability and success. It can offer you great visibility across all touchpoints of projects, build collaboration opportunities, and bring agility within different operations. Before diving deep into this solution, let’s understand why it is necessary for today’s businesses.

Managing a project from zero to one is like managing soldiers and resources in a war while building a strategy to be successful (applicable in both scenarios). We used to manage projects manually, but things have become more complex in the modern business world.

Now, businesses have to deal with numerous issues like:

  • Proper planning of time, efforts, resources, and investment
  • Estimating different factors
  • Manpower management
  • Decision-making using real-time insights
  • Getting accuracy throughout the project
  • Managing different projects simultaneously
  • Finding inefficiencies in the workflow
  • Making people accountable
  • Building uninterrupted communication
  • Accurate reporting
  • And more…

The above-listed points are those factors that are common in almost all industries. Analysing a specific business or an industry will enable you to find more specific issues that are restraining the success of a project management business.

Businesses require a solution that is easy to understand, has the capabilities to manage modern-day projects, and comes at cost-effective prices. In such a scenario, Microsoft is the only answer.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations ERP, capable of connecting teams with different departments of the business while simplifying project management. It offers a unified and flexible platform that lets you access real-time information and optimise projects for more output.

D365 Project Operations offers data insights that enable the team to deliver timely projects adhering to budget and resource guidelines. It builds a positive environment that increases the chances of project success while also achieving high profitability.

It can automate numerous processes, analyse projects based on current inputs, forecast successful rates, make profit estimates, and manage entire project lifecycles. D365 Project Operations empowers a business to manage projects, from sending invoices to collecting funds, while tracking the resources.

Top 6 Capabilities you Should know About Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Being a business-centric solution that focuses on minimising the efforts of your team, D365 Project Operations enables you to get more clients with proper utilisation of resources. Also, it powers up the project delivery speed and estimates the profits before the beginning of the project. There are other capabilities as well, which are discussed below:

Better Deal Management

Get an overview of all existing deals, auctions, contracts, and bids for better management of all exiting and upcoming deals. Also, you can generate accurate quotes and predict profit margins as well.

Expense Management

Track and manage the expenses of all projects. Submit, approve, and reconcile all expenses in real-time for instant reimbursement.

Streamlined Project Management

Track the status of all projects with inbuilt advanced project management capabilities. Also, you can avail yourself of some powerful tools, including Gantt charts and Kanban boards, to track project status and make informed decisions.

Manage Project Financials

Manage the financials of all your projects with precise data. Resolve revenue complaints following global business standards.  

Proper Resource Utilisation

Deploy the right resource for the right project. Keep track of all resources by leveraging reporting and real-time data insights. Also, you can schedule and perform skill matching using automation.

Adapt to Changing Market Demands

Avail yourself of a comprehensive view of all financial and sales data to make data-driven decisions. This data will let you adapt your business to changing market demands.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Implementing Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Check out the top 5 capabilities of Dynamics 365 Project Operations to understand its significance for your project management business. Here are the top features:

Time Tracking

You can easily track the time invested in each project to identify the number of billable hours in your workforce. Based on working hours, you can release the payment to your workers, making the entire process simple and effective.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Dynamics 365 Project Operations enables you to get real-time reports on each project. Based on the collected data, you can inform the stakeholders or project owner about the progress. It will bring transparency across the project activities while bringing credibility to the business.

Supercharge Business Profitability

D365 Project Operation is the best project management solution for small, medium, and large businesses. It optimises all the project management operations, utilises resources, saves effort, and controls project finances to enhance the profitability of the business.

Controlling Cost

Based on the allotted budget, Microsoft Project Operations allows you to control expenses so that you can save more on a project. Also, you can build a strategy to utilise a budget and optimise different processes in the case of projects with tight budgets.

Opportunity Management

You can build a strategic project workflow to inform management about each activity. Building a workflow before starting a project lets you create new business opportunities that you can leverage to maximise the growth potential of a business.

Get Dynamics Square On-board to Boost your Project Management Practices

As we know, managing different projects altogether isn’t easy at all, but implementing Dynamics 365 Project Operations is easy as it can minimise the efforts you invest in projects. With 12+ years of experience and 150+ Dynamics 365 consultants, we are available to help you resolve any query related to any of the Dynamics 365 ERP or CRM solutions. As a Microsoft solutions partner or Microsoft gold partner, Dynamics Square is here to drive your business growth and enhance profitability.

In case of need, write us a mail at info@dynamicssquare.co.uk or call us directly at +44 207 193 2502 for instant support. 

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