Dynamics 365 Business Central Vs Great Plains

If there is hindrance to being efficient in your business processes, and trying to being more competent, so here “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central” comes with robust as a leading true cloud solution for SMBs, and to eliminate the, bursting & ineffective charts of accounting in Dynamics Great Plains, GP users most likely will be getting these features AFTER Dynamics 365, as this is where Microsoft is focusing their investment in new technologies and enhancements.

Integrity Data also continues to serve and support our many GP customers as we’ve done for more than 20 years with our expansive offerings for GP payroll and HR solutions.

You might be wondering what the difference between is“Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central”& “Dynamics Great Plains”. These solutions offer similar features, but they are also distinct in ways that can make huge difference to your business, Want to know How…………?

Here are some of the biggest benefits GP users find with Business Central:-

Subscription Model –Dynamics 365 Business Central licensed on a full SaaS Model in the cloud (Built on Microsoft Azure), so you are always on latest version and it doesn’t require any software or hardware infrastructure.

Dimensional Accounting – Dynamics 365 allows to clean segmented and simplified charts of accounts which gives you much improved insights and reporting.

Reporting and Analytics – You get expanded selection of out of the box reports PLUS enhanced capabilities with Microsoft Power BI and Integration.

Multi-Entity Management –Built to manage multiple Entities, Currencies, Language right out of the box.

Mobile and Accessible –This feature offers accessibility and Mobile at any time on any device.

Payroll, What about Payroll?– Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you payroll processing, electronic tax filing, to updating the GL, to robust reporting and ACA compliance.

Vivek Gururani

Vivek is a Digital marketing expert at Dynamics Square, specializing in crafting compelling content on advanced tech topics such as ERP, CRM, cloud computing, AI, ML, BI and more. His profound passion for the digital landscape has led him to explore and master diverse fields including SEO, SEM, content strategy, and data-driven marketing.


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