Salesforce Alternatives: A List Of Better And Affordable

Most likely, you want to implement a new CRM in your company and are looking for better Salesforce alternatives on the market. If you are on it, let me tell you something.

Successful business owners make choices for their businesses considering various factors, including affordability, reliability, and scalability of the solution. Similarly, before implementing the CRM, you should compare different solutions on similar factors so that you can find the best solution that is affordable, effective, and aligns with your business processes without any hassle. Before going to the top available CRM solutions on the market, let’s discuss the major elements you should consider before opting for one.

Factors to look for While Choosing Salesforce Alternative

There can be endless factors one can consider before buying an alternative to Salesforce. But in this section, we are going to discuss the top factors that enhance the customer relationship strategy along with providing a seamless customer experience.

Understanding Deployment Needs

All businesses have different server deployment needs. A startup with a need for global data connectivity may opt for cloud server deployment, while an established business with critical data security concerns may opt for on-premises deployment. Apart from this, the price of setting up an on-premises server deployment is way higher when compared to cloud deployment options.

User Experience

User-experience is the key to surpassing all competitors on the market. There will be more users if the user experience is more intuitive. If the user interface is simple and effective, it will be easy for you to operate the whole application without being stuck with endless functions of little to no use. You must priorities this option before selecting a CRM.

Responsive Application

Nowadays, mobile is the core need of today’s lifestyle, and we can’t even imagine living without it. That’s how we need a mobile application for all the business solutions we generally use. It is a must to have a mobile app for the CRM you want to implement in your business. Also, it lets you connect with the data and the system all day and night.


Integrations make the flow of business data smooth and stable. Importing and exporting data is required with a CRM solution to streamline business operations. Other than ERPs, businesses also use some specific applications to simplify existing work. Businesses, like most others, use Outlook for official communication and Microsoft Office for documentation tasks.So, choose a CRM that supports all such applications with a valid integration portal, whether it is API-based or code-based.

Reporting and Analytics

Seamless reporting and analytics let businesses capture and understand data without any hassle. With a simplified reporting system, businesses can track and calculate the results. Based on results, you can improve the existing strategy for enhanced and positive output.


With the right strategy and efforts, you are more likely to grow your business over time. With this development, your CRM solution must align with your changing business requirements. If an easy-to-scale CRM solution is your top priority, you should go with a cloud-based CRM solution.


There are chances that, after calculating all parameters, your CRM solution fails to impress you as per your investment and expectations. Before choosing a CRM, you should try it first for a period of a few days so that you can understand its capabilities based on your business type.

What are the Alternatives of Salesforce?

Based on market and business requirements, there are various alternatives of salesforce and among them the top CRM are listed below:

1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a superior CRM solution for small and large businesses with seamless capabilities to manage the entire customer relationship journey. It helps the team build strong, unbreakable relationships with customers, improve the customer journey throughout the sales cycle, get real-time insights, and help generate more revenue.

Features Availability 
Deployment Option Cloud, On-premises, and Hybrid 
User Experience Simple and Interactive 
Mobile Application Yes 
Integrations Yes (2000+) 
Reporting Yes 
Scalability Yes 
Trial Yes (30 Days) 
Affordable Yes (Starts with £49 per user/month) 
Plan 3 (Dynamics 365 Sales, Enterprise, and Premium) 


Zoho CRM is an all-in-one customer relationship management platform that helps businesses of all sizes manage their sales, marketing, and customer support activities. With its user-friendly interface and robust feature set, Zoho CRM streamlines processes and drives growth.   

Features Availability 
Deployment Option Cloud 
User Experience A bit complex 
Mobile Application Yes 
Integrations Yes (500+) 
Reporting Yes (Complex) 
Scalability Yes 
Trial Yes  
Affordable Yes (Starts with £10 per user/month) 
Plan 4 (Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate) 

3. SAP

SAP CRM is one of the top salesforce subsidiaries solutions that integrates with SAP’s suite of enterprise resource planning tools. It offers businesses a centralized platform to manage interactions with customers, automate sales and marketing processes, and analyze customer data.  

Features Availability 
Deployment Option Cloud and On-premises 
User Experience Simple 
Mobile Application Yes (But complex) 
Integrations Yes  
Reporting Yes (Standard) 
Scalability Yes (But Complex) 
Trial Yes  
Affordable It depends (customized pricing) 
Plan Many 

4. SugarCRM

SugarCRM is a platform that provides businesses with tools to manage sales, marketing, and customer support activities. It offers a range of features and customization options, but it may have a steeper learning curve compared to other CRM solutions on the market. Additionally, some users have reported challenges with the platform’s stability and reliability. 

Features Availability 
Deployment Option Cloud and On-premises 
User Experience Complex 
Mobile Application Yes 
Integrations Very Less 
Reporting Yes (Standard) 
Scalability Yes (Complex) 
Trial No 
Affordable depends (Starts with £39/user/month) 
Plan 4 (Market, Sell, Serve, Enterprise) 

5. Insightly

Insightly is a flexible CRM for small business that offers a range of features; some users have reported that the platform can be limited in terms of its customization options and scalability. Additionally, users have stated a weak user interface and user experience while navigating throughout the application.  

Features Availability 
Deployment Option Cloud 
User Experience Outdated (Complex) 
Mobile Application Yes 
Integrations Yes (2000+) 
Reporting Yes (Standard) 
Scalability Yes (Complex) 
Trial Yes (15 Days) 
Affordable depends (Starts with £24/user/month) 
Plan 3 (Plus, Professional, and Enterprise) 

Our Pick for Salesforce Alternative

Among the above-stated Salesforce competitors, our pick would be Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. Because, it is affordable, reliable, and easily scales based on changing business requirements. Also, it is affordable for all businesses and aligns with any kind of business.

To know more about this simple yet powerful CRM solution, contact Dynamics Square and understand how it can help you increase your sales numbers. 

Kapil Jangid

Kapil Jangid is a Digital Marketing expert with an aim of uplifting businesses through cloud-based software as a service (SaaS). He has more than 8+ years of experience working with numerous SaaS companies, driving brand awareness, and enhancing revenue opportunities.


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