Document Management With MS Dynamics NAV

A good ERP is essential for effective Document Management. MS Dynamics NAV is one such ERP with advanced functionalities that help manage documents effortlessly.

  • When customized nicely by your nearest Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner, NAV, Best ERP Software for Small Business owners, helps store scanned incoming papers and electronic documents in the Incoming Documents folder.
  • Links to the incoming document will account for easy navigation from any created document, posted document or financial transaction ledger entry in MS Dynamics NAV. Furthermore, from these locations, the linked original document becomes accessible for viewing.
  • The Best ERP Software for Small Business operators also makes it possible to track ledger entries without any kind of attached incoming document and subsequently attach an incoming document entry manually. NAV through its Document Management functionalities makes it possible to scan and add paper documents manually to incoming documents and capture using a phone or tablet through a NAV app.

Document Management within NAV is further bolstered by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Integration. This will be performed by your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner.

  • OCR Integration enables companies to extract unstructured PDF Files, Scanned Invoices and Credit Memos into Structured Data, accounting for further automatic processing.
  • Furthermore, companies can add text-to-account rules to invariably default account rules based on the vendor.
  • There is also the Lexmark Invoice Capture Service, an out-of-the-box feature which ensures that the header and total information can be extracted without much tussle.
  • Documents can be forwarded directly to the OCR service through e-mail messages.

To use the aforementioned service, companies ought to create an account first at Lexmark Invoice Capture Service and subsequently a free SKU becomes available.

Also, incoming documents can be sent to and received from the OCR manually, besides automatically as well through a job queue. Workflows can be added as well, in order to automatically process any incoming electronic document.

These are the Document Management features available in NAV, which help manage electronic papers with ease, comfort and meticulousness.

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