Top 13 Reasons To Implement Power BI For Your Business

Are you looking to implement Power BI for your business growth and productivity? Power BI is one of the most demanded business intelligence tools that assists you in monitoring, creating and sharing outstanding data visualization reports.

Out of the available business intelligent products in the market, Power BI is a business intelligence tool that involves the integration of business data, information, or events as well as smart data distribution across the organization.

Industry leaders are embracing intelligent products to satisfy the steadily increasing data simplification, monitoring, and real-time visualization needs helping them to seamlessly and effectively roll out their data-driven practices.

Thereby, Implementing Power BI helps to ensure the distribution of precisely modeled data, real-time reporting & analytics, and predictive analysis in terms of sales and product line to reinforce the decision-making process and elevate the brand image in the targeted marketplace.

Before you initiate smart driving with Microsoft Power BI, let’s perceive how this intelligent system can help you boost your operational practices from simplified data visualization to easy reporting capabilities to powerful sales predictions.

13 Key Reasons Why Your Business Should Implement Power BI

Why Implement Power BI for your business?

1. Brand Matters

When it comes to trust and product authenticity, you need not worry about it. Microsoft comprises a wide range of business products, solutions, apps, platforms, etc. So far, Microsoft has brought a revolutionary change global wide with its powerful tools, services, and solutions designed to be adapted as per distinct business needs and custom operational practices over there.

2. Integrate Like Never Before

Microsoft Power BI is designed to be integrated with both on-premises systems or major cloud-based platforms. Thereby, you can seamlessly connect with market players like Google Analytics, Salesforce, QuickBooks, SQL Database, etc. hence, you are not required to compromise with your existing system, just need a new system configuration that integrates your existing system with Microsoft’s BI solutions.

Moreover, if you are already leveraging Power Apps (whether for Android or iOS), you can eternally combine your data and can easily squeeze the required data supporting your sales analytics, reports, and other key metrics all in well-defined and eye-loving visual representation.

3. Equipped With Power-Packed Features

Power BI for Data analytics, sales predictions, and instant visual reporting capabilities enables businesses to make improved and informed decisions to map or ensure the success of various ongoing business campaigns as well as supporting futuristic needs.

4. Advanced Integration

Power BI can be integrated with existing Microsoft applications including Office 365, Dynamics 365, etc., as well as compatible to integrate with third-party applications such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, QuickBooks, etc.

 5. Highly Custom Dashboards

Customizable dashboards can be created considering the individual needs within the organization. Data modeling, visual reports, and other valuable stats can be seen in just one look.

 6. Real-Time Data Transformation

Power BI comes with real-time data synchronization wherein users can stay updated with real-time data, reports, and metrics to have a 360-degree view into every single process wherein a quick or smart decision can be made.

7. Integrates With Excel

Enables users to leverage their excel expertise and to make effective use of Power BI without learning any new tool. When integrated with excel allows users to have data models, reports, and representations to all-in-one power BI dashboards.

8. Equipped With AI

Its pre-built custom visuals allow making highly appealing and interactive reports making decisions faster and reliably. If you are proficient enough, you can make effective use of it by integrating Native R to enable more advanced visual reports, key metrics, and represent data leveraging advanced predictive analysis, machine learning, and more.

9. Affordable & Inexpensive

Power BI is designed for every scale of the organization from startups to SMBs and is charged as per the number of users’ requirements you avail of on monthly basis. Hence, you can start anytime with no hassles.

10. Cloud Or On-Premises- Your Choice!

Today, everyone is in rivalry to switch to the cloud, but yes, it would be solely your decision, whether you want to stay on the cloud or drive your operational efficiency leveraging on-premises configurations. In fact, it’s all about your specific operational activities or database complexity and how you facilitate your system for faster data response.

If you are not comfortable with the cloud yet, you can leverage Microsoft’s on-premises version refers to the ‘Power BI Report Server’ whereby all the data can be kept on your own infrastructure and leveraged accordingly.

11. Advanced Analytics with Excel Like Experience

Fewer or more, we all are familiar with Excel. MS Power BI is somehow embedded to give a look and feel like Excel. Again, it’s not Excel. If you are an advanced Excel user, this will amaze you as you would be capable to effectively imbibe and implement advanced data analysis.

To drive smarter, you can seamlessly integrate your existing excel with Power BI for data analytics, sales forecasting, advanced measures, and instant project predictions. In case, if your staff is not ready to adapt to this new tool in a quick manner, take adequate time to embrace it.

12. Compatible To Tune with Power Apps

It could be an extensive experience for you when your power apps parallelly work with Microsoft Power BI. By integrating Power BI with your Power apps, you can share smart visual data to power apps and that too gets synchronized in real-time.

Through this, you can boost your staff caliber with quick and relevant insights supporting them to make quick and informed decisions.

Eventually, you wouldn’t have limitations in terms of data processing, key metrics, sales analytics, and predictive data analysis. All you will enjoy across your mobile apps, browsers, and systems.

So, no more concern has remained on how your workforce will accept and implement the new changes, it will be a hassle-free deal for them and will act just like a newer or updated version of power apps.

13. Trusted By Gartner

Microsoft has been announced as a leader in the year 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms. So, it’s like you remained with no excuse to say no to Microsoft’s Power BI for Data Analytics and Reporting solutions in your organization. If you are really planning to boost your organizational values and production level, this Microsoft’s business intelligence tool will really equip your company will the lacks lying there.

Power BI Implementation

So, if you are seeking to uplift your data processing and analytics part to seamlessly reinforce your sales and production campaigns, implementing Power BI could be an enthralling decision for your business. This blog has covered the initial induction about this business intelligent data analytics tool.

To have more grasp of how Microsoft Power BI can stimulate your operational efficiencies and ensure smarter data-driven practices, At Dynamics Square, schedule a free demo with our Power BI expert today for a successful Power BI implementation.

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