Why Power BI For Your Business?

Why Modern Enterprises Should Invest in Power BI?

Are you struggling with time-consuming reports? Extracting and consolidating data from various available sources is a challenging task for you? It is time to update your system with a Microsoft Business Intelligence solution – Power BI. Now, you may be thinking why Power BI? Or why invest in Power BI for business? So, this blog will answer all your questions.

When your business starts growing; managing and extracting data to generate reports becomes difficult and this interrupts your decision-making process. Here Power BI comes to support your data-driven and reporting practices whereby you can make instant and productive decisions.

Power BI is a powerful data management and business analytics tool that enables businesses to extract actionable insights from various available data sources, generate visual reports, and business analytics to support decision-making process.

Now, let us move to the core part – Why your business needs Power BI?

Why Your Business Needs Microsoft Power BI?

Personalized Views & Dashboards

Power BI provides customized views and dashboards wherein users can leverage different types of layouts personalized as per their specific requirements or preferred view. There will be management dashboards as well as user dashboards. Management dashboards are embedded for all the KPIs related to sales and marketing that help to make prompt and effective decisions.

Visual Reports & Analytics

When reports are created in visual and dynamic nature, Power BI makes it easy to understand what is going on in your organization and how to control or manage things that drive growth. Power BI comes with powerful visual reporting and analysis wherein users can create visual reports customized as per their custom needs and can share the same within their organizational circle.

With Microsoft Power BI users can have flexibility whether to create their visuals or customize the standard visuals embedded as a core in Power BI. Users can create custom visuals and add from excel or any other application. This ensures how Power BI enables you to have dynamic and interactive reports supporting your business events and overall organizational performance.

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Seamless Customization & Integration

Power BI comes with hundreds of data sources and several connectors to integrate with. Such data sources could be MS Excel, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), any Power BI datasets, and much more. So, your existing data can be encapsulated and integrated with your Power BI system and can be used to make highly interactive and dynamic reports and other business analytics.

For instance, if you are using QuickBooks for your accounting & financing solution, it can be integrated with Power BI to extract data and make analytical reports and metrics. Leveraging such reports, you can make more effective financial decisions in no time.

Data Modelling & Transformation

Since there could be a huge available data that flows from every department and to make business decisions, you need a system configured to manage and squeeze the relevant information in the form of reports and insights. So, Power BI helps to gather, model, and transform the data addressing your operational needs. This supports everyone in your organization from top management to executive level to make strategic decisions promptly.

Flexible Implementation

Depending on your organizational need, your Power BI implementation can be performed whether for an on-premise or on-cloud data model. So, Power BI is quite flexible that lets you decide whether you want to operate your data by Power BI Desktop, Power BI Mobile, or Power BI as a Service. It’s up to you, how you want to process your data.

For instance, you can create reports on Power BI desktop and can share them with email or applying internal sharing options. With cloud facilitation, you can allow sharing and accessing the visual reports and other statistics across your workspace or even with your clients or investors, etc.

Embedded With Advanced ML (Machine Learning)

Power BI enables utilize advanced Machine Learning algorithms by using Python and R languages. These Machine Learning algorithms help to apply customized queries to receive the relevant data in the form of reports or analytics. Here Machine Learning helps to identify your data type and prepare your data to make powerful and visual reports ensuring better business decisions.

Web & Mobile Compatibility

Power BI facilitates you to access and share the data using mobile apps and the web as this business intelligence tool is quite responsive too. You can create reports and layouts seamlessly to be accessed and leveraged using mobile and web. So, it’s like users can have the flexibility to create visual layouts and analytics leveraging cross-platform efficiency.

Proactive Approach

To drive continuity in your business, you need to remain updated with everything going on in your organization. With Power BI, you can apply a proactive approach whereby if you want any information on email in terms of notifications, alerts, etc., you can seamlessly have the data in hand. For instance, if your warehouse is lacking in inventory levels, you will be notified via email so as you will be able to make an early decision.


So, this blog reveals how businesses can streamline their reporting capabilities and can make productive & scalable business decisions using Power BI – an effective business intelligence tool designed for modern businesses. Further, if you are looking for more information or Power BI implementation, connect with Dynamics Square today. We can offer you the best-suited business intelligence solution for your business. 

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