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Bring sales, empower team, increase revenue, and simplify your existing sales processes through implementing Dynamics 365 Sales.

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How can D365 Sales enhance your business Growth?

D365 for Sales is a best-in-class cloud-based ERP solution that can seamlessly streamline your entire sales management, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of salespeople. With built-in-intelligence and actionable insights, you can revolutionize your sales processes with a personalized and unified user interface. Once you opt for Dynamics 365 Sales implementation, you will the following benefits:

Establish an uninterrupted communication platform between salespeople and customers to power up the customer acquisition process throughout the sales lifecycle. Set-up a channel that consists of true customer insights, significant sales opportunities, and team collaboration for a contextual experience.

Accelerate your sales numbers by leveraging AI to identify potential customers and pitch them at the time of need. Dynamics 365 Sales collects accurate information using different resources and helps you approach customers with personalized and prioritized details.

Customers should be pampered, and it enables you to strengthen the customer relationship and track customer data to provide an interactive and improved customer experience. D365 Sales enhances the level of customer satisfaction with increased loyalty to provide a unique experience and build unbreakable trust.

Selling is based on data and emotions. We cannot track and record emotions, but data can be tracked, recorded, and managed. D365 Sales enables you to record and maintain advanced data insights in order to provide an accurate solution to your customers' problems.

Intelligent process optimization enables you to perform faster and better with increased efficiency to sell more using existing resources. Also, it automates many of the recurring manual processes, leading to a reduction in workload and increased productivity.

The cloud's power enables users to work from anywhere and at any time to keep the business running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Predictive analytics, core app integrations, and relationship analytics push the sales team to remain connected with the customers for a constant sales flow.

Provide a revamped experience throughout the sales journey using social insights, personalized selling, and contextual data to target the right opportunity for the customer, resulting in more sales deals. Get a 360-degree view of the entire sales pipeline and make changes in real-time for data-driven improvements.

Customization and integration make a solution adaptable to all changing business needs as per market and customer demand. Dynamics 365 Sales implementation would make the whole process of adding customizations unique to perform specific business operations, enabling more focus on the sales process rather than being preoccupied with work.

Avail Full support for your business beyond implementation!

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Our Simple yet Powerful D365 Sales Implementation Methodology

We follow Microsoft's certified implementation methodology to understand your existing legacy system and guarantee you a successful, secure, and transparent process.

Post Go-Live Support

For the last phase, we make the system live and the sales team can start working on it with full efficiency for the sake of business growth.

Analysis Phase

In this, our team will start working to prepare the FRD (Functional Requirement Document) to understand the organization's current processes to better understand the requirement better.

Design Phase

Our team will create a GAP-FIT manual based on functional requirements to analyze the standard and specific needs of the business. In this we specify the necessary, standard, and add-on configurations and integration needs.

Development Phase

In this phase of D365 for Sales implementation process, our team will begin working to create a personalized and appropriate sales solution that understands your needs and assists you in achieving maximum growth.

Deployment Phase

In this, we deploy the system on servers so that the users can test it. Also, it lets us test the system whether it is built as per GAP-FIT and FRD or not. If not, we will make the further changes for full user satisfaction.

Post Go-Live Support

For the last phase, we make the system live and the sales team can start working on it with full efficiency for the sake of business growth.

Analysis Phase

In this, our team will start working to prepare the FRD (Functional Requirement Document) to understand the organization's current processes to better understand the requirement better.


Wy choose Dynamics Square as Your Trusted Implementation Partner?

Before the start of the implementation process, our sole motto is to understand all your unique business operations, explore future needs, and then offer a tailored business solution. We believe in full customer satisfaction and building unbreakable trust with our customers (a major reason for being successful for the last 11 years).


We have a team of certified professionals with years of experience in providing implementation, upgrade, and support services to businesses like yours.


We provide competitive and cost-effective pricing for all services to help you get the most out of your hard-earned investment.


We have professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in different domains to cater to all industries, irrespective of their type and size.

Seamless and Fast

We follow a fast, unique, and seamless Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales implementation process without depending upon the complexity of the processes and operations to keep your business running efficiently.

24*7 Customer

Our dedicated team is always available to help you in a time of need without any time, region, or language barriers to help you rise above the limits.

100% Customer

We will keep making efforts till you confirm 100% satisfaction with the support and services we have provided to you. It wouldn't be easy, but you have our words.

Dynamics 365 Sales Pricing

Choose The Applications That Are Right For Your Business Needs.

Dynamics 365 Sales

£49Per-User/Per Month
  • Core sales force automation and Microsoft 365 integration

Dynamics 365 Sales

£71.60Per-User/Per Month
  • Industry-leading sales force automation with contextual insights and advanced customisation capabilities

Dynamics 365 Sales

£101.80Per-User/Per Month
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise plus prebuilt customisable intelligence solutions for sellers and managers

Looking for Customized Pricing as per your business requirements?

Start Today and Upgrade Later

Being flexible CRM application, you can easily increase its capabilities and features with your business growth. You can start today with the current requirements and upgrade the system later.

Have you got questions
about Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation?

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Once you submit your details, one of our experts will call you to understand your business, its present requirements, and future needs too, and the process is known as Phase 1 Discovery Call. We will document everything, prepare an FRD, perform a FIT-GAP analysis, and start the implementation process. In case of need, we arrange a Discovery Call again with our expert functional consultants.

Your sole role would be to give us accurate information about your current processes and future needs so that we can implement a perfect D365 CRM sales solution for you. Also, you need to be cooperative during the process for a seamless and smooth implementation.

To properly utilise the newly installed solution, we provide a free training session for users to understand the system functions, features, and capabilities. Also, we will help you understand the core capabilities so that you can understand your current and future requirements for the Phase 2 implementation process (in case of need).

Neither we, nor anyone else, can give you an exact time frame for implementing a solution without first understanding the business and its requirements. Various factors, including the number of processes, complexity of operations, integrations, and customizations, specify the time.

Like time, various factors define the accurate cost of implementation. You can simply call your Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation partner to get the exact quote for the implementation process.

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