Dynamics 365
Human Resources Implementation

Manage your Entire Workforce, onboard right talent, and revolutionise employee experiences while driving smoother human resource practices through implementing Dynamics 365 Human Resource.

Learn how Dynamics 365 Human Resources implementation can help you improve your organizational agility while streamlining entire HR operations from recruitment to administration.


How can Dynamic 365 Human Resources can help you accelerate recruitment process with enhanced employee engagement?

Dynamics 365 Human Resource is a powerful business solution that can help you run more efficient human resource operations while encouraging your entire workforce to be more efficient and productive. It enables you to hire the right talent with limited resources and engage the dedicated workforce with the organisation for its betterment and easy scalability. It comes with various powerful functions, including employee development, personnel management, self-service portals, benefits management, compensation, absence management, employee management, and self-service portals, to let you manage the employee lifecycle efficiently.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a practical solution that displays all employees' centralised data, regardless of location, on a single screen. The unified data allows users to utilise embedded analytics and other BI tools to help you make informed and correct decisions whenever needed.

One of the crucial tasks for HR management is to manage the attendance, leave, and compensation of employees without any errors. If you are doing it manually or using a legacy system, you must be well versed in the errors you encounter at the end of each month. Don't you worry, Dynamics 365 Human Resources has got you covered by offering an advanced solution that will track and record all such data while focusing on employee productivity.

You will agree with me when I say that employees' needs are subject to change with time. With D365 Human Resource, you can easily understand the changing needs of the employees by performing and recording forms or small tasks regularly. Also, you can address the individual concerns by providing the required resources or resolving the respective issues on time.

A recruitment process consists of a number of complex milestones, which must be cleared for a smooth recruitment practice. D365 HR simplifies the whole process, starting from finding a candidate that suits the requirements to retaining them for a long-term plan. It collects data for each milestone, stores it on the portal, and shows it to the concerned person. It lets the organisation keep track of each successful milestone covered.

The growth of a company depends on the right choice of talent. When the right employee is hired, it directly leads to the growth of the organisation as well as the employee. As per the specific selection criteria, Dynamics 365 HR enables the recruitment team to shortlist the candidate, record the data, and share the profile with the concerned person, who decides whether the candidate is good to go for the next round or not.

D365 Human Resources employs cutting-edge technology such as AI, BI, and IoT to assist you in developing new policies for a more sustainable candidate experience, as well as optimising existing policies where there is room for improvement. It not only optimises HR policies, but many of the admin-level policies to create an employee-centric environment.

The organisation must try to provide a liveable and pleasant experience to all employees so that they stay engaged with the company, resulting in a high employee retention rate and low resignation rate. Dynamics 365 provides a platform consisting of all data and necessary information with the flexibility to access self-service human resource tools and resolve simple queries without bothering anyone.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a cloud-based solution that comes with real-time workforce insights. It comes with embedded analytics that tracks all data related to the human workforce, with the option of Power BI integration to visualise as well as utilise the data efficiently. Based on this knowledge, the HR team can conduct surveys to determine the exact needs of the employees and provide them with all positivity.

Avail Continuous Support for your Business Beyond Implementation!

JJoin hands with a cost-effective D365 Human Resources implementation partner today and avail support beyond it.


Our Simple yet Powerful D365 Human Resources Implementation Methodology

Microsoft has a certified implementation methodology that we use to understand your existing legacy system. With this process, we can guarantee you a successful, secure, and transparent process.

Post Go-Live Support

In the last phase, we make the system live so your team can start working on it with full efficiency and productivity. Our team will be there to help you with the transition and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Analysis Phase

Our team will begin work on preparing the FRD (Functional Requirement Document) in order to gain an understanding of the organization's current processes as well as to predict any future requirements.

Design Phase

Based on the specifications you've provided, our team will examine your present needs and create a GAP-FIT document that defines what you require. We will identify the items that are standard and already available under FIT, and we will list the modifications you require that are not yet available under GAP. This document will assist us in determining the typical integrations and configurations you require, as well as any potential add-ons.

Development Phase

In this stage of the project, our team will develop a Dynamics 365 Human Resources solution that is personalized and caters to your company specifically. This will help you reach new levels of growth and profitability.

Deployment Phase

By deploying the system on servers, we are able to provide users with a test version of the system. This also allows us to test whether the system has been built according to the GAP-FIT and FRD. If not, we will make further changes to ensure that we are providing an ideal solution for the business.

Post Go-Live Support

In the last phase, we make the system live so your team can start working on it with full efficiency and productivity. Our team will be there to help you with the transition and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Analysis Phase

Our team will begin work on preparing the FRD (Functional Requirement Document) in order to gain an understanding of the organization's current processes as well as to predict any future requirements.


Why Choose Dynamics Square as Your Trusted Dynamics 365 Human Resources Implementation Partner?

At the beginning of every project, our goal is to learn about your company's specific operations, get an idea of your future needs, and offer a custom-made solution. We're dedicated to customer satisfaction and developing trust between us and our clients - which has been a big part of our success over the past 11 years.


We're here to help you take your business to the next level with our team of certified professionals. We have years of experience in providing implementation, upgrade, and support services to businesses like yours, so you can rest assured that you're in good hands.


We work hard to provide you with competitive and cost-effective pricing for all of our services so that you feel confident and good about the money you're spending with us.


OWe have experts with extensive knowledge and experience in different industries who can cater to all types and sizes of businesses

Seamless and Fast

Our Dynamics 365 Human Resources implementation process is quick, unique, and efficient - perfect for businesses who want to avoid the complexities that come with other methods. You can rely on us to keep your operations running smoothly without any unnecessary stress or complications.

Customer Support

Our professional team of experts is available 24/7 to help you with whatever you need, no matter what time it is, where you are, or what language you speak. We're here to help you break through any barriers that might be holding you back.

100% Customer

We will continue working diligently until you are completely satisfied with the support and services we have provided. The process may not be easy, but we give you our word that we will see it through.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources pricing

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

£90.50Per-User/Per Month
  • Includes full application capabilities

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Self-Service

£3Per-User/Per Month
  • Employee and manager self-service capabilities

Looking for Customised Pricing as per your business requirements?

Start Today and Upgrade Later

Being a flexible ERP solution, you can easily increase its capabilities based on your business growth and changing modern needs. You can start today with the current requirements and upgrade the system later.

Most searched Dynamics 365
Human Resources Implementation FAQs

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Your sole responsibility will be to provide your Dynamics 365 installation partner with correct information about your present processes and anticipated future needs so that we may create the ideal D365 Project Operations implementation solution for you. Additionally, for a flawless and easy deployment, you must be cooperative throughout the process.

We provide free comprehensive training to users so they can get the most out of the new solution. This not only includes learning about all the features and capabilities, but also understanding the fundamental capabilities to recognise present and future needs for Phase 2 implementation (if necessary).

Following the submission of your information, one of our experts will contact you to conduct a Phase 1 Discovery Call in which they will learn more about your company's history, current needs, and potential future requirements. The implementation phase will begin after we have finished documenting everything, creating a FRD, and running a FIT-GAP analysis. In the event that it is necessary, we set up another Discovery Call with one of our knowledgeable functional consultants to address the issues.

The exact cost of implementation is determined by a number of factors, just as time. To receive a precise price for the implementation process, you may just phone us and complete the Contact Form.

Without fully comprehending the business and its needs, neither we nor anyone else can provide you a precise timeline for implementing a solution. The time is determined by a number of elements, such as the quantity of processes, the complexity of operations, integrations, and customizations.

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