9 Things you should know about Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a powerful solution to streamline your different marketing activities on a unified platform. You can engage customers with your brand, earn loyalty, win more customers, offer a personalised user experience, and utilise a fully adaptable Microsoft CRM platform.

It offers advanced marketing tools to help you automate different marketing purposes, power up campaigns, build strong relationships, and reach customers across different touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

Such capabilities have made D365 Marketing an essential business management solution for growing businesses. With evolving innovation and technologies, Microsoft upgraded this solution with AI, natural language assistance, and BI technologies and renamed it Microsoft Dynamics 365 Insights – Journey. So, officially, the name has been changed, but business owners, marketers, and decision-makers still call it Dynamics 365 Marketing.

However, there is no standalone license available to access Microsoft Marketing. You need to opt for the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights license, which is a collaborative license for Dynamics 365 Insights – Data and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journey.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 9 things you should know about Dynamics 365 Marketing. Before moving ahead, here are the few things that you can get with D365 Insights – Journey: 

The perks of utilising D365 Insights – Journey or D365 Marketing

D365 for Marketing is more than a marketing solution that offers cutting-edge technology to simplify the complexities of a business. The D365 Customer Insights – Journey implementation enables an organisation to avail of the following capabilities:

Build strong connection with customers

You can track customer activities and interactions through different communication channels, like email, text, or call, to build strong relationships with them. Also, you can set up different triggers to communicate with customers in real-time, leading to a data-driven marketing approach.

Earn customer loyalty

Offer an exceptional customer experience throughout the sales journey, from getting a lead to converting it. You can utilise different marketing tools to simplify the customer on-boarding journey and showcase your brand as a reliable one.

Offer personalisation by leveraging AI

We are living in a world where AI is dominating over conventional approaches in diverse segments. Similarly, you can utilise the power of AI to access data insights and make actionable decisions for enhanced output. AI can help you with recommendations, suggestions, understanding analytics, and building possible marketing approaches to capture more customers.

Harness a centralised and scalable platform

Cloud deployment provides a centralised platform that is easy to scale and connect with other solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem. It eliminates the data silos from the system to empower a unified approach for business growth.

Top 9 Things about Dynamics 365 Marketing (Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journey)

Dynamics 365 CRM has a lot of things to discuss, but we have analysed this solution to find the major factors that make it unique and powerful compared to other marketing solutions. So, here are the top 9 things that make this solution a performance-centric and marketing-oriented solution.

Access AI Innovations

Dynamics 365 comes embedded with AI technology, like Microsoft Copilot, to help you generate valuable ideas, offer recommendations, and automate tasks to maximise business productivity. You can use AI or Copilot to simplify various tasks, like:

  • Generate engaging and intention-centric email content using predefined templates.
  • Simplify the buyer's journey by creating a personalised experience for customers during essential milestones. Such milestones include completing a purchase and converting a lead into a customer.
  • Enable push notifications and make them attractive by adding images of logos or product images.
  • Leverage generative AI to create customer journeys using simple prompts.
  • Use Copilot to build realistic and reliable landing pages.

Harness the power of Data Analytics

Data analytics enables you to utilise the data available in your database to perform targeted marketing activities. It can help you scale the processes based on real-time insights, drive business efficiency, and optimise different marketing operations to enhance overall business performance. Data analytics enables you to perform:

  • Interact with customers by sending up to 300 million messages and generating up to 100 million contracts each month. It can help you scale business operations without considering the interaction limits.
  • Use UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) to track traffic sources on the website to increase conversions.
  • Define marketing assets to increase business visibility.
  • Utilise contact insights to understand your customer interest, behaviour, and trends. It lets you pitch customers with personalised offers.
  • Use real-time data insights to modify or upgrade marketing strategies for enhanced ROI.

Perform Moment Centric Marketing

Moment-centric marketing is something where a business finds the right time and the purpose to run a profitable marketing campaign. Dynamics 365 for Marketing lets you identify the best communication channels and marketing touchpoints to engage with customers at the right moment. Moment-centric marketing enables you to:

  • Enable email duplication to eliminate any chances of multiple emails to the same address.
  • Send one-way text messages using custom alphanumeric SMS senders to increase engagement.
  • Create interactive forms and embed them on websites to capture leads.
  • Limit the number of messages to be sent to a customer in a limited period of time.
  • Set up push notifications without any hassle to offer more customer engagement.

Offer Personalisation to Customers

Utilise customer insights, track past interactions, and analyse customer interactions to offer a great customer experience with personalisation. Dynamics 365 CRM comes with limitless capabilities to serve personalisation functionalities. With this, you can perform the below activities:

  • Send personalised emails to contacts and preview the data before sending it.
  • Enhance customer targeting based on the available interaction data to enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Plan events and convert customers to meet different goals.
  • Customise communication and approach the customer with relevant information.
  • Personalise the sales journey using custom entities and references.
  • Unified Sales and Marketing Approach

Eliminate data silos, centralise data collected from different sources, and deliver a personalised user experience to simplify the sales pipeline. This agile marketing approach identifies potential leads and invests in the proper infrastructure to nurture them. Unified sales and an agile marketing approach enable you to perform the below activities:

  • Enhance the customer experience by including required team members in the email loop. It will help you resolve customer queries without delay, accelerating the customer satisfaction process.
  • Understand the lead potential through data insights and communicate with them on their preferred communication platform.
  • Prioritise leads based on their interaction and performance to maximise the revenue potential.

Set up a Push Notification

Push notifications are one of the best ways to convey the brand’s voice and reach customers in the easiest way possible with the right targeting. You can easily build push notifications with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journey to send offers and messages directly to customers. Also, you can add images with the messages to make the marketing pitch more appealing.

Build Segment Based Marketing Journey

D365 Marketing allows businesses to build outbound journeys for different marketing campaigns. You can broadcast announcements and take the necessary actions to nurture marketing campaigns. Like, you can deliver announcements to your customers about your upcoming products with a link to explore more about the product. You can even send follow-up messages to increase the conversion rate.

Build Trigger Based Marketing Journey

Analyse customer action in real-time and make action-based decisions based on triggers. For example, when a customer checks out the website or comes to a physical store for a visit, you can set up a trigger to respond instantly. It will help the business convert customers into minimum resources that can give a high ROI. Some of the triggers are:

  • Website visit
  • Products in cart
  • Abandoned cart
  • Purchase complete

Build Segments to Target Specific Audience

Targeting the right audience at the right time is the core factor that enhances ROI. With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journey, you can build different customer segments and target them with the most appropriate marketing campaigns. You can build customers based on demographics, interests, age, qualification, product suggestions, and more attributes.

How can Dynamics Square help you with D365 Marketing?

Dynamics Square is a renowned name among businesses seeking support with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions. With 14+ years of experience, we are helping businesses grow and scale by integrating the latest technologies and innovations into their businesses. We have sufficient infrastructure, manpower, and resources to resolve any issue, regardless of complexity, with a sustainable solution.

Dynamics 365 marketing implementation is one of our top-notch services that we offer to businesses that want to understand customers and provide them with the service or product they are looking for. It can help you streamline communication, automate complex processes, and build personalised customer journeys based on actions.

If you want to learn more about this powerful marketing solution or know how it can revolutionise your marketing efforts, feel free to write us an email at info@dynamicssquare.co.uk or call us directly at +44 207 193 2502 for instant support. 

Nitesh Sharma

Nitesh, the Sales Head at Dynamics Square UK, is instrumental in enabling businesses to scale effectively, leveraging Microsoft cloud technologies like Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure, Copilot, and more.


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